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September 03, 2009


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Wow, that was some trip! But it was so fun to ride along with you. Thanks for the tour.


You are a busy girl. Oooohhhh, Alma turned me on the the Curious Sofa blog when we were at the designer retreat. I envy you that you got to go there. That seems like an awesome store. Give Rosie a treat on me.

Lisa D.

I'm so happy to have you back! I love that picture of the 4OT quilt. I finally got my shop sample back about 2 weeks ago and after seeing it hanging in the quilt shop for almost a year, it's like having an old friend finally come to live with me!

Covered Porches

Completely jealous of your trip.... gorgeous fabrics....

Karen Grabowski

Okay, so it sounds like you had way too much fun for one person so I think the next time, I'll go along to carry your stuff, hold up quilts, pack your new stuff, and give you a little break! Thanks for sharing your trip with the rest of us living vicariously through you!!!


Wow, sounds like you had a fantastic trip :-) And all that shopping! Very jealous.


Welcome Back! Thanks for bringing us all up to date on your trip, and in one post, what a wonderful, whirlwind of a week.

Those pups on the card look like my dog Cooper. He's only 10 months old and is a lab poodle mix.

I posted some puppy pictures of Cooper today.


Wow! I had a great time in Kansas and Missouri--no wait that was you because my credit card still has some "space" on it. What a great travelogue, Carrie. Since I couldn't go along inside your suitcase, this was the next best thing. Glad you are back safe and sound and I've been trying to push cool air down the mountain to you.

dotti white

Sounds like a very wonderful trip and yes, I love that quilt, too! Have an awesome week and rest up!!!


So much fun in such a short amount of time. Bet that was half the fun of it. I enjoyed hearing all about it.

Mindy Peterson

Wonderful travelogue Carrie. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you at the workshops at Prairie Point and chatting about quilt designing, etc. I hope to see you again soon, and, if market is in KC in 2011, I will try to be there! Hope to have Picnic done soon and will send you a photo.


Carrie, I meant to ask you...in your post, you said that there might be a few "Winter White" kits left but I guess I missed how to get my greedy little hands on one. Can you please let me know when you have a minute to spare (yeah, like that's gonna happen...spare time...what is that???). Thanks so much,


Glad to have you back here in cyberspace, and I'm sure Rosie is very happy to have you home. There's nothing like going away, to make you love home even more! Love all the updates, and that French General quilt is fabulous! I think that is a must-do! Enjoy your long weekend!


looks like you had lots of fun!! and i love the french general quilt.. i sooo need that!


pity we don't have french general here in australia yet but am already looking forward to it-i'll carry your bags next time will i??


Your trip sounded wonderful. Maybe one day I will make it to their shop hop. I have heard it is wonderful. I always use Quilters Station when I can't find the fabric I am looking for. Actually I called them today and you guessed it, they had it. Glad you are back home safe and sound.


Oh, I love the French General Quilt too! And I so loved Winter White...I might have to make another using the combinations you showed! Welcome back!

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