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September 11, 2009


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What a job! Way to go! Would love to see your room when you are finished.


Oh Dear, Like most Home Improvement projects, they get worse before they get WONDERFUL!!
I'm sure yours will be ALL THAT soon!!!

What Comes Next

what am awful job! Hope your neck and back are okay after all that over the head stuff! Can't wait to see what it all looks like when you're done - bet it will make all the hardwork just fade away!

Auntie Pami

I do not envy that job. We are looking at changing out our 15 plus year old carpet. It's yucky brown! At least not shag. I'm thinking a nice berber. Easy to maintain. But, with the girls claws, you never know. I'm so happy we don't have ceiling popcorn. Those tall ceilings are hard enough to paint as it is! Enjoy your "time off"!


OH MY!!! What memories you bring back...not good ones, LOL. When we first moved into the home we are in now (we have lived here for 30 years yesterday), our first priority was to get the 'popcorn' off the kitchen wall that the original owner slapped up, then painted it a really weird shade of Orange. He said, "oh, it will be simple to remove, just spray with water, let it soak in and scrap, it will come right on and leave the wall ready for painting!!! Yeah, RIGHT!!! After scraping for 2 days, less than half the wall was done and of course the sheet rock underneath had come with it. What can I say, we were in our 20's, and a little slow on the uptake. My dad came to see the project and said "for Heavens sake...just pull the sheet rock out, you have to anyway." DUH!!! It took us less than an hour to get the wall down and a couple of hours to install new sheet rock but then we had to find a 'taper'. Your right, the popcorn is terrible. Did yours have the sparkly stuff in it? I always wondered why they did that. Anyway, it looks like you are moving right along and you certainly have your priorities in order with the TV and DVR! Please post some 'after pictures for us, I'd love to see the finished project.


Kudos for the hard, hard job taken care of, that's worth a whole to-do list. No way can you miss those season premieres. They are notorious for their season ending cliffhangers. Those are some of my fave shows. Unfortunately, I don't get broadcast TV, so I have to wait for the DVDs to come out. :(
Enjoy you new room. <3


Haven't heard from you in awhile. I knew something must have been up. Bet you are glad that is over with. In reading the above comments, I too remember the sparkly stuff in the popcorn. It boggles the mind doesn't it. Looking forward to the end product - take lots of pictures with your Blackberry.


Can't wait to see the final pics. New is so exciting!


OMG Carrie...what a job...and every home improvement job has to cause a HUGE mess! Looking forward to the new room. Oh I can't wait for NCIS!


What does the concrete floor look like finished???? I've never heard of that finish and am very interested....would you take a photo of one that is done? And maybe a before and after of the one you are working on?

You sure do keep busy...I hate ladders, too. And even watching my husband on a ladder gives me the creeps.

Happy remodeling!

Lisa D.

Ah - that explains why we haven't heard anything from you. What a lot of work, but your new ceiling and floors are going to look great. I'm looking forward to the return of House too, I *LOVE* Hugh Laurie!

dotti white

What hard work--I would have ordered pizza, too! I love your priorities...lol....we all need them!

Carol Lewis

I don't like that popcorn ceiling stuff either. My MIL's house has that kind of ceiling, it was a pain to try to paint it. Luckily our house does not have that. That's cool that you are doing some remodeling.


We have one room done, but you inspire me. But since I'm going to fall market I have to wait! I'll miss you!


Lord I hate the stuff. My apartment is full of it, and around the ceiling air vents is impossible to clean without making a bigger mess on the floor.

I can't wait for NCIS to return either. It's one of the few shows I really like watching every week.


I'll keep you in prayers - hahaha!! I would keep concentrating on the end....I've lived thru those messes - like only a couple weeks of marriage, and we are still married.
Will miss your posts from market, you always have such a fun look on things.


Wow that is a huge job. Kudos to you for handling a 15' ceiling. That's incredible...ours are 12' and it's pretty scary up there. Can't wait to see the outcome. Love your priorities too.


Please tell me your secret to getting the popcorn off. I've been avoiding it in my bedroom b/c I'm not sure just how to go about it and yours looks so clean afterwards.

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