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September 15, 2009


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Oh, lucky you! Promise I wont tell. Trying to be patient waiting for those patterns to arrive, they are to-die-for!


Gosh, Miss Simplify is a flatterer isn't she , how lovely BQFF. Now don't forget, possession is 9 tenths of the law so no problem, the goodies are yours!! But if you wish to share think of me.....BQFF!!!!!


he,he, I'd keep the package too :-)


Lucky you!
isn't it great getting surprises in the mail?
Oh I am looking forward to seeing how the floor comes out.
Rosie looks so cute with her pumpkin, ah yes halloween candy...



Thought I would give you some inspiration for your floor - grin - http://needlemarket.com/quiltedmoments/wow-is-this-cool-or-what


I laughed out loud at your mother's suggestion that you sent something to yourself, you amazing thing.
Very cool camera strap!


Carrie, I know you love sharing as much I as do and "littleacorn" does and "Bunny Hill" does now we know so does "Miss Simpfily". I am sure there are thousands who enjoy it as much as those mentioned. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. What a wonderful workd we live in.

Tricia T

Carrie, you are so funny! And here I thought it would be blog candy! Just kidding! Can't wait to see those patterns all made up. :-)

Lisa D.

Love all of Camille's new patterns, and that camera strap is a wonderful, fun gift - lucky you! Aw - Rosie looks so cute enjoying all that wide open space!

Sinta Renee

You silly girl... uh, designer... wizard. Camille calls 'em as she see's 'em! Of course this wonderful package of bliss was meant for you!
p.s. your projects make me feel so lazy!

Camille Roskelley

Yeah! I'm so glad it found you. Let me explain the wizard part- I wrote "The Amazing Carrie Nelson" and then started laughing because it made you sound like a wizard. Then I thought it is appropriate, because you are a design wizard. And also I was really tired. It made sense at the time. Not so much now... ;-)

Seriously, you make me laugh so hard! Thanks for being such a sweet friend!

ps- Literally can't wait to see YOUR Route 44... :-)


Are you nuts! We all would have sent the men in white jackets after you, if you had turned away that fabulous package! Unless, of course, you wanted to send it to my house! Plus, you are amazing...just ask Rosie!


Ohhh I'm jealous. And and also sad since I would enjoy seeing you wearing that camera strap taking some photos at market. xo

Louise Murphy

Love the photos of Rosie...Our golden, Lydia also is quite blanc around the nose and eyes..She is the ruler of this castle for sure..You will be so happy with all of your hard work once it is done...Louise


Oh you are a lucky ducky. Being amazing, and having others recognize it! Most of us are only amazing in our own little worlds ;)


What I think is so wonderful about all of you designers, is that you promote each other, and share, and show no envy, competitive spirit, etc. It's great!!! No wonder, we all enjoy your blogs.


Honestly Carrie, I've been waiting for that package to arrive. I thought it was lost forever. Now, if you need the correct address so it can get where it was SUPPOSED to go I'd be happy to provide you with it...! huh? not buyin' it? Well, you can't blame a girl for trying, besides, I could never pull off the "amazing designer wizard" part, and you fit that bill perfectly. What a wonderful surprise!!!

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