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January 17, 2011


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Nice to 'see' you here and there! ;-)


So good to see you and Rosie back :-) You've been missed.


I love your little Twister Quilt, I bought their tool at a quilt shop in Omaha, and ya know I have lots of Jo's fabrics. Still, I love the 5" charm packs for the very well illustrated reason!! Your CUTE Quilt!! Thanks for sharing, have fun in Utah!! I think Rosie has the best idea!


I'm glad to see you are back to blogging....I missed your great posts :) I'm like you, caught up on some things and behind on others! Sounds like you have been doing some fun quilting and enjoying that Pottey Barn ribbon:)


I thought Rosie had taken off to the North Pole with the other reindeer, and you were in hot pursuit. It's okay. We'd have gone looking for you if you hadn't shown up when you did! I'll have to check out that ruler. Love the quilt. You're an enabler, you know that? :)

annie toy

I am so wanting to do a "Twister" quilt! seeing yours has fired me up again to start one! I love your "puppy". She looks so very huggable, kind a patient too. Thanks for taking the time to share what you've been up to.

~~home of the FYP challenge~~


So glad to see you back...you were missed!


I love your twister quilt- the ruler sounds like a great little tool. I also love the primitive gathering fabrics - the colors are so rich.
Glad to see you and Rosie are well- just busy with life.
Like many of your friends we have huge mounds of that white stuff called snow.
Happy quilting,
Warmest regards,

Leslie Schmidt

Have you ever been to Primitive Gatherings shop? Of course, you must have. I was only there once, but I stayed for 4 hours! Glad to hear you're back again. You always brighten my day.


always happy to see a post from you! no stash reporting here for the SAME reason I don't want to know! LOL ok I need to know more about these antique quilts you saw, made me smile to see your inspired by antique quilts too, I KNEW It would happen! I happen to have that kit by PG too maybe i need topull it out today and make a little twister quilt as well....
my dream is to go to Primitive Gatherings with an unlimited spending allowance!
looking forward to seeing these 656 flying geese, humm I can picture a quilt where you would need these many!
Happy January from snowy NJ again today!


656- 1X2" flying geese...OMG!
I was thinking the same thing...how did it get to be the middle of January? I haven't posted in probably 2 weeks...time is flying! Love the LilTwister quilt...can't wait to see what those triangles grow into. Hi Rosie!


Yay Carrie!!! All's right with the world again!
I am delighted that all are well and happy.
Now I can be inspired and encouraged by your creative energies.
'Til next time...


Thanks for the update, you've been a busy girl.

656 flying geese that finish at 1 x 2 in civil war repo fabric, count me in and I'm starting now....

Linda P

Happy New Year!! Is it too late to say that?? Nah...... it's still January! Sure missed you!
Having a hard time selecting word too, soooo I avoid it, sort of like avoiding listing the stash. There's things I want, soooo !!
Good to know, you have lots of goodies in store for us this year - I'm counting on it!!
Love the pinwheel quilt - it's a cutie!

Darlene B

Welcome back, Carrie! I love your twister quilt - I made a Christmas table runner using this ruler, and it was so much fun (and easy, too!). I sure wish I could go back to sleep this morning like Rosie....

Carol Sc

I'm glad you're back --- I was beginning to think Rosie was going to have to write for you. ...and, it's exciting to look forward to what you are planning to make --- how much of the program did you miss, while you were dreaming about another quilt?!


You wrote "Everything is right in my world". And that is a good thing!

Shelley dionne

She's among the living LOL! I don't know where the first half of January went either! I thought I'd have 4 quilts done by now! I find your planning process interesting...do you order all your fabrics at market then go home and design for them? or is it the other way around? Glad to "read" you back and get blogging!! LOL!


Welcome back to blogging Carrie and Rosie! I absolutely love to read your posts...they're so well-written, insightful...and have just perfect amount of humor! I guess I'm going to have to buy one of those Twister Rulers...and congrats on getting that ribbon!!! Happy middle of January!

Lisa D.

Shock! *Thud* I'm so happy to see you posting again. You've got some fun projects in the works. I can't wait to see what you're doing with Central Park. I'm working on a quilt with that one, too.

pat sloan

welcome back!! thank goodness we didn't need to send a search party for ya!

Sara Ross

Welcome back, Carrie. Glad you are all well. There are some really bad bugs in sunny (and not snowy) Florida. Needless to say I'm, as usual, always behind and my bug laid me flat for 2 wks so that really threw a kink in the works. Back at it and looking forward to adding the 'Twister' ruler to my collection. Now to find time to use it! :-)

Sandie ~call me crazy

Glad to see you posting again! Rosie looks tuckered out~ too much New Year's celebrating? ;-) Have a great week!


So nice to have you back, Carrie. I think we've all missed you. Love your primitive pinwheel quilt. I've been pawing through my Civil War fabrics all week trying to decide what to make and this seems perfect. I never have any trouble cutting into other fabric that I have, but can't quite make myself cut into the CW stuff. I just like looking at it and rearranging it. However, I now have some inspiration. Thanks!


I was getting worried that something bad had happened to you. It is just the winter doldrums. I have two sizes of twisters but not the smallest one. The little twister quilts are really cute- great little doll blankets for little girls. I'm loving your new Eventide pattern.


Great post...it's always nice to be missed and your were. :) Love the Pinwheel quilt and don't worry - Primitive Gatherings is already on my to-do list for later this week. I love their online store. :) blessings, marlene


*Wish I had your connections at the barn (yep, I'm that cool)

*the fig tree? Sweet.

*I started on a little project to send to you approximately 5 months ago. I'm hoping to finish it before market. (if I continue at this pace, don't count on it. ;-) I'm excited to see you!

*Your word for this year should be "Awesome", because you already are, so it'd be a piece of cake.


Greetings, Carrie & Rosie! I love the vintage spool you wrapped the PB beloved ribbon on. So cool. Are you feeling the love girls? Everyone is so happy to have you back blogging. It is a very good thing. Onward and upward in 2011!


Glad to hear from you and to know that Rosie survived the antlers! I'm happy to hear you scored on that coveted ribbon-good deal there! I'm certainly looking forward to your new projects and in a couple of weeks I'm converting 5 friends to Schnibbling! The pinwheel quilt is adorable and now I HAVE to go to Primitive Gathering's website - this is the big problem with blogs - you get too many good ideas!

Becky S

Hi Carrie,
I'm glad you're back! I missed hearing from you.
I can't wait to see the beautiful quilts you are cooking up for 2011!!!


Your dog is a sweetheart always like to stop by and check on your adventures
Hope you have a great day

madame samm

Well dearest Carrie..I can think of one word for you and that is SMILES.
because every time I read anything of yours a smile appears on my heart. If we had more people who brought out smiles on our hearts, just think how lovely our world would really be. At the moment, mine is Rosie..like your sweet dear...and I smile.

suzanne simpson

after reading this carrie, and how i missed you-i think your word could be - surprise,surprise-well 2 words actually. i like it for you, i think it suits

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