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February 22, 2012


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Great, now I want to make macarons. I've never even HAD macarons, and I want to make them. Thanks. (No, really, thanks!)


Sounds like a great day, the macarons look delicious - I've never actually tried one but I'm tempted to have a go at making them.


I will be on my way to your house next week...you can practice your macaron baking skills on me! YUM! What a great stack of fabric!

Cheryl Miller

I gave my kids cooking classes at Sur La Table as Christmas gifts...they loved their classes as well and suggested I give them again next year. Maybe I will give one to myself...a macaroon class perhaps!


I hope you're enjoying macarons for breakfast this morning, with some nice French roast coffee, YUM! I rarely try new recipes or techniques at home, the time, the mess, the disappointing result. I need a class! Your macarons look like they should be in a bakery display case, great job!

Now how do I satisfy my newly acquired craving for macarons?


WOW...Great cookies, good friends and wonderful fabric...that's about as close to Heaven as you can get!!! Hugs...


Ooooh, you lucky, lucky girl! I'd love to have a Sur La Table in our area -- I LOVE that store. I made a few varieties of Macaroons once and it was REALLY fun. But. There were a few pitfalls -- I think I over-read all the intructions out there on the internet and it was very intimidating. My cookies had pretty feet but they were hollow, even when I tried doing different things to them. But the real problem was that no one in the family really loved them. Not enough for all that work. I'd love to make them again though -- what did you put for filling in the banana macaroons? And do they have a recipe linky anywhere? Your macaroons look fantastic!

Linda P

Looks like lots of work - maybe I will be buying mine. Well, unless I could get that cute spatula in the red!! I had to scroll back up to see it in action, but nada. I did used to bake a lot actually - in another life!!
Was wondering if you had a new line of fabbies coming out this spring??


wow! that looks like so much fun!

Archie the wonder dog

Ohhhhh, yummy! They look brilliant! Did they taste as lovely as they look?!


I always wondered what a French macaron tasted like. For some reason I was surprised when you wrote that they were like meringue! I had imagined them to be more like a cookie. You learn something new everyday! Wish I could taste one. LOL! They sound delish.


I can see why you and Ginger had so much fun!!!YUM!!!

Deb A

Lucky you! Sounds like a very enjoyable day, and the fabric - bright and beautiful!

May Kristin

Sounds like a perfect day to me! Macarons and fabrics! I've only tasted macarons once and they were so yummy, want to try to make some someday!


I just bought the book Miette just to get a great macaron recipe... now this is just icing on the cake... or cookie. I had no idea that Sur La Table had classes. I have to check it out. I think there is one about 45 min from home. It's nice to see you in the "kitchen" again:)


mmmmmm delicious fun! xo, R


That looks like a very expensive class when you add in the cute utensils and the stop at the fabric store. ;p

Ramona Chester

Looks like fun but you didn't say which was your favorite! They all looked great!

Janet Holland

Friend, food, and fabric - you had a super, fantastic day!


Any day with food, friends and fabric is a good day. I am so glad you had fun, you deserve it! Also I love the containers. Maybe you an Pat Sloan will help me get my sewing room really organized.

Auntie Pami

One of my fondest memories is a pizza class I took with my Dad at Sur la Table. We had our father-daughter bonding date. Even though it took us two hours to get there. I suggest if you get a chance to do that, do it. It is fun!

Amy DeCesare

I'm pretty sure this post just changed my life. I've kind of been admiring macarons from afar but have a feeling I'll be trying to make them sometime, having seen what they are all about. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like they are gluten-free, too! (Depending on the filling.) My mom has to stick to that kind of food, so these would be great to make for her. No Sur La Table in my area...maybe someday. I was just thinking what fun this post was, and then the fabric photo appeared at the end...perfect!!! Sigh...

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