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February 21, 2012


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LOve that folk art looking box! ok I need a trip to the container store!
thanks for sharing the pictures, loved seeing the book shelf too :)
always looking for book suggestions thanks!
of course I love the red boxes !!!!

Auntie Pami

I'm with you, I love the Container Store and Pottery Barn. But, I must confess, I do toss in the occasional cutesie item. But, for the real adventure, I can find all sorts of fun things at Ikea.


Your organizational tips are right on time for my studio unpacking! I think especially with open shelving some attention to pretty storage containers is so appropriate. Doesn't it make you happy just to look at those beautiful shelves?
Love your dotted fabric background in your latest quilt project!


If I ever get a sewing room again, I like the wire bin idea! The garbage bowl is a good thing, too, as I tend to throw my cutoffs away if they are too small. Funny you should mention that 130 Mini Quilts book as I just thumbed through it at Barnes and Noble the other day! I liked how they broke them down into different sections and included traditional with more modern. Thanks for the rumble through your sewing room.


Amazon has a nice 'look inside' for the 130 Minis book, including a peak at each block on the contents pages.


I always love it when you post an update! Tried your stuffed pepper recipe, it was a hit. I, too, love the container store and the marche baskets.
We seem to have similar tastes, except you find time to sew! For now, I'll live the organized, sewing life through you!!
Thanks again.


Need to visit the Container Store - love those baskets. Very yummy!!!

Love, love, love that book - it's a must have and soon. LOL


love the quilt...so far! i made paganini with meadowsweet and it's one of my favs!

Archie the wonder dog

I love all your boxes! I'm beginning to wish we had 'The Container Store' over here as I think I might have that gene...mind you, if we did I'd have no money left for fabric!!

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