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February 07, 2012


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Ha, ha, ha!!!! I needed this tickle on Tuesday! Thank you :-)


Thanks for the giggles this morning.

Kay Hobby

So cute. Enjoyed that!! Thanks.

Archie the wonder dog

Fabulous! Thank you!


Thank you for making me smile:)


Thanks for the chuckle, Jackson and Jeb enjoyed it too! You are the best!


These definitely make me laugh! Thanks for sharing them! :0)


OMG!! Where do you find these fun things?! Wait, don't tell me...it'll just mean I waste more time playing when I have serious things to do: grocery shop, hair cut/dye job, pick up munchkin from school and take to guitar...

I'll just have to count on your blog to do the 'research' for me. ;p

Elizabeth E.

These are great. I love international ads. I watched most of the SuperBowl to see some clever American ads, but the only one I liked was that baby/grandma combo going for the Doritos. (And definitely thought Madonna ought to hang up her spikey leather boots and get a day job.) Just my .02.

Fun to see these--thanks!


Absolutely hysterical!! Thank you for sharing so much on your blog! We love reading it! You've been chosen to receive a blog award. Go here to check it out!! http://www.auntpollysporch.blogspot.com/2012/02/sweet-mrs-pickles.html

Thanks for blogging! Polly


As a commuter on a Greyhound-type bus (daily from NH to Boston, MA), this really tickled my funny bone! thanks for sharing

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