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March 02, 2012


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Cheryl Miller

Love Dr. Suess too!! Ask Alice next time you see her to show you her threading trick. A real keeper. Achoo! It is that time of year!


I never realized quite what a master Dr. Seuss was...those quotes are wonderful. Be well!


Bless you!!!! ;-)


This threader is darling! I've never seen this one before and probably need one. Clover comes up with the neatest tools. A BIG "Hi" to you and Rosie! :)

Archie the wonder dog

Hope your allergies settle down soon - our allergy season is yet to start so that's something to look forward to...love the Dr Seuss quotes!!


Oh Dr. Seuss, my very first book to keep was "If I Ran The Zoo", I still have it and just went and read it again. I printed my name and address on the front cover, here's the address, St Jorsesf, we lived on St. Joseph St, what a hoot, thanks for the memory.

I thought people with allergies moved TO Arizona, what's up with that?

Take Care!


Bless You !!

and thanks for the great Dr. Seuss quotes! Simple smiles are the best !!

So far, my eyes are still threading pearl cotton through the needle but the threader looks like a great little gift for some friends ; )

BTW: I'm contemplating my civil war pink and browns for Bella Rosa -- tossing fabric hither and yon for the right selection... thanks again for being so thoughtful !



Dang! Dr. Pepper in your shoe..not fun. Very sticky. :( On a positive note: I love the Clover threader too. I've used it for about 3 years. They can be hard to find in quilt stores so buy 2 if you can! ;p


It was Seuss day in my classroom. Funner than fun! Have a wonderful weekend!

Ramona Chester

LOVE Dr. Seuss and after living near La Jolla, I can see where he came up with his houses stacked upon houses. So much wisdom in some simple tongue twisting books!


Oooh, thanks for all the Dr. Suess quote! I'd never seen that last fun one. I hope your allergies clear up soon!

Linda P

Dr. Suess just cracks me up - just saying the name is very funny. The thing with the "be who you are, say what you feel" is usually a double standard - well, it is in my family!!
I'll be on the look out for the pearl cotton threader - don't know why someone didn't come up with that sooner!!
Didn't know, (why I didn't pick up on that) you were a Dr Pepper fan - love it, but try to limit how much I drink of it - just because......... well, because I HAVE to have coffee and don't want 2 vices - yes, only two!!! Bwwwahahahahhhhaa - you believe that, right????!!!

Shelley dionne

Oh my gosh, who knew Dr. Seuss was so wise!! There are several of these quotes that I need to put on my mirror and read every day until I have them memorized. Let's just say they are very relevant to my life right now...thanks Carrie!

Sharon W

I love Dr. Seuss and his words of wisdom. I have given "The Places You'll Go" for graduation gifts. Another great man ( my grandson) turned 7 on March 2.


I love Dr. Seuss! My husband shares his birthday!

I have a question. I decided that I HAVE to make the Around the Hood version of Full Houses TODAY and am wondering if your patterns are available as downloads anywhere on the internet?

pat sloan

i'm officially painting ALL these quotes onto my studio wall.. love love love!

ps.. that thread rocks too.. i love mine!


Thanks for the tip on the needle threader! I'd given up on threaders and was using the old hand-eye coordination! Wasn't Dr. Seuss so wise - he should really be compulsory reading for everyone!


Dr. Seuss is quite the character. I enjoy his children's books.

It was interesting to read a first-person account of his person in _Down A Sunny Dirt Road: An Autobiography_ by Jan and Stan Berenstain (of Berenstain Bears fame). Dr. Seuss helped them at one point in their careers and it's an interesting account. It shows his manner of thinking and how he created his books.

I like autobiographies and this was a very interesting one. With lots of photos!


Love the quotes and the bandages too! I saw the bandages on Pinterest, but they don't have that kind at our Unban Outfitters, just some with sayings I couldn't send my kids to school with LOL!!


What's the image source for the last photo? Thanks

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