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March 30, 2012


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Sandy M

You are just way too funny. It's an adventure reading your post and deciphering what might be remotely true. LOL!
My first set of Monique's rulers were sent as a gift from you! Based on what I hear you love to get people addicted to the darn things! I will have you know that i have paid it forward and got two other people addicted by gifting them their own sets. I'm looking forward to adding her new book to my collection. If its half as wonderful as the first it will be well worth it!


I love reading your posts. I haven't used or seen Monique's rulers but they seem like they would save a lot of time. I have so loved each project that has been shown on the different blogs this week. I am going to have to look for the book. Have a wonderful weekend with Rosie.

Lisa Marie

What a fun, entertaining post! I love your pillow, even with the oops! Why do we quilters feel obliged to point these things out? Most people wouldn't notice. Thanks for the chance to win.

Robyn Brown

Champion Curler eh! That's so funny! Great post. And the pictures were just icing hee hee.

Julia P

Oh, what a great way to start the day! Just love reading your blogs and having that great picture of Daniel Craig was the icing on the cake (side note, I happen to believe that he is the best James Bond since Sean!). Thanks for a the great giveaway!

Kori S

Thanks so much for taking part in the blog hop. Really fun!

Deb A

Love reading your posts because they're SO entertaining. I would love to win the book, have a huge stash of FQ's and other material that could be used to make multiple quilts, and the rulers must be wonderful. Thanks!

Colleen Gander

I have been looking forward to reading your contribution all week and you have just made my day! Monique's design is lovely and once again I loved your interpretation. But all that gets bumped for the eye candy which truly made me grin. Have a lovely weekend; I know I will.


Oh... no Keanu...shame. Thanks for the chance to win.

Shelley dionne

Well, Monique and I share something too...we're both Canadian:) I would love to win this giveaway especially now after such glowing information about her lol! But Carrie, you really should have put a warning at the top of your post...Here I am reading along, smiling, nodding and all of a sudden I'm choking on my oatmeal at the sight of Keanu on his bike...oh mama mia...then I'm squirting milk out my nose when up comes Daniel ! I tell you girl, if you posted those guys all the time....well, I just want to know how we can get them to come to quilt market lol!


Wow that is a complicated and amazing looking block! I love how different it looks in the primary colours for the pillow. I'm looking foward to buying the new book!


I would love to win these goodies! But what I really want to know is, if I send you some basic info, would you write my bio? It would be so fun to read!

Linda Enneking

That is quite a complicated block, but after looking at it I can see how it goes together. Are there two blocks out of place in your pillow? No matter, it is still a great looking project, and as someone mentioned, if you hadn't pointed it out no one would have noticed. Thanks for a sharing the project and the entertaining post.

Paulette Doyle

First of all I love your blog!! Just love it!! I also love your pillow..and must admit I stared at it for a half an hour before spotting the 'mistake'!! Shhhhh...believe me, NO ONE will notice..and I'm not telling! Thanks SEW much for throwing my name into your Give Away hat!! I would love to win this book!! It looks like it would be right up my alley!
Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

Lisa LeBlanc

Great post! This blog hop is fun and thank you for sharing a little about Monique and the pics! Your pillow is super cool, I have a bunch of American Jane that I just may copy you on :) Lisa in Texas


Scrappy quilts are my thing, and I'd love to win this book. Great pillow!


What a wonderful pillow and quilt pattern. I loved that you told us more about Monique...I am also Canadian and am an avid curling fan and love the fact that she is a quilt designer. Thank you for the great stories and eye candy!!

Sandy P

What an interesting post! You make me chuckle :) What great give-aways! Thanks for the chance to win...and your pillow is a great idea for a large block. Love it!


Your blog is always entertaining! I love the pillowtop you made & am excited about Monique's new book & her rulers. Since the rulers can make the flying geese & half square triangles perfectly, I think they have become a "must have" on my quilting rulers list. Thanks for the chance to win.


You're hysterical! I LOVE your pretty little pillow -- what a great selection of fabrics! And I do hope DC will be calling you soon! ;-D

Linda P

This has truly been fun and seeing the quilts a little differently. When you showed Monique's quilt, I was trying to break it down - then voila', you showed it!! Looks super - as usual, and I still don't see the mistake. I sure hope I'm the lucky number, especially when I don't have a chance at that big lottery!! Thanks for starting my day off with a big chuckle!!

Barbara Anne

What a delightful before breakfast read this has been! Eye candy in all sorts of delicious categories, too...sigh!

Love the block, the quilt, the fabrics you chose, and your pillow. Well done! Applause, applause!

Please enter me for a chance to win these goodies. Thank you!


Sandy E

I have so enjoyed the blog hop and samples of the book projects. Especially the pillow- it looks antique-ee I would love the book and ruler. I promise to play nice and share with my quilting friends when we get together to sew. They would love to use the rulers too. We could have our own quilt challenge with Monica's book. Keep smiling.


I really enjoyed your post. Since you're in Arizona, can you say hi to my Canadian Snowbird friends Bill and Evelyn...you know them, right?

Lisa from Ontario

Dee Johnson

Ok, sweating a minute from the pictures.....I think I am in love with this book, and can't wait to try the patterns in it. Love your pillow - you rock!


What a beautiful pillow! And the fabric choices are great. Would love to see the rest of the patterns in the book! Thank you for being a part of the blog hop.


I love your sense of humor, and the pillow is great(even with the small mistake). I enjoy seeing the author's patterns tweeked and made different than the original. I would love to have this book for my library.


I would love to win this book, but you had me at red licorice. That is my very favorite candy of all time. I smuggle it into movie theaters. This book looks great and I love your pillow and all the other projects this week.


Carrie, I don't know why I don't have your blog in my favourites list. I really enjoyed this post and will come back to read some more. Your pillow is lovely - just goes to show that one can do something creative on the small side.
All the patterns in the book look lovely and I've been eying those rulers so I'd love to win your draw.


They do say "Laughter is the Best Medicine" right? I know I would love this book and who knows, maybe it will help me learn to play cards.

Auntie Pami

You had me at Daniel. Yum. Oh, wait, we're supposed to post about Monique. Well, I saw him first. OK? Yes I do love her little geese/goose ruler. There's a boo-boo in the pillow? Really?


Carrie, you crack me up. Monique's book is one that I really would like to have. All of the quilts that I've seen are ones that | would make.

Jane Nadig

Love your "Baccarat" pillow, thanks for giving me the idea to make this Baccarat block into a pillow too. It will look great on my porch swing.


You do have a way of keeping us on the edge of our seats. And then you go and make your block YOUR own :-) What fun. And this book looks like awesome fun. Thanks for the giveaway.

sue bennett

love your post and your pillow. it turned out great. thanks for the great give aways..


Hey, that middle-of-the-star backwards turned half-square triangle just gives the pillow a little character! ;-). I LOVE the patterns in this book and am salivating at a chance to win your grand prize!!! Thanks so much for making me laugh and for a chance to win.


Fabulous post...I needed a little fun this morning. I love your pillow..in spite of your "creativity" in the piecing. I am so hopeful about getting my hands on this book and the rulers........here's hoping. Kristy in Ohio

kathy h

I had fun reading your post today. I really like the quilts that I have seen from this book. Will have to look at rulers too as anything that will make piecing easier is ok with me.

Linda Kennedy

I love the fabrics you chose. What a cheery pillow.


I would LOVE to win Monique's book. I could never make accurate Flying Geese until I got her ruler. She's a genius!!! And a goodie bag...yay!


Your post was a great one to wake up to! I'm having fun looking at all the quilts (or pillows) that everyone has made from Monique's book! I definately NEED a copy of this book.

Sherry V.

Thank you for all the "inside scoop" on Monique! LOL

I love the way your pillow came out. . .my motto is always "the more fabrics the better" and I can see that this design would make a wonderful scrap quilt.

Stephani in TX

This has been the best blog-hop. I loved seeing the quilts which were super and I loved all the info on the blogs. I don't have access to a quilt shop and I have to order notions, fabric, and books. So, I have to take the convincing words of others about what's new and what works out there. Monique's books and rulers seem like a good addition. Thanks, Carrie.

Elaine P

Just love to read a blog by an author who has a sense of humor. Great job Carrie with the pillow-that made me smile too!


You crack me up! I'd love to win the book and all the other goodies. Thanks for the chance!

Janelle J

Your posts are definitely entertainment! Love the American Jane fabrics. The block looks so different out of them.

a maiden hair fern

So . . . I was going to pin your pillow (I love it! gotta have one!!! or two or three) I kept getting distracted by those "curves" in the "other pictures". Really, Carrie, you ought to get out more in mixed company.

I don't watch the Suns much anymore . . . not since "Louuuuuuuuuuu" left (not sure where my obsession is with that, but then, when are obsessions understood?).

I'll have to dig my ruler out . . . YES I GOT ONE in Houston last fall! I've been waiting for the inspiration to use it.

We had to put 14 year old Rusty down this week. Might need more "rosie" stories to help with my mourning.


i soooo need this book please enter me in the draw
I could make such amazing quilts if onlyI had this book
love the post
hugs Beth


Your blog is my favorite by far. Your sense of humor is the best. I would love to win Monique's book. I'm amazed I haven't met her since I live in Illinois too. She loves to piece fabrics just like me. So I know I'd make some quilts from her book. I even have her fit to be geese ruler and love it! Kathy

Judy F.

Cool pillow. I have the Monique's flying geese ruler and use all the time.

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