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March 27, 2012


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I LOVE it Carrie...I just LOVE it! I have always said "I just want to know how Carrie's mind works when she does these patterns"...thanks for sharing with us.


What a great post, thanks for a peek into your mind. It wasn't nearly as scary as I was expecting!

Shelley dionne

Holy crap sweetie, you have way too many decisions to make lol! I'm glad you talked about it though because it's makes us, as consumers/purchasers of your patterns much more aware of all the hard work that goes into those little patterns and I for one, truly appreciate it. It just goes to show, smaller isn't necessarily easier! Love your stuff Carrie!


Veddy interesting! Thanks for sharing!


Now you have me wondering if you walk around with a headache all day! That was a great post -- I enjoyed the peek into your world. I may never be able to look at your quilts the same way again! ;-D

Deb A

Wow, that's quite a process and very time consuming. You really crank out those patterns even with the long design process.


Thank you SO much for taking the time to share your Schnibbles world with us, Carrie! It was such a fascinating read. I can't wait till the next one. Have a great week!

Auntie Pami

Oiy, so many details. I guess that's why I buy patterns instead of designing! Did I mention I have an 1/8" increment ruler just for Schnibbles? Wise investment.

Cheryl Miller

An interesting process and you are the expert at it.


Whew! LOL


Yes! I AM looking forward to reading about your fabric selection process! Choosing the fabrics and hand sewing bindings ARE my two favorite parts of quilting!


whewwww.......... wow! This is an amazing post. Guess you could call it the Sweat Shop Chronicles :-)


Thank you, Carrie, that you told about creating schnibbles. The progress is fascinating! And it's always interesting to know the stories behind the schnibbles.


Carrie, you are the funniest...That's why I love your blog. Also, this explains why I buy your patterns rather that trying to make up my own! Yikes, too much thinking (as my mother would say)!!

Ranch Wife

Dang Girl! Does your head hurt all the time? I for one, am very thankful and appreciative of all the turning cogs spinning gears that are hard at work in that ingenious brain of yours. Sounds like you could use some Keebler Elves...no wait...oompaloompa's to help carry the load. You are a wonder. Thanks for the little peek into your workshop. I'm afraid to look into mine. It's a scary place.


First, love the pop culture references. I think we watch and read the same things.

Second, thanks for a behind the scenes look at the process. I am a new Schnibbler. I joined the 'Another Year of Schnibbles' parade, but have only made on top and missed the deadline on that one. Oops! I do enjoy seeing the various fabric lines people use, because the fabric choice makes a HUGE difference. Doing AYOS is allowing me to branch out into fabrics that I don't normally use because even if it turns out ugly, I am only out 2 charm packs. That is another thing I love about Schnibbles, for about $30 I get the feeling of accomplishment of finishing a full quilt top. The only difference is that it is in miniature. The piecing and pattern is a 'real' quilt.

OK, rambled a bit. Thanks is what I should have said and ended with that.


Thanks so much for that look behind the scenes :-) I am always so impressed with how the patterns work out without much waste and within the constraints of those little charm packs. Just amazing! And no matter what I seem to do with them they always look beautiful! That's thanks to a super smart pattern designer :-)

Laura G

Carrie, Thank you for sharing your thought process and giving us an insight into the world of design. There are so any decisions to be made yet the end result, for your collections, is always beautiful. You are an exceptional designer because every pattern that you design is different from the last, fresh and unique. Please share more with us.


I love this type of post! I think your process sounds a lot like my process when I make clothing - sometimes it's the design, sometimes the fabric that determines the final piece. I'm looking forward to your next post!!!


Wow! That was very interesting. One could get lost in all of the thoughts floating through your head! Glad you make the decisions & I reap the rewards.


I began quilting using your Schnibbles 2years ago. I have since bought other patterns & get really frustrated that the designers do not explain the process in more detail for us beginners. makes me appreciate your effort so much more!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Thanks for including photos for everyone in your post Carrie! Your pillow turned out very cute.

China cabinets

Don't have any words to describe this. Just wonderful.

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