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March 26, 2012


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looks like a book I need in my library....
glad you were able to sew this weekend!


Do I enjoy your blog? True!
Am I looking forward to seeing what you and Nicole have for us on Friday? True!
Will I be on the lookout for Monique's new book? You betcha!

p.s Invite Hef?? What the heck does he know about quilting?

Auntie Pami

Ha ha Wendy! We just need his Visa card. That's all he needs to know. Can't wait til Friday.

Linda P

Looks like fun is springing - hopping.... TRUE! We will be back to the mountains and I've got a new computer, so will be fun to break it in with the navigation!!


I'm looking forward to the hop this week! Monique has it all...patterns, rulers and a fabulous group of quilters to help premier her book! Jan

Archie the wonder dog

I wonder if Hef would buy you all lots of fabric if you all posed in bunny costumes for him?!! Have fun with your sewing!

Ranch Wife

Ready...set...hop! Excited to see what fun y'all have up your sleeves...or where ever bunnies hide their magic tricks. Who needs Hef? I'm thinking he couldn't handle a roomful of quilters.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

LOL~ and which of those bunnies is you? :-) I'm looking forward to the hop~ it looks like a very awesome book!

Ramona Chester

Archie - Hef might pay us NOT to put on Bunny outfits! I just can't rock that black nylons with turquoise pumps look! But the hop sounds fun and I'm sure Monique's book is fabulous, like all her patterns.


OH MY GOSH!!! The chocolates are to DIE for! Taking them with me for a 4 day sewing weekend with the girlfriends...thanks you! ;p


lol, you're just too amusing...hey, do you use those cool U-Pins that Nicole is using?

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