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April 02, 2012


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Oooooo - I'd love to win these rulers! Thanks for the chance!


Mmmmm' I'd like to win a swim with Daniel. A set of the rulers would be better though. I doubt he'd appreciate me in a bikini and I can drown my sorrow in a lovely Summer Day.


These rulers would suit me very well this month when I'll try to do a lot of flying geese. Since I have a hard time finding them here where I live so I'd like to be in the draw for them :)


A second chance would be great. Thank you for the chance! Congrats to your winners!!


Give-aways are so great! Thanks for the chance and your great patterns

Marlene Bush

I wonder if he'd be willing to give swimming lessons. :) blessings, marlene

Shelley dionne

Congrats to all the winners! It's been fun giveaway:0) and yes, Carrie, Daniel would love love to live on your Computer screen lol!


OK, now I'm awake! LOVE the photo of Daniel Craig...and, thanks so much for the chance to win the rulers!!!


Not to much interested in Daniel, but the rulers sure would be great!!


Thanks for the giveaway! Love your blog!

Diane Kelly

I love flying geese, I am drawn to that pattern. Whenever I see it in a quilt I save the picture thinking I will do that someday. I would be great to try a new ruler. Thanks for the giveaways!


I have yet to meet a AYOS Schnibbles, but hoping this month is the month. Ordered my pattern last night.


I would love to win these rulers! Thanks for a chance to win!

Karen L.

I have the pattern and the fabrics, now all I need are the rulers! Thanks for sharing so much with us.
Karen L.


I just ordered my Summer Day pattern last night for April's Another Year of Schnibbles, but I don't have the rulers yet. I'd love to win a set. That's very generous of you!

Wanda S.

Thanks for the ruler giveaway. I'm off to find the book.

Judy BL

Great giveaway and love the Daniel Craig picture - what's not to love about a Bond update and ruler giveaway! Thanks!


One never knows what one will see when they click to your blog!! I would love to win a ruler! This book looks fabulous.


Hmmm, if you have this picture on your computer, you may not get any work done!! He is a fine looking man! :)

It would be super cool to win the rulers

Mary Kastner

I would really like to have this ruler. Thanks for the chance to win.

Auntie Pami

I read on MSN that he is going to be part of the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics! Squeal--new Bond movie!

Debbie R.

Thanks again for your blog -- always interesting, always with some humour, and always, always with fabulous fabric creations, tips and trivia. Thanks for the chance to win some rulers.


I like the Bond movies, thanks for letting us know about it. I would love a chance to win the Fit to be Geese rulers. Thanks Carrie.

Susan B

I would love a chance to win the Fit to the Geese rulers! I Schnibbled the firt 2 months, but March alas, I had too many projects to finish, but the April Schnibble looks fun. I like challenging sewing and this looks like it will be a challenge. I was just in St George where I met you 2 years ago. That was one of the best classes I've been in and met so many wonderful people.

Dara English

I would love to win the Geese rulesrs! Thank you for the chance.


I would love the chance to win the Fit to be Geese rulers. I have just the project in mind for these. Lots and lots of flying geese!


Congratulations to the winners! I made Summer Day last year using my Fit to Be Geese ruler! Just happens I'm using them to teach Monique's method of making flying geese at our guild meeting later in April. It sure would be fun to have a set to pass on to a couple of our members! Thanks for another chance to win!!

Jeanne Bishop

I'd love to win the rulers. Thanks for the giveaway!


How did you know a pic of Daniel would ease the disappointment of not winning the rulers and book the first go around?? Wow! is all I have to say.
I'd love another chance to win those Geese rulers. I have to confess, I made Lincoln a few years back and my geese left a lot to be desired, so much so, it's never been quilted. Thanks for having another giveaway!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

I'd be delighted to win these rulers. Geese are hard for me . . . .


Hmmm. I haven't seen Daniel from that particular angle. And--it's all good! lol

And speaking of angles, I'd love to win some rulers. Thanks for the giveaway chance.


Don't know what excites me more - the thought of winning those rulers or looking at that picture! Whew!

Thanks for the give-away!

Gwynette in Northwest Arkansas

Gratuitous photo of Daniel Craig plus rulers equals number one Monday blog read!!!!


I would love to win these rulers. Love your blog. So much fun!!


Wow. Look at all those very lucky people. Congratulations to you all. Thank you for the great post you did too showing off all of the great things in the book and the wonderfully lovely extra pictures making everyone smile.

I would love to try the rulers. Thank you for the additional surprise chance.


The rulers would be terrific. Thank you for doing a give-away!


I would love to win Daniel Craig! I think everyone else is entering for the rulers so Daniel it is. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Oh wait, this giveaway is for Monique's rulers. OK I would love these too. Not as much as Mr. Craig but infinitely easier to explain to my boyfriend.


Well, I didn't take any chances and ordered my own copy of the book last week during the midst of the blog tour. Already have and it and dreaming over it... I would love to get any of the rulers as well! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Jennifer G.

Linda Kay Smith

I would love to have a ruler that would help me make more accurate flying geese. It seems to be a block that I end up making a lot! Thanks for the chance!


I would love to win a ruler-I'm still not happy about how my geese turn out. Of course, there's plenty of practice to be had in this month's choice!

Julie in WA

I have seen many blogs brag about the accuracy of these rulers, but I have not purchased any. It would be fun to try a new way of making flying geese!

Kathy R

Boy do I need those rulers! I might need that pic on my computer as well :-)


Congrats to the winners and thanks for the chance to win some more! I'd like to do a goose chase sashing someday and one of these ruler sets would sure help out!

Dee Johnson

I like your style:) I would love to have a ruler - thank you fo the chance.

Irma M.

I say "definitely" to the wallpaper on your computer. Would love to one of the rulers.


Oh my I would love to get my hands on a set of these rulers, alot of flying geese are coming my way! Wow definitely on your comp, cause he's coming on my desktop....:)

Kathleen G

Love your gratuitous photos! And thanks for the chance to win the rulers!


Thank you for the chance ....... I could use the rulers.


I keep wishing for these rulers. Thanks for the chance at your generous giveaway.


I'd like to win Daniel Craig, but I guess the rulers will do ;(

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