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April 29, 2012


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Yep, I also park needles in the arm of the sofa, or the front of my shirt, (and sometimes lose them! Horrors!) I also bend needles when I hand sew--do you find they reach that 'just right' feel in your hand, and a couple days later, snap? Also, I always imagined Sample Spree as a scrummage! *g*



The last picture is how I pictured the fat quarter sale at my LQS. 20 fat quarters for $20! I went this year, fun but not as violent as I pictured. Very crowded though.

Becky in Georgia

Thanks for a wonderful laugh:) Do you watch The Big Bang Theory on TBS? DH and I have become addicted to it. It' so nerdy:) Have a great Monday!


I love binding if there is something good to watch on tv while I'm sewing...and yes, I do the "multiple threaded needles" thing so I don't have to stop. After Lissa'spost on cool tools I bought one of those Clover needle threaders...and it works like a charm...although I think I need reading glasses for close up work...but I refuse to get any until I can find some fun ones.

Mary W

I did work on my sewing space thanks to you!. It is so in need. Will do the fabric last, way too much to dive in right yet. Maybe next week?


I've lost count on how many needles I've managed to break. Like you I've tried to use a proper thimble but couldn't handle them. Really love using my leather thimble pads. I usually buy/hoard mine because I'm afraid they'll disappear from the shelves! Looking forward to book blog hop!

Deb A

I do bend my needles while binding. Thanks for the info on folding, now I'd like to clean up my stash! I'm on vacation for a week in late May, that may be my "project" during that week.


I spent the weekend at my very first retreat - and wouldn't you know it - all 5 of us at my table had read your post about your de-stashing.... and all of us wished we could be your charity of choice? :)

Bari Jo

Thanks for the tip on folding - so cool! And arrrggghhhh I so want to get to it soon with my stuff... Loved the pics of sample spree - LOL... I do like to thread several needles, too, so I don't have to stop. And the arm chair rest does make a great pincushion! :o) I just have to be careful and keep count so I don't leave one stray... ouch and oops... been there.... Can't wait to see your new quilts!

quiltmom anna

Hockey is big in our house- we have watched many of the series. My husband is a fan of lots of the teams since the Edmonton Oilers did not make the playoffs. We haven't decided who to cheer exclusively for next but perhaps LA or Phoenix as they have players that formerly played with the Oilers.
I do sometimes put needles in the arm of the chair when it is fabric but these days we have a leather sofa. My mom used to keep a sewing needle in her curtains so that she could find a needle when she needed one.
I will look forward to checking out the medallion book hop as I am a big fan of medallion quilts.
Enjoy the hockey..
Warmest regards, Anna


I used to use the arm of the chair as a pin cushion. I stopped when my son at the age of 5 tried to beat me to the chair...he grabbed the arm in the process of sitting down and the needle went completely through his little hand. Not sure who was more scared - him or me.
Looking forward to the blog hopping. Enjoy the Hockey games and hope your team wins :)


The old lady indeed! lol Now Carrie you don't need me to tell you, you are only as old as you feel.
I spent my weekend finishing up 2 queen sized quilts to bring to the quilter. Got to have those babies ready for the cottage shortly.
Funny thing I never took you for a hockey fan...


I have just begun a PURGE of my fabric and other "stuff". Reason is supposed to be because I am downsizing, but it is really so that I can buy more. I love the Antique Mist, can see it in Rouenneries, or in Japanese Taupes, my latest loves.


i'VE heard sample spree is brutal but didn't know hockey sticks and helmets were used. might explain the bruises. ;p

Lynda M

No my chair is leather. Can't put needles in

GED Online

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