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April 11, 2012


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These pictures are too cute. :-)
Woohoo, pdf-patterns! What a great idea, and so wonderful for instant gratification for us international customers. ;-)


Whoop Whoop and Yippee!!!! PDF patterns for Schnibbles I can't wait, as Edith said above as one of your International customers who cant just walk into a quilt shop and buy one I am way excited. Errr how soon is soon!?!?!?

Hugs Linda


OMG those pictures are wonderful...there have been days in the last 6 months that I was right there with that elephant...LOLVE it!
PDF patterns..you go girl!


Wow. PDF patterns will be awesome. I can't wait. I'm from Portugal and I can't afford to order paper patterns from U.S.A. so PDF would be wonderful for me.


Oh Carrie these pictures are wonderful! An elephant on the beach...sadly I can relate to that. How did this happen to me? If that elephant wasn't so darn cute the thought of it would depress me, but I have long ago realized I am not beach babe material.

PDF Patterns now that is "happy news". As you may remember, I have whined a few times about not being able to find your patterns in "the land of Ice and Snow" so this makes me a happy camper. Mr O has always been so patient, stopping at many quilt shops so I can run in to look for a Schnibbles pattern (and maybe pick up a piece of fabric.) Now that you have made them so readily available I will need to "find" another excuse for all the stops because he has mentioned a time or two that my fabric cupboard(s) are a bit full; maybe I should use some up before buying anymore...silly man!


Ha! I was just trying to track down the source of those adorable elephant pictures five minutes ago. You did much better at finding the links. I ended up on YouTube watching videos of baby elephants swimming in the ocean LOL!

Archie the wonder dog

Oh, I love those photos (especially the last one!), thank you! I'm very excited about the PDF patterns, I'm going to get saving!!!


Oh Carrie, PDF Schnibbles patterns!!! Your right Hope DOES Spring Eternal...and sometimes the things your hoping for happen, woohoo! The last picture of Baby Elephant is also my fav, though they are all really adorable. One last note, I have never visited Pinterest...I know there are some wonderful things to discover there, but my biggest problem with the site, is how many bloggers have taken to posting purely Pinterest pictures now...tons of them. LIke I said, they are beautiful, the color coordinated items that some will post, 10, 15 pictures of on their blog stating, 'It's a blue day' or 'This is the house I want'. I love bloggers, I truly do, but...I love them because of the personal relationships that spring from reading someones blog that I enjoy and getting a feel for their personality from the writing and projects they make and share, or books they read...but Pinterest is rapidly changing it all to everything Pinterest. I find it sad that the personality is quietly slipping out of some of my favorite blogs, all because of Pinterest. I know those aren't the concerns you have with the site, but it is mine. Nuff said...Have a wonderful time at the beach and um...I would love to see a picture of you and Rosie (if she is going) posed like the baby elephant in the last pic...hmmmm...NO??? Ah well, it was worth a shot. Big Hugs...
PS...Though I don't have a blog myself, I still have a deep appreciation and respect for the time and effort that goes into maintaining one. So don't think I'm saying these bloggers are slacking, as I KNOW they are not. But some are just becoming so impersonal...thanks to the world of Pinterest. Okay, truly Nuff Said...

Auntie Pami

Nice! Too bad we can get fabric that quickly!

Mary ann

So very cute! And even if I am not going to market, sniff, sniff I often have that same panic attack over work...really it's almost ??????

Ruth K

Cute elephant, but veryyy gooood neews. I always want to give schnibbles a try but having to order patterns it just takes forever not counting that when I ordered Mon amie I paid more on shipping than the pattern itself so I stopped ordering any. TRhis comes as great news.


SOOOO CUTE! I love that last picture too and yes, I can relate! Can't wait for the PDF patterns!

Cheryl Miller

So cute! So PDF patterns are on the horizon. I have seen a few out there already...interesting changes. Wonder how shop owners will feel about it...hmm.


The current copyright/Pinterest brouhaha would have me thinking really hard about what I post. I love to read blogs but this would be enough to stop me from actually having one! It seems your readers are mighty excited about the PDF patterns! Customer friendly, for sure!! You go, Girl!


That elephant is adorable! But I'm really glad to hear about the pdf patterns! SQUEE!

pat sloan

I am in love with that baby!! I pinned it on my boards...joyful!


First, this elephant is great! Don't we all feel sometimes like to stick our head in the water!?!
Second, a big yeehaa for the PDF Schnbbles! I'm from germany and always have to wait about a week till I can star with my quilt for the Schnibbles parade (and let's be honest I need this week).


Thank you for the smiles today! Yes, I can relate on many levels to those pictures... and even though I don't have the pressure of Market looming... I still feel like the last photo is perfect... maybe it's that tax thing!


Oh, and if I had one of those trunks I would be making big sounds of joy for your online shop and pdf patterns!!!

Bari Jo

This is ADORABLE! :O) And - yay to PDF patterns! No longer having to wait and hunt and search and be frustrated cuz I can't find a Schnibbles I NEED... er want asap! ;O) Yay! Thank you for doing this!! WooHoo! Ya... the tax thing... doing ours tonight... ugh... we say the.same.thing. year after year, too.... :o) (I'd rather quilt....)


Taxes--you are not alone. I have that same conversation with myself every year.....it's the only about the only thing I find that makes me WANT to do housework (yet another of my excuses for putting them off).


pdf patterns would be awesome because the day it takes for my paper pattern to arrive is the 'only' reason that I have yet to make a Schnibbles parade deadline. Hopefully this is my month.


OH MY GOSH!!! That's not real...the last photo?? Please tell me no elephant were harmed in the making of these adorable pic??!! ;p

SAVE THE ELEPHANT!! SAVE THE ELEPHANT!! I will be accepting donations to my NEW 501(c) non-profit. ;p

Now I have to click on your links and I will lose another valuable hour of sewing/cleaning time with nothing to show for it...you're killing me, Carrie. You're killing me! ;p

Linda P

Phooooey!! A gremlin just ate my post!!
I knew you didn't just leave us - must have been off playing with Rosie (or Daniel or George............).
What's the hurry on the taxes unless you are getting a refund - we aren't, so just got ours submitted also.
Yippppeee Skippeeee on the PDFs - looking forward to goodness!! Thank you!!


I see your baby ellie, :-) and raise you another cute ellie, having fun. (I know is intended as an advert, but the fun this ellie has is grin-making.)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBrmaE82uY4

Also, PDF schnibbles = Epicness!! You have made another international customer *very* happy!
hugs for you and Rosie

A Facebook User

You are such a hoot!!!


Great pictures! I know the next few weeks will be so busy for you...let me know if you need any help...I can piece, bind....whatever!


Hi Carrie and Rosie - these pictures are just so gorgeous!! And I am very excited about the news that your Schnibbles patterns will be available as pdfs..... can't wait!


Hi Carrie,

As this shows you I am behind in my blog reading but I get there in the end. First, very cute pics, I thought I was the only one who does the face plant stunt at the beach.
I love your blog and your patterns and books, having your patterns as PDF is fantastic. Living in Australia makes it hard to get them and certainly not quickly either. I maybe able to join the girls in The Year of Schnibbles now, because we all have fabric that needs to be played with and shown off. Thank you.

I enjoy reading your blog and do enjoy your sense of humour.

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