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April 04, 2012


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Congrats to the winners and I love your new T's!


Congrats to the winners. The rulers will definitely go on my wish list for someday. I will be making the flying geese the old fashion way for Summer Days.

Archie the wonder dog

At first glance I thought she'd made a quilt of knickers/pants and I thought 'what a great idea' but then I looked closer and yes, they seem to be muscular men who are very comfortable with their feminine side ( and they're wearing on-trend florals!) I think George, Daniel (who recently said he'll carry on being Bond as long as they'll let him!) and Damon would make great sewing partners. Imagine if they accompanied you to the LQS sale - they could distract the queue and let you nip ahead and buy what you want!! Have a lovely Wednesday!

Auntie Pami

Is that a photo of an upcoming movie? Drool...


I leave for work this morning LOL great post! Congrats to the winners!

nancy, near philadelphia

I'm a winner -- Hooray! Any chance George would be available to deliver it? Many thanks . . . .
nancy, near philadelphia


Congrats to the winners! They're gonna' love those rulers! I thought Moda Lissa's Bibelot/T Is For Thelma looked like such a happy accident when I first saw it! All of the Schnibbles in the parade were terrific (t!) this month! Jan


Oh how exciting. I can't wait to get the rulers and see how much they will help me since I'm still somewhat new-ish to quilting.
Thank you SO much.


I love to look at pictures of different quilts, they are inspiring. But when you throw in a picture or two of Daniel and George, you have really made my day. Thanks for sharing.


Congrats to all the wonderful winner and I was one of them and cant wait until they arrived to me..

Thanks a lot!


Congrats to the winners! They are amazing rulers!


Dang! I didn't win Daniel Craig OR a ruler. :( Maybe next week....

lissa alexander

You silly goose!!


I like your taste in men!
Congratulations to the winners!


Congratulations to the winners. I was so disappointed I didn't win one of these sets but when I looked I hadn't even entered into the giveaway. Oh boy I must be getting so old.

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