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June 17, 2012


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oh looks like a great book, I Love quilts like this when you just want to whip up a quilt for a gift/donation quilt.....
and its a book I do not have, don't have her first one yet either, how did that happen?


You totally crack me up.


Thanks for the grins, and congrats on your 10 year high school reunion coming up :) Love the cover quilt on that book and all the great folks hosting.

The HOT had my daughter coming out for the weekend from Scottsdale and being happy it is 40 degrees cooler here. We are deep into June Gloom, which will be followed by July No Blue Sky, and August Angst, so warn anyone coming to SoCalif not to expect sunny beach weather until September!

Kathleen B

I can't wait to see your post on this book and the giveaway tomorrow, Rosie's Alter Ego aka Carrie! :)


As usual - you put a smile on my face!!!

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