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June 24, 2012


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Oh My Goodness - That's my name! I won?!?! YAY! I guess I'd better get those fabrics out - I'm ready to start the stars! (And Pat recently asked how many UFO's we had and I said zero - well, now I have 3.... :( But it's well worth it!) Thanks!


I will definitely have to listen in tomorrow!

And that cartoon is so funny...perfect!


Oh Carrie, I was headed for bed, by way of the computer, LOL...but I just had to stop and send you a bit {{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}, simply because you never fail to bring a smile to my face or make me laugh out loud. Thank you for that. Here's one more just for good measure, {{{HUG}}} *I know it's smaller, but my arms are tired after the first one*


You're hysterical! You always make me laugh. And, this year, that cartoon is working for us in the midwest too -- ouch!

Archie the wonder dog

Have fun! I've just seen Thelma's bounce...wow, what a great pattern!

Linda P

Great visit on Pat's show today!! Yes, lots of fabrics for backgrounds!! Thanks for the chuckle on the joke also!! I need a few more hours in the day to get it all done!!


Thank you for being on the show Carrie! What a GREAT chat we had... You are the best.. smooch!

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Great list! Love the last one about procrastination...of course, you left it to last....

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