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August 06, 2012


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With all that you've been doing, I hope you've made time to watch the final eposides of The Closer!


i actually came over to your blog to say how much i love your new pattern in APQ! i got my magazine yesterday and was really drawn to your quilt--i don't usually look at the designer's name when going through the magazine but i thought your cutting directions were so clever that i flipped the page over and saw your name--congrats! btw, what do you think if the pattern was done up in brights--even some kaffe fassett fabrics?

Archie the wonder dog

I love the Liberty prints and can't wait to see what you make with them...once you can bring yourself to cut into them! Now, stop looking at Pinterest (and Etsy!) and get back to pattern writing ;o)

Sandy M

I got my APQ issue on Saturday and stopped at your quilt. I looked at the cutting/piecing and then put a little post-it on it for the future. Then I looked at who designed it and had to laugh. I was thinking you had been all stealthy like with this one, bringing it home under the radar! LOL!
As for your stash enhancement.. I had never worked with anything from Liberty but they do look yummy. And as for the store that cannot be named.. I went in there to pick up some fabric for a nightgown (I do try to sew garments every once in a blue moon to avoid forgetting how to! LOL!) and the pieces I liked where insanely expensive! I mean 100% cotton at 12.99 yd. I stood flabbergasted thinking, shoot, I can buy me some Moda (FULL PRICE) for less. When did this store become elite? I checked out the "wall" of cotton and the fabric I used to buy for 1.99 when I started quilting was 7.99! I was shocked. I'm hoping that with the increase in price the quality increases too because they do have some pretty stuff on the shelves.

Auntie Pami

Oooh Liberty. Sorry, I forgot about the magazine. It's next to my chair. Better get reading, huh? I can't wait to see the Liberty in person.


You're so funny -- Pinterest is a great fall-back for anything LOL. LOVE your cute little quilt. And all that wonderful fabric. This is the second post I've seen today showing the DS fabric -- I think it's a message!


When I read the directions for your quilt in the new APQ magazine, I thought "how did Carrie ever come up with these sewing directions?" Very inventive, I must say! And I love the Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I can't wait to see the finished product.


I read this post last night and I'm still laughing. You crack me up. Always.

Linda P

My issue came yesterday, and went to bed with it - you know the bedtime stories and had to chuckle at you keeping that one a good secret! Great name for it! I thought of Disney World with the turnstiles. I'm liking the very subtile scrappy border also. Kaffe fabrics? I like some but not all together, but the Liberties I could go for - are those as soft and lush as the others?


Hi Carrie!
Thanks for the shout out on my article! I think you should make an orange quilt. :-)This issue is packed with great quilts and projects and yours is wonderful!
One of your avid readers sent me your link.
My best, Betsy Chutchian


Hi Carrie,
Just writing to share love for our aging female pets. Our big girl recently began displaying some of the same problems as Rosie. My vet prescribed Rimadyl and it does seem to have helped. We're not seeing as much of the slipping from her back legs. I wish you and Rosie the best.
Regarding quilting, I can't wait to see your
quilt in APQ.


I so can't wait to make the AP & Q quilt...just love it!

And those Liberty of London fabrics...those have been on my list since I saw the first pictures of them from market!


Loved reading about the London Lawns. I have collected these for a few years now and they are living quite beautifully with my Liberty of London collection. It might be about time to create something with them other than the colorwash wallhanging I made a few years back.


You mentioned so many things in the last post that my brain is spinning like one of those turnstiles. I have been in love with Liberty Tana Lawns since I used a few precious pieces to smock little girl dresses. Hmmmm might have to stash some of the Lifestyle cottons for a future smocking project. I will, I will dash out and get that APQ issue. Looks like it would keep me busy for awhile :o)


What the quilts n more little project? I think kaffe is a great choice!

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