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August 13, 2012


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I'm all in for ice cream sandwich cake for dinner! Howie and Zack said to tell Rosie to demand treats after her vet visit...

Archie the wonder dog

Rosie will definitely deserve a special tea after her visit to the vet and I'm sure she'd love an ice cream sandwich...in addition to a nice piece of chicken and maybe a slice of toast ;o)
Tickle and Speck look great - I can't wait to see all your new patterns! Well done on finishing all the pattern writing!
Enjoy The Closer - we're a bit behind you (I think - just seen the one where the wannabe pop star's daddy went missing...) and I'm going to be so sad when it ends. One question though...please can you tell me what's in the round foil packets that Brenda Leigh keeps in her sweetie drawer?! Chocolate? Biscuits?!


Gorgeous as usual. Good luck to Rosie at the vet. x


Seems like every fun job also includes an element that's not so fun, doesn't it? I love Tickle and Speck (and the names--you are so creative with your quilt names!) My family would think they had died and gone to heaven if I served ice cream sandwich cake for dinner---maybe I should surprise them sometime!


What time is dinner?? I'm going to miss The Closer. I hope the new show is as good. I'd like to hear more about baked tomato risotto. Be kind to Rosie - order those treats.

Linda P

I can see Mom and I would get along just fine!! We've had cake for dinner lots of time - hee hee!! Really!
Yay, on seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with finishing off those pinnies and writings - hmmmm, now let's see if you can make it into a good novel?!?
BooHoo for Rosie, definitely a treat is in order, maybe a good run around the yard- Have a super day!

Auntie Pami

Hate to admit it, but we have trekked to Coldstone once or twice for dinner. A pint will do. Hope the senior panel goes well. She will be a cranky girl fasting, but I'm sure there is somewhere delicious on the way home. Love the Kate Spain! B&C, can't miss.


I love that you have not only made your Mom happy, but the angels as well. And sweet Rosie, she certainly will deserve a treat when she gets her Senior update :-) Yep, guess that's what we have to look forward to, Senior bloodwork, Ice cream for dinner, and uh, oh yeah, angels.........


You know Carrie...when I have to fast for my doctors appt every three months, my hubby always takes me out for breakfast after my appt. Now I haven't said anything to Rosie yet, and I won't, but I'm just sayin...

Thanks for the giggles and grins this morning, I always know I can count on you to start my day with a smile. Thanks for that!

Well, I'm so jealous...we cancelled our satellite tv and though I don't miss the hassle I had with them every month, I have missed this season of the Closer and I'm going into withdrawals. We stream everything now though our WiFi, but for those types of programs, you have to buy each episode which I just can't do right now, so, here I am, missing the very last season of a the first series that I have never missed an episode of. Don't have any idea when it will be available on Netflix or Crackle, *sigh* Oh well, I just have to look at the bright side I guess...I still get NCIS... Big Hugs comin to ya


Even I'm glad the pattern writing, with a huge side of whining, is done. Thank goodness! It was a long week. LOL

I'm thinking Rosie will need lots and lots of treats today.

Ice Cream Sandwich cake for dinner - what time should we be there?


1) heck yeah for ice cream sandwiches for dinner!
2) love risotto...can you talk to my husband? he won't even try it. :(
3) heat waves suck!
4) if the angels are done at your house...will you send them to mine? i'm still vacuuming up dog hair...maybe the angesl will help? ;p

Andee in AZ

Congrats on your progress. I am loving that second quilt there..can't wait for it to be the Schnibbles of the month!


Poor Rosie. Going to the doctor is never my idea of fun but a trip usually deserves a treat!
Love the new patterns and the fabrics you used are gorgeous.
My Grandma would always pick the restuarant that specialized in pie so she could have pie for her lunch. I think ice cream sandwich cake sounds wonderful. Nothing wrong with that for dinner...but then I never met a dessert I didn't like! :)

Edie Gottschall

Hey Carrie, your mom is my kinda lady! I want the recipe for the pie. Were you surprised last week -- Gabriel? In the previews it looks like Brenda may be attending a funeral in tonight's episode, you think????? Are you going to stay tuned for the spin-off? Have a good day, Kiddo, and give Ms. Rosie a big hug for me and a tail wag from Lucy -- what does Rosie like from Three Dog Bakery? Take care.

Lisa D.

I hope Rosie gets through her appointment with flying colors. Poor thing. A treat is in order for sure. I love the Closer! I'm really going to miss Brenda Lee!


Good luck with everything going on...and the quilts...oh my goodness...love them. And now I'm hungry and have to go make sure I pinned your recipes!!!


WooHoo! Congrats on being done with the patterns. An Ice Cream Sandwich cake (which I certainly hope you'll blog!) sounds like the perfect way to celebrate!


174 degrees... you must live in Texas, too! Actually, it's been about that hot all across middle America this summer. Ack!
Just wanted to comment on your Scrap Lab project in the latest Quilts and More magazine. Love, love, LOVE it, especially in those KF fabrics!! Hope to have time to sew one this weekend from my stash. No lavender shot cotton there, but I do have a very nice linen piece that will work well...


I think it's obvious...ice cream having the word sandwich at the end makes it a main course. Absolutely!
I saw your scrap lab project yesterday... sa-weet!!! And your new patterns are so dang cute! I didn't see them up on the website yet... I'mmmm waiting!


Hey Carrie!!! Didn't you say you got an Ipad a couple of years ago (maybe longer, I'm not good with time, LOL)? I just wondered because I'm saving to get one but I don't know anyone who has one (your right...I don't get out much, *blush*) and I need to know the pros and cons. Have you upgraded or does it still do all you want and need it to? I'm just not sure which model to go for. No hurry, it will be a few months before I can look at one, but when you have a chance, I would love to know what your thoughts are about them.
**See, My hubby has taken a liking to my laptop now that he is retired. So when I go down to my sewing room, I don't take the computer with me anymore and I need one. I've been using my smartphone...but it's really hard to read a quilting/sewing tutorial on that tiny screen! After all, my eyes are as old as the rest of me. :o|
Big Hugs.....

mary salmon

Your blog is a breath of fresh air! My love to Rosie!

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