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August 28, 2012


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I absolutely adore your sewing roll, I will definitely be making one of those! I went and bought some scissors from one of the etsy shops you listed, the first site is way too dangerous to order from, did you see the tape measure ribbon? Oh my!!


Count me in as a reject from the "chick flick club"...when I quilt I tend to watch things like the "Die Hard" series. Gimme Bruce Willis when I have some serious sewing to do!!


Little Bites! I can hardly wait! I agree with you on the Kaffe fabrics but they always amaze me on how they turn out!


Awesome Carrie, as if you weren't going to rock the needlebook assignment! As for sewing viewing - lately Friday Night Lights has been the show du jour in the craft room. I have been watching so much of it that I start to think in a Texan accent - a bit different to my usual Australian twang!

Sandy M

You are a tease! I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!
I remember you mentioning the piece in Quilts n More recently and when I saw it I picked it up. I would never have chosen those colors on my own but the project itself was awesome! I was looking for a similar pattern recently because I have been traveling a bit and I wanted to make something to old my applique tools. I bought a pattern by Joanna but it was one of those purchases where you buy something because you need it and not because you LOVE it. When I saw the one you made, I wanted to kick myself for not waiting! LOL!
As to the needle threader... I had never seen that thing and when I saw it I was super incredulous until the teacher demonstrated it. I could not believe it! outstanding tool! I went and picked one up immediately. Thanks for great pattern. I will definitely be making one.


I love the sewing kit! You included a spot for reading glasses!! A necessity!


I sooo love the base for my needle threader. When it first arrived my family was a little skeptical as I showed it explaining how it would work. I don't know how I'd use the needle threader without it now!


Back in the days before TSA, I made a little travel sewing kit very similar to this one. It didn't have the pocket for the needle threader, tho. Everything old is new again, isn't it?

Julia P

Trust you not to belong to the chick flick group! Have to agree, the Dirty Harry movies are great, but give me James Bond any day!! Especially the ones with Sean Connery or Daniel Craig!! Looking forward to the Little Bites.

Archie the wonder dog

When you mentioned the needle threader I was picturing one of those metal loops with a plastic circle attached and I couldn't for the life of me work out why it would make the corner pull up...now I know I was picturing the wrong thing!! I've not seen one of them before - it looks like a oddly shaped stapler-cum-hole punch! I love the sewing kit - what a great idea!


You know, if you were going to make one out of our fabric, I bet I know somebody who would take it off your hands, you know, as a favor. Just saying...

Also, I know I've sad this before, but knock it off. You put us all to shame. True story. :-)

L. Rudd

Carrie, what a great sewing roll! I'm going out now to find that magazine.


Your sewing roll is great! Much nicer than the plastic pencil box I use for my stuff. Glad to know everyone is okay and you've just been busy. Looking forward to the Little Bites.


Your sewing roll is amazingly cute and I think you sell yourself short if you don't understand how creative you are. Wow! That's all I can say.

Sue in Wisconsin

No chick flicks for me... give me murder and mayhem any time!

Sue in Wisconsin

P.S. I am going to pick up that magazine on my way home tonight because that is a great project!

Linda P

Your little sewing roll is terrific!!! Right now I'm working on Sherri Falls project (also in that issue).
Harry's your guy - he makes my day, however we are watching him as Rowdy- big LAUGH!!! Really - we are the western watchers in this house. shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone!!

Patti Mishler

I am a new fan! I hope I can make my tiny little pieces go together half as nice as yours! Thanks for the inspiration!
I got my first little pin cushion pattern (the only one I've ever purchased) from your tiny collection of tuffets!


What a great sewing roll! I sort of collect the Quilts and More issues as they always have great projects for gifts and quick projects. I'm in no shape to make a sewing roll now but you can bet I will when I am back at my machine. So glad your talents were featured!


Dear Carrie,

After reading your little 'teaser', I headed down right after work to the bookstore to get my copy of Quilts and more magazine. I would love to make one sewing roll to bring to my first ever quilting retreat (Sept 14-16). Unfortunately, our local bookstore, Chapters, still doesn't have it in yet as of today. I know they used to carry quite a few different quilting magazines in the past (all the way from Australia and France), but the number now has dropped to the few popular ones only. Hopefully it would be in by sometime next week, so I still have time to make one. Love your designs and instructions. They are clear and easy to follow. Most importantly, you make them seemed so easy to make, even for a beginner like me :-)


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