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December 20, 2012


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Nancy  in Utah

Hi Carrie!!! Boy Christmas is coming fast...so, because I'm hurrying to an appointment I just wanted to tell you really fast, I don't have any clout with George Clooney, but Hey, if you'll pay shipping, I'll send you my husband..."Surprise, Surprise, Surprise" ! If your interested, I'll email you photos...HO HO HO!!! Hugs to all and Merry Christmas..... ;o)


Love the picture of the eiffel tower in the snow
just beautiful.
have to save that one
and rosie looks adorable! not happy but adorable

Linda P

Well, I'm always checking in over at Pat's but still had to say hi, cuz I like checking in here also!! It's not that I'm a scrooge, but I really haven't listened to too many carols this year, so thanks for that little treat. White Christmas Pie - I might have to try... wonder if it's good with Bloody Mary!

Pat Sloan

BIG FAT SMOOCH to you!!!! LOVE this.. I've now ordered a tea towel and I'm thinking about ordering stollen... because it looks so dang yummy.. oh yeah.. asked Santa for one of those items in your last photo too.. maybe with a tux... mmmmm....

And what IS White Pie? never mind.. I see I'm supposed to click the lint.. off I go!


George is EXACTLY who i needed to see right now - thank you!!!


Great blog, love the photo of the eiffel towel,
Thanks for the giveaway.

Kd Brown

Well, it didn't take much prodding to get me to enter at Pat's. I know all about your Mystery Gift Boxes and they are WONDERFUL! Mostly because you are so generous and fun. Gabby says "Hi!" to Rosie (even though she's sleeping). Merry Christmas and Happy New 2013 to you both. I pray your household is greatly blessed next year!

Karen M

Happy Holidays!
Just had to wish you, Rosie and your Mother too a wonderful holiday season and lots of happiness and good health in 2013
Karen M

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