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December 11, 2012


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nicki collins

Hi Miss Rosie
I'd love to buy a kit! How do I do it?

Bari Jo

Lucky dog! :) Love the face!


A aww, please remind Santa I still want a puppy.


Copper says, "Great job Rosie!" I wish I wouldn't have let him read this post! He'll get ideas........

Marguerite looks lovely :-)

So I can blame the problem I'm having, collecting too many containers at Target.......they just jump in my cart, really!........on being a quilter? I am putting patterns and fabric in them. At least it started out that way.....

Archie the wonder dog

I recognise that face! I've just had scrambled eggs on toast and a certain someone sat by my feet until the last piece was gone and then he took himself upstairs to bed!


I love that sweet little quilt top. I sat here for awhile trying to figure out the placement of the different type blocks -- trying to decide if there's any "pattern" to their placement. Can't make it out if it's there, but I sure do like it! Waving to sweet Rosie too!


I love the Marguerite pattern and your choices of fabric. Wish I could afford the kit. Very pretty. My Grace loves scrambled eggs and also loves cheese. I bet she would love a grilled cheese.

Pam P.

Yay! I've been waiting for Marguerite FOR EVER!!! Well, okay, just since you first posted about it :) I just love that French General yellow - Thanks for offering the kit, too - Merry Christmas to me! Especially if some Sniper gets *THAT* quilt from ebay!!!! Rosie's sweet face cracks me up - what a doll :)

Becky Ganzhorn

Oh my goodness... I burst out laughing at that face. Super cute, remarkably expressive.... A great communicator that one. She's adorable. Love the quilt! Happy holidays!

Nancy  in Utah

LOL, I have two of the same faces staring at me right now because I am trying to eat a piece of toast!!! I love the second biscuit story...one of my girls is stone deaf, but if I walk past her with a "treat" in my hand, she will wake out of sound sleep looking for it. Funny thing is watching her little nose twitch for a couple of seconds before her eyes pop open. Our girls get a snack about an hour before bedtime now too, largely due to health issue directly related to age. However their snack is a small serving of their homemade dog food, consisting of plain low-fat yogurt, rice, boiled chicken breast and 100% pure pumpkin. That is their entire diet except the occasional doggie treat. They feel better now than they did as puppies! Ahhh...the things we do for our furry kids. But they deserve that and more for all the joy, laughter and love they provide in our lives. Big Hugs all around...
***Confession*** When I am bidding on eBay, I'm a "sniper", but I prefer to call it the squat and swoop maneuver, LOL. I learned a hard lesson a long time ago, when a "sniper" took an item in the last 2 seconds of the bid. The real issue wasn't the 2 seconds though...it was that they won by outbidding me by one cent! I questioned eBay about it and they said absolutely, it happens all the time. That's why you see so many bids with odd change in them. I still don't understand how they can win by a penny, when you had to bid 50cents over and above the last bid...I'm so confuse, or maybe I'm just old, LOL. More Hugs...


I love the Marguerite quilt, especially that mustard yellow fabric. It makes it! So glad Rosie got her cheese sandwich!!!


The race is won by increments... the holiday shopping I mean. I have been doing just that but it doesn't take me long to get confused and lose track of who gets what. I love the "smells" of Christmas... candles,cookies baking etc.
I have had tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich at least 3 times this winter already. Rosie knows what's good.
The cold nose in the ear is cute!

Beverly Atkins

I love Miss Rosie! She is one beautiful dog. I could NEVER say no to that sweet face. She looks like she is such a sweetheart.

Nancy  in Utah

Wooo Hoooo....Congratulations on your super successful Quilt sale. I sat and watched the last few minutes on two of them and low and behold, it was the "squat and swoop maneuver" (or what you call a 'sniper') that won the two I was watching and in the last two seconds! Again, congratulations and God Bless you for offering these beauties up to help those who are suffering. Big Big Hugs....
Also, kudos to those who stepped up and bid on them. Hugs all around...


Carrie, I just sent you an email. If you could give me a quick answer, we'll get the deal done! Thanks for the auction of the quilts. Too bad my sniperism was usurped by a meeting this afternoon!! :)

Karen Shackleford

Congrats, Carrie, on your successful auction. And Marguerite is gorgeous! Such a lucky Rosie. Those eyes look irresistable!

Linda P

Ah, No I couldn't deny that sweet face either! There is a law - I know there must be making tomato soup, you MUST have grilled cheese, but I don't feel the visa versa if I just have grilled cheese. I will let you in on a secret my daughter and I discovered when we ate a GC at a hotel in Daytona. They grilled the sandwich with a layer of parmasean cheese on the outside - Oh mY GoOdNeSs it was really good!!!
Love Marguerite!!
I still do both on ebay, and have suffered being patient and nibbling before. bleh!

Mary Caldwell

I think you should start every blog post with a picture of Rosie~! She is gorgeous.

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