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December 05, 2012


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This is very generous of you. I live in NJ and while we came through pretty much unscathed, many were not so fortunate. I know several people who still cannot get back into their homes, mostly because the basements flooded, destroying all the mechanicals. Others had their homes destroyed completely. All the rebuilding will take some time.

JoAnne McPHerson

How very generous! I'll be watching for the listings.


Wow! Very generous. I'm from NJ and while we were very lucky others were not. My neighbors still can't live in their home since a tree fell on their house. And we're still waiting for repairs to be made on our house. Thank you for reminding people that there are people still suffering. The media has definitely moved on and people still need help.


You are a woman with a kind heart.

Nancy  in Utah

Way to go Carrie, your like, "Groovy Babe" ... no wait, wrong generation...ah well, no matter, it is very generous and a wonderful kindness your showing to the victims of this disaster and I hope people respond in kind. The quilts you are offering up are all gorgeous. I would especially be watching Quadrille if I was able to bid. Good luck! Big Big Hugs...

Cheryl Miller

Wonderful idea and very generous! We will all be watching.


You totally ROCK!!!! ;-)

Linda P

You are so right, they still need lots of help!! Extremely generous, Carrie, but I am sooo not surprised. We'll be watching!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

What a thoughtful, generous idea! You do rock!! ;-)


Incredible what a great idea! that is so cool! Can't thank you enough.
ok so did mom go to Palisades Amusement Park? I did a lot as a child actually grew up close to there....really small world.


This is very generous of you. Can't even begin to tell you how much help is still needed in NJ as well as NY.


great idea carrie. i sent a couple of boxes of clothing and misc stuff. i think your quilts will go like hot cakes.


Wonderful idea. I'm anxious to see how they do.


What a thoughtful and generous thing to do! I will try to remember to follow along, and maybe place a bid...if I can figure out how to do the paypal thing...

Susan J.

What a wonderful idea. I will be bidding for sure, especially on Quadrille. I bought the pattern as soon as it became available, and I have the Aviary fabric to go with it, but having a completed quilt is so much better at this time of the year!


That's a great idea! I think there are many ways that we quilters can help and this is a good one.

I'll check in on Friday.


You can imagine my surprise when I was reading this post and found my hometown, Palisades Park, named here! I used to live down the block from the old Park Lane movie theater. Tell your mom that both schools, once fierce football rivals who would vie against each other each Thanksgiving, now compete together as a combined team and are playing in the state North 2 Group 3 championship being contested tomorrow afternoon at MetLife (formerly Giants) Stadium in the Meadowlands.

My parents and some siblings still live in Pal Park and were without power for 12 days following Sandy. My mom lost at least $1000 of roasts, turkeys, and other items in her freezers - but it was no comparison to the devastation down the shore. Thank you for your generosity in donating the proceeds from the sale of these quilts!

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