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December 21, 2012


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Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

I entered~ and my fingers are crossed! LOL Love the funnies! Have a happy day!


LOVE them!! Thanks for the laughs, Carrie.
Merry Christmas!!

Nancy  in Utah

Oh Carrie, thanks so much for the laughs...I especially love the first one, LMAO!!!
Big Hugs and special scratches to Rosie girl...


thanks for the laugh this am
ok I need to go bake a batch of gingerbread men so I can do just that instead of some comment to someone over the holidays I would like to say :)
Merry Christmas


Thanks for the good laugh and merry xmas to you and Rosie, Hildy

Linda P

ahhhhh, the perfect man - the gingerbread man!!!! I have the cutest one (I believe it's made from salt dough) that an auntie gave me. He sits in the china cabinet all year and watches me.
Merry Christmas!


As the roommate (no one could own this girl!) of a dog who is constantly bringing me a toy to throw, I about spit coffee all over my keyboard when I saw the first one. Thanks for a great laugh!!!

Mary ann

Oh yes, I lved the jokes! Happy Holiday to you, Mom and Rosie and thanks for the inspiration along the way this year. Crumbler is in the house too! clever name, now to figure out which size to make first!


I do so enjoy you and Pat - thank you for entertaining the quilting community:).

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