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December 03, 2012


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It's good to have you back. I always enjoy reading your posts. Plus when you are gone a long time I worry about your mom. Thanks for the pincusion pdfs!


december project should be a new pattern! LOVE that quilt...ok ok ok I will look again for that tumbler pattern and template for sale :) in a few days. love the look of the one you showed here...
nothing better then tumblers!
looking foward to some mini ones too!

hormones explain everything you can use that excuse for at least the next 10 years!


yeah, you're back! I wonder if I am a farkle...I am functional and have spark!


Farkle is also a fun dice game which can be played by a number of people of many different ages. Don't know that it sparkles but it is fun!
Always great to see you post....

Archie the wonder dog

Phew, you're back! Your December project is fabulous - enjoy the class!


Yes, sewing with small pieces is addictive...as are the pincushions. I finally got some more walnut shells, but now I'm waiting on some sweet dreams stuffing... I don't want to finish the four I have ready to stuff until I can put some stuffing in the corners before adding the walnut shells.

Ahd what a great idea to put those pincushion posts into pdf's....thank you!


Thank you for checking in Carrie. You are loved and followed and obviously missed when you are MIA from blogging. It's okay to take some time for yourself; we'll survive, but miss you all the same! Take care and give Rosie a little scratch upon her head for me :)


Farkle is also a dice game, that I learned to play in Alaska. It is played with 6 dice, and basically you attempt to roll straights or flushes, or full houses (so I guess it is sort of like poker). It's a great way to teach counting to kids, and we have had a blast playing it! Plus it didn't hurt that the single on the dice had a moose instead of a single dot!!!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

I'm happy to see you back~ and yes, you can blame anything on hormones and no one will argue with you. :-) I'm tired~ must be hormones, I'm hungry; its those hormones, I'm cranky; darn hormones! LOL Love your quilt! I did have fun with the little bits in Drop~ 3/4 inch you say? Bring it on! LOL Have a happy day!


Well in true Ricky fashion -
LUCCYYY!!! SPLAIN!!! Love it! Glad you are back with us, that is among us, or is that among the living....... oh never mind. Welcome back :-)

Linda P

There she is..... Miss America!!!
Well, when we were little, and had to wait in the car for my mom or grandma, and seemed to take forever, we would all sing that......... hee hee!!
Thanksgiving was good here too, had my girls and that's always a great time! What fabric is the tumblers from? Looks like one from my scrap basket, I've got a little of all, but not same line. Anxious to get a little tumbler template.

Bari Jo

Yay! You're back! :O) And I'm late realizing it! LOL! Thank you for the side bar short cuts! And can't wait to get your new ruler!!!


Oh yes, your Little Bites are so addicting that I own all your patterns! I also want to say thank you!!!! I received my winning loot and was so excited to see THE CRUMBLER! Thank you, I can't wait to play!

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