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June 11, 2013


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Ouch! I always think blunt rotary cutters are worse, you have to press harder and they are more likely to slip (just like knives!).


Just FYI if you FMQ don't put your finger under the needle, believe me! At least I didn't bleed on the quilt;-)
Hugs to your mom and Rosie and to you, of course, Hildy


OUCH! Have tons of fun at the retreat! ENJOY!


Take care...we need you in your sewing room!


That sounds painful!!! Be careful, have fun, and I'm sure if you let Rosie kiss it it will feel better. :)


I heard if you eat chocolate you heal faster., and use neosporin too. Have fun!


Have fun at your retreat. I have one coming up in Sept and can't wait. I like Pam's advice that eating chocolate makes you heal faster - let us know how that works for your finger!

Linda H

Owwwwwwiieeeee!!! Be careful with that rotary cutter at the retreat!!

Beverly Atkins

I'm not sure it was a good idea to put a new blade in the rotary cutter??? Good luck to the nine left and enjoy your retreat!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Ouch! Had to laugh at the nine good fingers though~ be careful with that new blade and have a great retreat! :-)


...And when you're chopping peppers, either grow longer nails or realize when you've run out of pepper strip and begun on thumb.
18 years ago, I did the above dumb thing and I still have tingles in the end of my thumb. Oh yes, and the day after I was making spaghetti and when I was stirring the boiling water it got on the bandage and just wicked up to the missing end of thumb. Ouch. Hope you heal quickly.


Oh, bore you! Oh, lucky you! I'm so glad that you, although damaged, are still able to enjoy time away at a retreat with your friends! I remember your retreat adventures in past years... that didn't start off so rough! Awk, it makes me cringe just thinking about those snippers!@#!*!


Ah hahaha, did I say bore you... hmm, I meant poor you! Is that a Freudian slip?


Sometimes I fall into the category you blogged about: read blog, download the free pattern, then enter giveaway comment. Most the time I feel guilty doing this so I try to make the giveaway comment meaningful. This takes a lot of time because words don't easily flow from my fingers. So, I end up reading all the posts in that stream, leave a lame comment, and move on. HOWEVER, when I do move on, I am smiling and laughing and feling warm about being a quilter.


I hope you come back with all your digits intact!!


Ouch! Have fun. ;p

Linda P

So proud you didn't let a little thing like that hold you from going on retreat!!! Besides do we always have to sew at those things - you still learn and have a ball :)
I'd probably bandage my leg too, and have someone carry in your stuff hahahhaha!! JK!!

Sue S

ow-ow-ow! My tummy cruched just reading about that cut... Our fingers are our most important tool and the one most easily injured. I agree with Rosie kisses and chocolate. Enjoy the retreat.


Oy! A little meat with your flowers isn't very fun...so sorry! heal fast! :)

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