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June 20, 2013


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Nancy  in Utah

Alrighty then Carrie, just wanted to tell you that I am wishing you much success on your "fishing trip". Big hugs...


Good for you, Carrie. Everyone needs to recharge now and then.


Have a great time! We'll be here when you come back:-)
Hugs to you, your mom and Rosie, Hildy

Flatlander (Linda)

I will be right here when you get back! Good luck ;-)


Have a great ketchup! Can't wait to hear about the retreat and all your projects when you return!


I haven't even gone anywhere and the things keep piling up! Oh, if we could just buy a big honkin' bottle of time!


That's what happens when you go and allow yourself to have some fun... everything just waits for you and you have to double time to catch up/ketchup! I'm hoping that you will have fun new patterns for us when you return.

Mary Ann

Oh why aren't there more days in the week to play with fabric!

Nancy  in Utah

Hi Carrie, Was thinking about you today and wanted to stop and say Hi! Hoping all is well and that you are all caught up and doing something fun an relaxing....well, I did say "hoping" didn't I? LOL.. Like every one else says, we need more hours in the day, there is just to much glorious fabric and wonderful patterns to be limited to just 24/7. Hugs to you and your mom and scratches to Rosie!!!


Are you ever coming back? Been missing the posts.


I wanted to let you know that I received my package for the Schnibbles Parade. Everything was wonderful and you were very generous. I hope you have been able to do a lot of catching up. Thank you again!

Linda P

*waving!! I've missed you!! Can't wait to see all you have gotten done - I think it's a good idea to stay in the A/C...... and do whatever. Smoochies to Rosie also xo

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