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September 30, 2013


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Super cute! It does take time.

Susan B

Love your blog❤ you always make me laugh!
Love your patterns besides and can't believe you keep coming up with all these new designs!

Cathy B.

You really are amazing! I wanna be like you when I grow up!
Cathy and Schnibbles-the-Dog


Beautiful new patterns, I love !


I really love your new patterns don't know which one's my favorite. But I so hope Sinta and Sherri pick one of these for the new parade.
CU there, Hildy

Karen on Keuka

Love the patterns Carrie... And the recipe - Yum!
Now as far as being Normal... Good luck!
Be easy on yourself tho...
Take good care!
Karen on Keuka


Cute, cute, cute patterns and love every one of them. I could see them all in many different colors;)))


The recipe looks great. Thanks for the tips about Trader Joe's. I don't usually shop there, but the precut squash and pancetta sound like winners.

I like all your new Schnibbles, but I especially like Morning Joe. Maybe it's the Pam Kitty Morning, which I used for Dulcinea.

Mary ann

Always a giggle! Love the new quilts and can't wait for that magic delivery from FQS! And finally just added that recipe to this weeks menu. Thanks for hint on trader Jose's I forgot they had it ready to go!

Linda H

It's a journey and you'll be fine ... in time ... don't rush it. LOVE the patterns and will be adding them to my "Rosie Collection" soon I hope. I am absolutely THERE on the recipe, too. Love, love, love fall squash and Butternut is at the top of the list! Linda

Tracey Holzer

MMMMM, I love Clover! Very nice!!


Love the new Schnibbles and ..... Happy Birthday.

Ramona Chester

All the new patterns look great. Butternut - perfect for this fall weather!

Nancy in Utah

Hi Carrie! I love the new Schnibbles, especially Morning Joe and Clover...Clover reminds me of my grandma, not sure why unless it is the granny square look she did love granny square crocheted projects. Anyway, they are super cute! Oh, and I was wondering if you could send me a plate of that Pasta...I love butternut squash! Happy birthday by the way to you brother if he should happen to read your blog!!! Okay, I'll stop rambling now. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, big Hugggzzz

Mary Andra

Good morning Carrie, I am singing Happy Birthday to you. I know it's your birthday today. I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of love and laughter. Sent with lots of hugs too. I Love you my friend.

Mary Andra

PS Love the new patterns. But then I love all your patterns

May Kristin

Happy, happy birthday, Carrie! Wish you a wonderful day!
Love your new patterns! I'm looking forward to make them!


I am getting ready to go purchase clover for AYOS....I love your patterns. I have a latter full of them! Before I go.....



Happy Birthday, Carrie!!! I love your new patterns! I'm waiting until your purse handles come in so I can make one purchase all at once. Have a great day!


Happy birthday! I hope you do something fun.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! The recipe looks like a keeper and I love the new Schnibbles!!


P.S. Happy birthday! I hope that your birthday involves friends and celebrating and especially cake!

Carol C

Great new patterns and so many. It's too exciting. Have a very happy birthday!


Happy Birthday! I hope it is a nice day for you with friends and with cake!


Happy Birthday to you....happy birthday to you....I love all your patterns....happy birthday to you!!!!!

Karen O

October 1 - Happy Birthday dearest Carrie! And 4 new patterns! They are all very wonderful. I am looking forward to making Clover this month.

Enjoy your birthday.

Ann in NC

It great to see so many new patterns! With all you have been through, it was such a pleasant suprise to see these! I hope you and Rosie (happy belated birthday!) are adjusting to the "new normal".

Karen Shackleford

Happy Birthday to you, Carrie!! Hope you kept a few chocolate chip cookies for yourself to celebrate with. Your new Schnibbles are wonderful. Thanks for giving us treats on your birthday!


I love, love, love all the new Schnibbles patterns. I do have a favorite. :-)


Wow! I love these!!! Can I make them all today???? I wish I could!! My favorite is Bungalow! Or is it Clover??.......Hmmm....A belated Happy Birthday to you! Tons of good wishes are going your way :-) Enjoy a fun week. You deserve it :-)


Happy, Happy Birthday, dear Carrie!! I hope you have the most wonderful birthday EVER!!!

Linda P

*slapping head!! Of course, it was 23 yards, it's our new favorite and we are going to want more for our next project and the next and the next after that, etc, right? Great new patterns, you are amazing to come up with so many looks. Love the Joe, but that Bungalow was going to be the name of our little house in FL...... when the hubby's daughter moved out and we were fixing up....... that is until the grandson wanted to move it - do you have one called Shattered Dreams? And I had already moved lots of stuff in when we found out he was sleeping on someone's couch - lalalalalalalala....... Oh give me a dog and let me be happy!!! LOL!!!


Oh no! I forgot one "love". LOL


I just bought 3 of your new patterns. Not sure when I'll get to them - if ever - as I seem to be schnibbles impaired - but for some silly reason I feel the need to own all your books and patterns to just stare at them! (Not totally true - I do have 2 Lincoln quilts in the works and a beautiful Route 44 that is calling my name to get back to!) Great patterns - the star one will be going on my sometime soon to do list for sure!

Helen Lebrett

Happy, happy Birthday!!! I hope it is full of love and friends and family!!Hugs, H in Healdsburg


Sherri and Sinta said that today is your birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a wonderful day!
Your new patterns are wonderful. I'm trying to NOT buy any patterns because I have hundreds of quilt patterns that I love but will never stitch. However, your new Schnibbles are really tempting. HMMM.
And thanks for the recipe (and for making it available to print); it sounds delish.




Happy belated birthday to you! Love your new schnibbles, especially 'Clover'. It looks great with that PB & J fabric.

Candace Mugele

Carrie, I so love reading your blog. It's like we are chatting together over coffees, and of course Rosie is enjoying a treat too! Happy Birthdays to you and Mark. I am a big sister too, and totally understand the snark clause in the contract.
Keep putting one foot in front of the other, remember it was the tortoise that won the race.
Looking forward to our next visit. Love from the hills of CA.
P.S. I love your patterns too, but I don't seem to find as much time to sew. <3

debby warthen

Dear Carrie,
I haven't visited your blog for a few weeks, but had a terrible sense of foreboding as I read about the adjustments you and Rosie are making and just knew your mom must have gone on home. Over the past year i have read your posts about your mom and your relationship and the path life was taking and couldn't help but be reminded of how similar to mine it has been. There is a special relationship between moms and daughters that is never broken by time or distance or life or death. It is eternal. Give yourself time and remember the little things. Those will give you comfort. I will remember you in my prayers. you have been such an inspiration to me through your work and your relationship with Rosie, who by the way, shares her birthday with my 31 year old son! You have given me many hours of enjoyment through your patterns and your blog, and your long-distance, never-seen-your-face friendship...

Nancy in Utah

Hi Carrie! Had to tell you that I was dreaming about you and Rosie last night. Strangest thing happened...we were traveling through Phoenix so I called you (not sure how, don't have your number, LOL) but you said to stop on by so we did. BUT...when we got there, we interrupted yours and Rosie's "Rock" game so Rosie stood up on her hind legs and started barking and throwing rocks at us with her paws which had furry thumbs that she picked them up with. I gotta tell you, she was a darned good aim too broke our windshield and I was going to get stitches in my head, LOL. Moral to this story would be, Don't interrupt Rosie is you are playing games with her...nope, won't make that mistake if I do ever happen to travel through your neck of the woods. *wink* Don't know why I would have a dream like that except that you had been in my thoughts yesterday, all day long. Go figure. Hope all is well with both of you and your getting some good sewing time in. Big Hugs to you and some really nice scratches to Rosie, in spite of my silly dream. :o)

Candace Mugele

The last time I was here I copied your Farfelle recipe. Yesterday, my three daughters were home for a visit. I fixed this for lunch, only I used bacon since I didn't have pancetta. Anyway, everyone loved it! I had the leftovers for dinner tonight.
That is definitely going into the family favorites/keeper notebook! It will be joining your stuffed pepper recipe!
Thanks so much for the inspiration. Miss you when you are gone.
<3 Candace

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