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September 25, 2013


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Roseanna Jakubowski

I always love your patterns AND your blog. I cannot wait to make Bungalow AND Morning Joe, BUT... 23 yards of background. :o)
Hee hee.


I've been confused all week, too, to the point of getting all set up for a big meeting today - that's going to be tomorrow! Must be something in the water! Love your new patterns. Love the new purse. Love your Crumbler quilts. Love ... well, you get the point!


I love these patterns. And don't worry about getting confused about the days. There will always be a yesterday and hopefully there will be a tomorrow. So you've got it covered both ways. :-)


So it's thursday today but don't worry it's always a great day when there's a post from you:-) Honestly sometimes I just remember which day it is because of the TV program;-)
I LOVE your new patterns hope Sherri and Sinta will pick one of these for october's Schnibbles. But so you really need 23 yards of background for Morning Joe? Hopefully not.
Happy birthday to your brother and give a hug to Rosie, too!


love the new quilts, wow you have been busy. Fun tote bag anything with crumblers are just fun OK I NEED those dessert rolls I would whip up another crumbler quilt especially with the one on the right all my favorite colors....
I never thought of pressing the seams open on tumbler mini quilts that would be really helpful especially!
inspiring post
Kathie who will probably be humming Rawhide all day thanks!


I just go with the flow and it will work out in the end....hope the rest of the week goes better. Now, those are cute,cute quilts and can't wait to see what the next schnibbles will be for Sherri and Sinta. Love your bag and handles too!

Sharon Parsley

I've given up trying to figure out what day of the week it is...as long as I don't come to work Saturday. Is that tomorrow or the next day. I can hardly wait for the new patterns! Happy Birthday to your brother!

Elaine Raymond

I love Morning Joe, but 23 yards of background?


Happy birthday to your brother. I love the new Schnibbles patterns but 23 yards of Background fabric??? I have trouble keeping track pf the days too. They all flow together.


I love Morning Joe, especially in Pam Kitty Morning. I love the bag too. You make working with crumblers sound so easy. Keep it up and I might just try it.


Haha -- I'm still laughing at 23 yards of background. Since your readers will be buying that background by the bolt, I do hope you'll send them to my shop LOLOLOL!!!

Love your new patterns. And that adorable little crumbler purse. You shouldn't have any trouble remembering Wednesdays anymore -- it's HUMP DAY!!!!!


Lol 23 yards? I know what you mean about tracking the days. Absolutely adore Morning Joe.

Ramona Chester

My son's birthday is also on the 26th, which also happens to be the birthday of Johnny Appleseed. Happy Birthday to the great guys. And FYI - today is Thursday. ;)

Lisa D.

I love your new designs, as always. So you went from FQ quilts to Schnibbles for 5" squares, to more Schnibbles and 10" squares, to 2-1/2" squares and now you're supersizing so we need 23 yards of background? I think my whole family can fit under that quilt! Love those Floral Gathering fabrics, especially the shirtings. I cannot wait until they come out in November!

Lisa C

Love the new Schnibbles pattern! Will make that one for sure. And, why is it that some quilts seem like it takes 23 yards of background?? ;) Love it! Thanks for the chuckle today, Carrie.


All sorts of fun in every direction. You can put the days of the week in whatever order you want Carrie! I love all of your projects... holy moly you have been a busy little bee!. Um, 23 yds... is that like a bolt and a half? You needed more ofyour morning Joe it seems!


LOVE your Bungalow pattern, I will need that one. I was thinking today was Friday when it's really on Thursday...but thankfully I'm off from work tomorrow, so it won't matter! Spending some time quilting will make the day great! THANKS!

Linda H

LOVE your blog ... always brings a smile to my face and brightens my day!

Mary ann

I am so happy I don't even have to think about it....patterns, rulers etc just arrive from Fat Quarter Shop without having to do a think....or a thing either. I will be seeing these soon!

Linda P

hahaha!! I see others were shocked with the 23 yards also, but I'm guessing it's 2/3 yd. When I hear the word "crumbler" - I hear in my mind (like boxing) "Let's get ready to CRUMBLE!!!!! But then, I can also hear Rawhide, as watching a western in the afternoon seems to be the norm for the hubster......... yawn!!!
As always, new patterns are super - why didn't I think of that!!

Karen Shackleford

The new Schnibbles are wonderful!!


How funny today I kept telling my daughter that tomorrow will be Friday and she kept looking at me kinda confused. So I said to her one more day and then we get to go to the quilt show....my other daughter steps in and says "Mom, its Friday...tomorrow is the quilt show!" Could you imagine if I missed the quilt show???????????? Geez, glad I now know today is Friday. My daughter is glad she doesn't have to wake up at 6am tomorrow for school! lol Love the new patterns , can't wait to sew those up!


Love the blog, had to savor it this morning as the week has been crazy to say the least! Since Morning Joe is named after my husband it is on the must make list! I know there are millions of Joes but this would be funny! Can't wait for the Rosie class to start, need life to calm down a little first though. Happy Saturday!

Nancy in Utah

hmmmm.....a little birdie said it was your birthday yesterday too...so I was wondering if you and your brother have the same birthday and if you do, well, just in case, I'll wish you a very happy belated birthday, if it's wrong, well, then, A very happy unbirthday, to you, to you...a very (well, if you have seen the old Alice in Wonderland, you'll understand, LOL) Either way, I hope your days are joyful, joy is a wonderful thing even though sometimes in life we have to work hard to ensure we can grab it as it flies by and hold on tight. Big, big, hugs.....

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