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October 23, 2013


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Ok Miss Carrie and Rosie! I wish I was going to Market but I may NEVER see Market because I do not qualify even on the slightest level.

You, my dear, are the epitome of a Market STAR! Your Schnibbles (& other patterns) are sought after every day of the year...not just Market 'build up' days!

Your fans and followers love you whether you make an appearance in Houston or somewhere else or NOT. I follow your blog and Sinta's blog and Thelma's blog and many others who KNOW you in blogland.

Whether you go to Market or not... I wouldn't know or care.

I'm not gonna lie...I wish I could go one day just see what it is like ;) But I doubt I would make it more than once.

Karen Shackleford

I agree with Jeanna. You are a star to me, Carrie. Love your patterns, but also your clever and witty blog. You make me laugh on a regular basis. Thanks for all you create for all of us and for all the inspiration you provide. Give Miss Rosie a scratch behind the ears for me.


Carrie, you are a rock star in the quilting world! If Market isn't your cup of tea I'm pretty sure that's ok! You love your work & it shows! There are a lot of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. fans out here eagerly awaiting your next project!


I agree. I missed class, moving got in the way. Oh, well. Plus, it's a long drive.

Carol C

I love both of your new Schnibbles. I guess you don't really NEED quilt market, but I think I'd probably go just for sample spree if I could.

Lynne @ boutschoisis

I think I would find Market overwhelming and totally exhausting! You are right to follow your instincts - stay home in comfort and smile about the stress you are avoiding! I can't help thinking that your patterns will be being loved and used and your name will be well known long,long after most of the "cool kids" have faded from the public memory! Your talent and enthusiasm is clear to everyone.

I would love to attend one of your classes though ... That would be relaxing and fun!


I agree with all the comments above. And I think you definitely need to design a "Rock Star" quilt! Love Chicken Feed!


I am feeling a little disappointed and left out that I am not at market this year. I have customers contacting me to ask what my booth # is and I have to tell them I am not there. I will be back in the Spring at Pittsburgh but have not been to market since last fall. The good news is I get to celebrate my birthday at home and not at market in a hotel or with a bunch of strangers. I miss the sites and sounds but not the stress of getting everything there and set up.

Nancy in Utah

Hi Carrie! First, excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard, screen and of course, my chin. Just a little something that happens every time I see bundles of, or projects made with Midwinter Reds. What a gorgeous fabric collection. But the same thing happens with French General fabrics too. One of these days I will have some French General fabrics!!! AND of course, some Midwinter Reds.
I can truly empathize with you Carrie. When I am in crowds, or gatherings of any kind, even just a big family dinner or barbeque, I always feel like the odd man out. Like somehow I just don't quite measure up. I know it is just a personality quirk, but there you have it. I'm certainly not Agorophobic, but I just don't feel like I "fit in". At my age, I won't ever get past it and I think that is why I love blogs so much. So there you have it. Insecurity, I suppose. Ah Well, I don't have anything to complain about, life is pretty darned good all things considered.
Anyway, just had to tell you, along with some of the others, that you are quilting Star in my book. Well, I've ramble quite enough...reaching for a napkin so that I can take one more look at your new Schnibble made with Midwinter Reds. Sending you big hugs and sending Rosie lots of good scratches and rubs...
***I'd never be able to attend Market, I don't do crowds very well....


I'm thinking you were the cool girl among the dorks! Man, we used to get so MAD that they wouldn't give us any air during set-up -- unpacking all that stuff and decorating while pouring down sweat was NO. FUN! Pittsburgh? Please tell me you're coming to Pittsburgh!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

I really like both of your new Schnibbles. And, no, I would not care to attend Market. Too much humanity for this introvert . . . .


Well that's it. I have finally found the perfect quilt for which to use my Mid Winter Red bundle. That is just beautiful!
I've been your biggest fan from the beginning, and look forward to each and every creative offering you come up with! And you just keep getting better and better as the years go by. As far as the gatherings of folks at Market, there is a big difference between meeting up with friends and kindred spirits than being part of a clique. You know who your friends are, for sure!

Quilty Jen

I've been resisting buying a fat quarter pack of Midwinter Reds, but now I have to buy it! Such a beautiful quilt! I'll buy the stack and wait for the pattern :)


Must I remind you, my dear Friend, that you and your patterns are very much part of the 'in' crowd. The 'in' crowd that matters. There are many more of us that simply don't fit in but that's NOT a bad thing. The group of those that don't fit in is much larger than those that think they do.


Since I'm not going to market (although it's a dream to go there one day in the far away future, hopefully not to far;-) I won't noticing you're not there, too. If the crowd is to big it's also not my style.
And you are one of my most favorite quilting stars (along with Camille my #1) I would rather have a coffee with you and Rosie then be at market. I promise to bring treats for Rosie along, too:-)
Love your new patterns can't decide which one to like best but hopefully one of these or Morning Joe will be next month Schnibbles!
Give Rosie a good rub behind the ears from me, please, and a big hug to you, Hildy

Ramona Chester

You'll have more fun at home with Rosie. I'm sure she doesn't care if you are a Dork. Us Dorks gotta stick together! And I, for one, am loving your newest Schnibbles patterns, so glad you are blessing us "non-Market attendee's" with your fun patterns.


I used to think I wanted to go to Market some day, after all, I only live 5+ hours north of there. But you're so right about the humidity and heat in Houston, even in October. Heck, even in December! And definitely do NOT leave your umbrella at home when visiting Houston in the fall... been there, done that!
I'm not much of a crowd person either, so I totally understand your reticence in that regard. I'm glad there are quilting 'stars' who love the whole scene, but I'm satisfied seeing their pictures and reaping the eventual rewards at my favorite quilty sources.
Enjoy your Rosie... she reminds me a lot of my Meggie... just as sweet and adorable and quirky as can be.
(ps I may even have to buy some Midwinter Reds, and that's not usually my style choice in fabric!)

Vickie E

I feel your pain. I'm not going to market either. I decided I should shut off my phone this weekend. No facebook updates, instagram or twitter updates...maybe it will be less painful that way? I doubt it.


I will miss you Carrie! I was hoping you'd get to come...Pittsburgh hopefully?!

PS I've always thought you were one of the cool kids!


Living in NJ and having my own Jersey Girl daughter (she is a native but I am an adoptee by marriage), I am curious how your Schnibble design got its name. I've been looking for an excuse to buy some Mid Winter Reds; now I have to decide between Jersey Girl and Bungalow. Or maybe both...

True North Quilter

I agree with Darlene ... fitting "in" was never my forte and at my wonderful age now I really don't care ;-) So, enjoy staying home, creating WONDERFUL patterns for those who love your work and spending time with Carrie ... you are blessed indeed!


You forgot one other downside of market: you have to PAY for the spot to set up a booth. That's gotta be a big ticket item. You could probably go to Hawaii on that item alone. ;p

Dork? Aren't we all really dorks? Some of us just embrace it instead of fighting it. ;p


Who needs market, you're wonderful without attending market and have a great following. Just keep doing what you've been doing and we'll continue to follow! LOVE the pattern with the Midwinter Red, can't wait to get it.


You are loved. I have read every comment, and that's my impression...many people love Market, but not everyone has to be there for a following. A favorite designer, I will follow you whether you ever go anywhere, although I do secretly want to see you at some point in my life, just because I have always thought you were one of the 'cool' designers, with heart, and a creative spirit that beckons me...stay home , enjoy, sew and rest! You are loved.


This time of year I'm torn. I used to be " in the business" until 5 years ago. I LOVED market and festival so much. I hated the heat and humidity but being a Texas raised in Houston knew what expect. Five years ago we moved to Florida and the hubs asked that I close the biz and focus on my health. I complied and I feel better but I do long for Houston thus time of year.
I always thought you were the cool gal everyone gravitated towards, hmmm, just goes to show we all have those feelings inside. I always feel like dork on parade in a crowd.
Love the new stuff!


I know why I like you and your Schnibbles; you're so smart; so clever; so honest; so down-to-earth and a ton of other things! Market is probably a ton of money for you to fly/drive, booth rental, design, and set-up; you don't need to market your patterns, they market themselves! You're constantly being creative with new designs that we absolutely love; keep up the great work and thanks tons for sharing your life with us!

Linda P

I totally understand this post, but know that others people don't see us as we see ourselves. And then while I WANT to do certain things - I am getting phobias about actually doing them and some feeling like you describe. I'm wondering if it's a phase, an age, the times....... when you find out let me know. Wish I had a Rosie to go off and sew with.
Chicken scratch looks a little like Cindy Lou - one of my faves, although I need to bind mine.

Susan S

I was never part of the cool crowd, but recently I had the opportunity to meet up with a couple of girls who were, and guess what, it's really sad when you peak in high school or college and never grow. You have fans out here, and you ARE a rock star in my book for sure. I'll bet Market would benefit from your presence more than you would benefit by going to Market so it's their loss, not yours! Quilt on!

Monique Dillard

Carrie, I feel exactly the same as you. You think that you are doing great and then something happens and you realize that you are out. Remember, you are loved by lots of us and are part of the "in" crowd with us! I had a few twinges of missing Market too but got over it pretty quick. I think it's just the thought of what you are missing. As one of your fans said, It's their loss, not yours!

Mdm samm

I think my messages got lost. Or removed lol


how odd this one stayed…I will wait to hear from you, as I have posted it about 4 times now and they just go poof lol

Pris Phillips

I love the Midwinter Reds!! I bought a copy of your Two Bits pattern at our local quilt shop - thinking it used a couple charm packs! Not. But I figured out how to do a variation of it!! I'm doing a 4 patch of alternating red & cream/beige... cut down to 8" square... set to alternate with an 8" cream w/dots fabric square. This quilt will be donated to someone in Moore, OK -- don't know who. I'm sending it with a team from church, with instructions to give it to someone in need. IF I get it finished this week... that is! Quilt on, Carrie!! Hugs from Pris & Kiah

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