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October 30, 2013


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Linda Powell

Well, you look pretty darn snazzy with blue bangs Mz Carrie Annie!!
I'm sure you were missed at Market as well!!
Did you change your blog host? Had some trouble getting to the post prompt, and I see a like for FB??
Have a spoooooktacular day!

Karen Miller

Happy Halloween Carrie... And you too Miss Rosie! Love the rags!

Tracy Cox

Happy Halloween. When you wrote that you spent time in Venezuela, I thought to myself, hmm, I wonder if your family knew my mothers family. They were there, a family of 7, in the mid to late 50's. I remember her saying the Americanos all knew each other. Wouldn't that be neat?

Ramona Chester

I made a single "round" as a table topper with French General. Really cool layout. Cute costumes, wonderful mother, beautiful memories! Happy Halloween.

Loris Mills

What an adorable picture of you and your brother. I can see where your creativity came from. Your mom has shown great talent and humor here! What a great way to enjoy your kids! Happy Sewing today, Carrie. Hugs to you and Rosie :-)


Love your Raggey Style, it's so cute.
I'll be Isar tonight, the local river, found such a great dress:-)
Happy Halloween to you and Rosie, too!


What an adorable picture of you and your brother. I see where you inherited your sewing talent! :)


I'd say you ARE both cute. Have a great day.


Too cute! Reminds me of the Duck a Dynasty halloween episode :)


I thought your post about Market was refreshing. Most people are so gushing about it, it seems fake.


What a hoot....my sister and I were Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy (me)....two years.... and then the neighborhood borrowed the costume for the next ten.... mom dyed a new rag mop and thus was born red hair! Thanks for the memory.


I totally understood your previous post! I would imagine that quilt market would be fun and tiring and inspiring and overwhelming all rolled into one!! Hope some day I get to go! Can't wait to see those new patterns!! Happy Halloween!!


Looks like you got a great start on your quilt with that stack of HSTs!


Girl you were ahead of your time with that weave :) Cute pic of you and your brother!

I'll try to find you in Instagram and follow your sew along progress.


lol, a weave? ;p Venezuela? what the heck! ;p

Penny in So CA

Carrie ~ You were pretty cute as a child & as Raggedy Ann, also! Love the new look of your blog ~ the stars are wonderful!!

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