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October 31, 2013


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Sinta Renee

Wow! Nice job! You can barely tell you had any work doneat all... but you look gorgeous darling!

Nancy in Utah

Oh my!!! Your doctor is truly a Wizard!!! I love your new face! :o)
Big Hugs....


Very nice.


It's absolutely wonderful! Love it!

Toni Anne Potter

LOVE IT! My tech skills are from the land before time also. I looks fantastic!


YUP! Looks great, but I just like it when you blog---a lot.


It looks great!


Looks fabulous! Love your handwriting.


I love it!!


You always have a creative flare - love the new header with your handwrtten title - a most successful nip and tuck!


Very nice! Totally looks like you! Your handwriting is so beautiful. My husband even commented on it when he saw your note on my bulletin board.


Love your new banner!


Love the blog's new look! I just finished making Clover - my seam ripper got a workout too! But I really love the finished product. Thanks for all the great patterns.


Love the stars! Looks great :)


I love your new look! Clean and crisp. Nicely done!


Very nice! As I have always said, it's only skin, you can spare some.


Don't we all get a little 'work' now and then?

Love the new header Carrie!

Karen Miller

It's perfect !


I love how you incorporated your quilts in the stars. Well done

Wendy Ouellette

Looks great! So fresh and young looking. Great surgeon! Great idea!


A nip and a tuck made a world of difference. You look ever so lovely.

Very nice.


Looks Great!

Lynne @ boutschoisis

Your lovely new youthful appearance has given you a spring in your step too - I find your header appears much more quickly now!It all looks great!


Love it looks so great!


I LOVE it!!! Sooooo pretty!!! Naturally, the banner reminds me of Bounce. :-) I love the stars with your quilts in them. Looks awesome!!! A little Change is good. :-)

diana alexander

Very pretty! I like it a lot!

Ramona Chester

I see you got the "STAR QUALITY" treatment. Love it and Rosie's name handwritten too - OMG is "handwriting" going to become like "handquilting" one of these days - a rare and special treat?


Great design.

Linda H

Wow ... really, really like it ... LOTS! Nice job!!


Gorgeous! I like your description of your computer tweaking skills, I can totally relate!
Hadn't heard that quote from Dolly in a while. :)


Wow - That looks really cool! Good job to all!

Mary Ann

Looks great! And I always love hand written texts. This weekend, lots of sewing...yep, I am planning on it!,


Love it; you did good!

Linda P

I would never mistake you for a slacker!! No sireee, Bob!
You look maaahvalous, Dahling!!


Wow -- it's gorgeous -- you are looking HOT!!!

Pris Phillips

LOVE your new look Carrie!! It's perfect!! I was a bit behind in reading your blog, so I enjoyed several days' worth of chuckles this morning! I hope another book will be in the works at some point. I SO enjoy your humor and the way you write!! Happy Monday! ~pris and kiah (black lab, 10 yrs old)


Love the new look. Nicole tells me you're going to be having a new schnibbles coming out using the Midwinter Reds line and you're going to sell it as a kit? Say it isn't so? If it's true, would love to be put on your pre-order list....

Andee in AZ

Great ideas and great execution ladies! LOVE IT!

Ann in NC

Great new banner! I always enjoy your blog posts and miss you when you don't get a chance to post.


Looks great!! And good to see new entries and to hear the Carrie voice.
See you next time.

Clair M Becker

love it

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