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November 19, 2013


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Your quilt is going to be so amazing!

Ps I'm @sherrimcconnell on Instagram


Love the pattern and love the fabrics you've chosen. Looking forward to seeing your progress!


That's a grat quiltalong love the pattern! And I've already fingered out the math, yes me. Since I don't know when the magazine can be purchased here in germany I thought I'll start the quilt and then buy the magazine. Sounds like a good deal to me.
And you had me and the nov 2015 issue I would have believed it;-)
Have a great day and hugs to you and Rosie:-)

MOM Quilts

Hi Carrie !

I just chose the same fabrics from French General to begin my next quilt. Maybe I could do like Hildy and begin before buying the magazine, since I live not in Germany but in France.
I love you Miss Rosie. Your posts always make me smile a lot .
I like your "sens de l'humour"!
Kisses from France

Nancy in Utah

Oh Wow Carrie! I adore your fabric choices. I think French General is so gorgeous, all of it. I've never seen one of their collections that I didn't drool over. I can't wait to see your quilt and all the others as you all progress. I won't be joining as winter is a bad time for me and though I try to do some quilting most every day, my stamina is very limited so I only work on projects that are easy to put down (as I get scolded if I stay in my sewing room too long, which is most of the time because I always lose myself when I am working with fabrics and hearing the hum of my sewing machine or the song of my rotary cutter on as I prepare for a new project)...okay, nuff said. Sending good thoughts out to you and Rosie along with hugs and scratches....the scratches are for Rosie, the hugs are for you, LOL...


I love the colors in Lissa's quilt, but the French General fabrics are more in my wheelhouse. I was thinking maybe working in red, white and blue, but I have always admired the two-color Burgoyne Surrounded quilts so maybe I will just copy you.

Linda P

Be still my heart - love the fabrics!!
Just wondering how many Quilt-Alongs can a girl do?? I trying hard to keep up already! But hey, you only live once - who cares that you have other duties??? LOL!! I'm not worn out yet!
Smoochies to Rosie!

Ramona Chester

When I first read about this on Lissa's site, French General reds and greys were the first thing that popped into my mind too - I guess great minds do think alike! Give my love to Rosie!


Love the new header. Just stopped by to see Rosie actually. My dog passed away almost three years ago and I'm going this weekend to the shelter I got Callie from to see if I might be ready and willing to see about bringing a snuggle bunny home with me. I love to stop in and see Rosie's picture. She looks like such a sweetie and I know from you she is. Your quilts are gorgeous too! I love your work!


It is a winner already. Before you even sew a stitch. Fabulous collection of fabric! I usually treat myself to a new magazine when I go on a trip and since my plane ticket says I am travelling on Dec. 4th, I will be haunting the magazine stands on the third, and I am pretty sure I know what I will be reading while winging my way home. Looking forward to seeing the results.


Lovely pattern and love ur fabric selection! Wud luv to quilt along but plan to start ur Amadeus quilt pattern (Thrilled I was able to find one at Primitive Gatherings) using the Josephine collection (very similar palette to ur French General) and have three others on the go, so (sob) cannot quilt along, but will be eagerly watching for pix. Best to you and Rosie.

Nancy in Utah

Hi Carrie, Just wanted to let you know you have been in my thoughts and also wanted to take a minute between rolls and other dishes to wish you a most blessed Thanksgiving. Sending big hugs for you and of course those extra scratches for Rosie...


Mmm---French General, j'adore! That's a happy, pretty quilt and I look forward to your version---I know heaps of others have said this already, but I really love the little change you made you Thimbleblossoms 'round and round' quilt. (Hazle wants Instagram, but no can haz. Is 'incompatible with my device' apparently. *pouts* *stamps foot*);-)
Wishing you every good thing, and ear ruffles for Rosie.

Fran MacPhail

All of this newer technology leaves me lost. How can I follow your French General quilt? I have tons of that fabric and I think this one will be lovely? I have Facebook and then draw the line to the others. Thanks.

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