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December 24, 2013


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Miss Jean

I hadn't seen that, Carrie. Thank you for sharing. I hope you, your family and Rosie have the best and most blessed Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year!


Thanks so much for sharing Misunderstood. I saw it on TV, but never watched the whole thing. Wishing you and Rosie and your special brother a very Merry and Happy Christmas. It's going to be a little hard this year, but I send you a big hug [[[[ ]]]]


Ramona Chester

Thanks that was beautiful. Merry Christmas to you and sweet Rosie.

Debbie Idzikowski

Merry Christmas, Carrie and Rosie!
Yes, that's our favorite Christmas commercial this year too. God Bless!!

Anne Bryson

Thanks for the tears!

I know this year will be hard for you, but your Mom would want you to celebrate for her too.

Merry Christmas!


Thanks for the tissue warning.


Oh I LOVE that commercial, too. SO SWEET! Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas, Carrie and Rosie!


I give the little video a miss---am tearful at the drop of a hat recently. Many blessings to you this Christmas, Carrie and Rosie! *hugs* Hazle


Merry Christmas to you and Rosie (and the World's Best Brother) from Auntia/Melissa and me!!!

p.s. - we miss your mom; she was such a Sweet Woman and we loved her from long distance

Mary Val

Oh so very sweet! thank you for sharing it. Merry Christmas to you and all your family, hugs and big wet kisses to Miss Rosie from Mr. Bear and Murphy.

Amanda Ashton

Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years to you and Rosie - from the other side of the pond ( where we are complete suckers for Golden Retrievers!) have a great time.


Merry Christmas, Carrie and Rosie! Wishing for you a day full of blessings! xo


Thank you Carrie and Rosie for lifting my Christmas spirits to an even higher degree!! Merry Christmas to both of you!!

Laurie K

Merry Christmas Carrie and Rosie!!

Sharon P

I love that commercial.
Merry Christmas Miss Rosie and Carrie.

Ann in NC

Rosie is such a good sport, priceless photo! Our dog was never fond of her antlers, but would tolerate them just long enough for a photo and a treat! With all you have been through, I hope you find a special way to spend Christmas.

Karen Miller

Merry Christmas ladies... thanks for sharing yourselves with us...

Debra K. Masek

Wishing you the happiest the season brings…Carrie and Rosie! Thanks for sharing the commercial…I don't watch television so it was especially heartwarming! So glad you shared! If I could get my 3 4-legged canines to sit still at the same time we would share a photo…not going to happen!!! HUGS!

Linda H

Well, you did it! Made me cry on Christmas!! I also love that commercial and actually WATCH it every time it is on TV. Makes me tear up each time, too! My best friend from first grade lost her mom over the Holidays; I have been trying to console her as best I can ... I hope that you have a nice Christmas and know that although your mom isn't with you she's never far away. God bless and Happy Birthday Jesus!


Yes, I did cry! We don't watch much tv so this was the first time I had seen this commercial. Merry Christmas to you!!

Loris Mills

What a sweet video. and what a gorgeous picture of sweet Rosie. Thank you both for sharing her beautiful face with us :-)
Merry Christmas!

Linda P

Very sweet, but I guess I should have saved it for another day - first time in 40yrs I have not seen my daughter on Christmas day. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic.
My best to you and your best gal. L. xo


Omigosh, I just discovered that commercial yesterday, and it is absolutely WONderful! In fact I even posted it to my FB timeline. I've really been missing my dad this year, for some reason, and he's been gone 22 years. I'm sure you're missing your mom bunches this year, too, so thank goodness for Rosie! God bless you both this blessed season.

Liz A.

that is such a GREAT commercial. I also love the K-mart Joe Boxers....but then, once upon a time my dh used to play handbells. I hope that the New Year brings you nothing but joy and happiness.

Deb (NZ)

Merry Christmas Carrie and Rosie. Hoping that your Christmas day is not too sad being the first without your Mum. Know that she will always be there within your heart and watching all that is going on. I can imagine Rosie loving the christmas wrapping and keeping your spirits alive.
Great ad for the holidays.
Best wishes to all for 2014, a new year and the beginning of a new journey for all.

Mary Ann

All the best for the new year Carrie and Rosie. We are all thinking with sweet memories of your Mom this holiday and we know she is smiling down on you all.

Linda H

OMGosh .... I just love, love, love that face!!


Hope your Christmas was wonderful, different but wonderful.


Such a great ad thanks for sharing

Andrea Kelter

Merry Christmas, Carrie and Rosie. Hope you had a warm and wonderful Christmas, and every happiness to you in the new year. I read your December 24th post, and loved the "Misunderstood" video. Then read that your favourite Christmas carol may be "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and decided to attach this link for you. Don't know if you have ever heard of Libera, the British boys choir - but whether you have or haven't, you're in for the most beautiful listening experience if you follow the link. And yes, you'll probably need to have some Kleenex handy, there is something about the purity of these voices that touches the soul. Enjoy...


Merry Christmas! I had not seen that video. I should have taken your advise and had tissue handy. I look forward to following you and more schnibbles this year. Happy New Year!


Carrie, the Apple commercial is my absolute FAVORITE, probably all-time fav...it reminds me of when my kiddos were little and we would be at my parents...tons of chaos and fun!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Rosie!


Nice video! Thank you! I needed this more than you know. Happy New Year!

Ann in PA

Miss Rosie looks absolutely adorable - what's not to love about a Golden! Thank you for sharing the video. May your New Year be filled with happiness and sweet memories and lots of schnibbles.


That Apple commercial is my favourite too and that's my very favourite Christmas song as well. Rosie is just adorable in all the photos you post of her, but with that Santa hat, oooh, priceless!
Hope you had a lovely Christmas and your New Year will be Happy,
Healthy and Creative with lots more schnibbles. Thank You.


I wanted to watch the apple video, but it is private now. Darn.

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