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December 23, 2013


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Ramona Chester

I was kind of surprised you didn't use the greys in the circle and just cross it with the reds. That is what I am considering when I get around to starting on this fabulous quilt. Still the all red/pink looks awesome. Merry Christmas to my favorite pattern designer and her wonder pup - Rosie!


Your blocks are beautiful! It has been so fun seeing them come to life on Instagram...and of course I can't wait to see what you change up on the sashing! Merry Christmas!

Mary Ann

Just lovely, looking for the next installment!


I find myself nodding along with so much you say. :-) I too love the serene elegance of the FG greys with red. Steam and starch? Oh yes! Your quilt will be a beauty, and now I wonder how you change the sashing. Oh! Also, your post title made me think 'git along, little doggies'. Always you give me a smile. :-)


This is going to be beautiful! I'm still deciding on a color scheme and fabric choices and I find this very appealing.


So far yours is the only version I like - would make. 😄


It is good to see you are a rebel with the sashing too. Your blocks are looking gorgeous.


How can I follow your blog?


I have this same fabric and think it is lovely! Your blocks look great and I prefer the change from the original. I'm not a clipper, but wouldbe willing to try. Can you show where you have clipped. I'm unable to tell from the pictures. May be looking right at it but not seeing. Thanks,

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