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December 11, 2013


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Lisa Mikel

My family and quilting brings me joy! Happy Holidays! I love your Figgy Pudding quilt!


I've never been first to comment on a blog post before; I'm usually one of the last. Anyway, my family and friends (I know those are two "things" but I can't follow directions, either) have brought me joy this year.
Happy Holidays!

Judy BL

This past year, as always, my biggest Joy is my husband. He loves that I enjoy quilting and supports all my projects - admiring each one and actually wanted to know what a "scant 1/4 seam" was!!

Lee Anna

Hi Carrie,

Hoping you and Miss Rosie are both doing well! What would we do without our furry, four-footed friends? I don't know... what I'm grateful for this year?
My sister... we're best friends as well as sisters.
My brother-in-law, a kind man
My brothers and their families...
My Cats and my dog, Emma
My new job (as of May), I'm so darned lucky!
Thanks - Please pick me!!
Lee Anna

Linda Kay

In reflecting on who has brought me the most Joy this year I have to say my husband. It's been a difficult year with several surgeries, procedures, and frustrations but my husband has been so supportive and helpful. And he's done it with a lot of humor which lightens everything. I hope that 2014 will be a good year for everyone!


My six-year-old nephew brings me joy. It's great fun to see the world through his eyes.


My husband always brings me joy. He is wonderful and I'm blessed to have him. Also, my sweet little 94, almost 95 year old mother who I'm also blessed to have in my life. Merry Christmas!


I have moved and my new community is bringing me new joy, I have found many volunteer activities including sewing for our regional NICU that receives over 600 preemies every year. I am blessed with good health to give back to those who are not.
Thanks so much for the chance to win.
Merry Christmas to all.

Gloria Galiana

My husband brings me the greatest joy. He is always there for me and supporting me. He has the greatest calming effect on me after I've had a hard day at work. He is my best friend! Thanks for the giveaway. Merry Christmas!

Patti Levine

I am so thankful for my wonderful husband and beautiful daughter and my quilting buddies Wendy and Rusty who are like sisters to me. Without all of these beautiful people, life would not be as joyful!


I am very blessed, with a beautiful daughter and understanding husband, sweet kitties, a wonderful home with all kinds of cool nature just steps outside my door. And of course quilts, and quilty friends, and being able to spend almost everyday doing at least a little bit of quilty stuff. It all brings me joy!


Oh Carrie, your post about JOY, brought tears to my eyes! What a blessing you bring to others! My family and friends bring me joy. I really do love the Figgy Pudding quilt. Happy Holidays!


My husband! He says things like 'you haven't been in your sewing room very much lately. How can I help? Or we'Dr going on our trip in two days. Have you found the quilt shops yet?' Joy is all around if we take the time to look but he has brought joy into my life for 40 years. Thanks for the giveaway!


My sister in law brings me joy :) I never guessed when I married my husband that I would be getting a best friend as well :)

Auntie Pami

I read your post on Moda's site today while at the dr.'s office. I got teary eyed. thanks for that. I miss my Dad terribly. Mom is still here (up near Seattle). My joy is having my husband home (retired now) and we are in our first house. You know how much I love Schnibbles. I was unpacking and found one of my first ones! Uncle laughed when I said I had forgotten about it (remember, my life has been in boxes a while) and it is going up on wall! And, I'm making cookies this week, found my kitchen aid mixer. Now if I could find the bowl and beater part. Thanks for the opportunity!


My Poky Puppy has brought me joy this year. Both my girls are off to college and he just knew I was a little sad. So, he has been extra cuddly and attentive, knowing I needed a little picking up.

Tammy E

The person who has brought me great joy this year and for the last 29 years is my husband. But especially the past 3 years as I have been battling bladder cancer and he's been battling an aggressive prostate cancer, we have brought each other much joy through the struggles and kept each others spirits high. I am grateful to have such a wonderful man in my life.

Angelia L.

My husband and two sons bring me joy. Even though my husband lost his job over 18 months ago because of a bank merger, he has the best attitude and doesn't let it get him or us down. I also get great joy in watching our two sons grow into wonderful responsible men. Merry Christmas!!


My greatest joy this year came out of a trip to my childhood hometown to see my brother get married. I got to be with my whole family and hug them, meet an inspiring and amazing new sister-in-law, and see what truly incredible people my husband and two oldest children are as they held down the fort while I was gone. The separation and reunions on both ends held so much joy.

SueAnn Wirick

What has brought me the most joy, personally are the 2 wiener dogs who watch over me each day. Under the sewing table they follow me down the stairs and don't try and beat me down so there is no chance of falling. 3 years ago I fell on black ice and tore up the just replaced knee. I had a long recovery and they were always right there with me....they even came to the nursing home to visit. I don't think there were 3 happier beings when I came home.

Glenna Walker

Wow, like you I have to think about what joy is as opposed to happy. Is there really a difference?
My family brings me joy. The service work I do with others. The furry creatures who live at my house and love me no matter what. Lots and lots of joy in my life.


My family is my constant joy, and now I have a new grand puppy to add to the mix. We get to meet her for the first time at Christmas.

Grammi Sharon

I have several people who have brought me lots of JOY this year which includes my husband, children, grandchildren, and friends. But mostly want to give credit to my mother-in-law who stepped in with her love and companionship when I lost my mother way too soon. She raised four very young children when her husband suddenly died and is very cherished by her family for her strength and loving care. She is now dealing with dementia and surrounded by such care as she deserves.

Melissa Gerber

My son has brought me tremendous joy this year. He is a Senior in High School and doing lots of fun things. Being a percussionist in the school band bring lots of music into our house. And performing in the school plays brings a lot of drama -- both good and bad!

Karen in Breezy Point

Your post on the Moda blog was so touching to me. My mom had a stoke on Halloween and has been hospitalized since then. She is making a little progress toward getting back to her old self, and seeing that brings me a bit of joy everyday.

Jan Taylor

This year the smile on my 94 year old Dad's face is bringing me so much joy. He is on hospice, but still tells the ladies how beautiful they are. I am very blessed. Joy comes in so many ways. The best comes deep from your heart. Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to you and Rosie! My joy has come from my family this year. My husband has some very trying times with his health so it's been a rough year, we will look forward to 2014. Our greatest joy is our one and only granddaughter who turned three in August. She spends nearly every Saturday with us, and she is so bright and cheerful you can't help but smile and laugh no matter how bad the day/year may be going.

Ann in PA

I am grateful for my family...my sweet hubby, four kids and four grandkids who all get along, have fun, love & support each other...and 4 granddogs-can't forget those sweet paw-pals. LOL Much as I LOVE cookies, I LOVE Figgy Pudding even more...if I win I'd get M&S Winter Collection because I wouldn't want to change a thing about it.


My quilting friends and my grandsons always bring me joy.

Susan Stanton

My wonderful children and grandchildren bring me so much joy! They always have fun things for us to do together. I also have the most wonderful friends that keep me active and bring joy and friendship into my life.

Deb G. in VA

My husband brings me joy, along with my family, friends, and of course my furry friend Snickers!


Hi Carrie!

Finding only one thing that has brought me joy this year is so difficult. I am blessed to have my family around me, and four wonderful grandchildren. So, most of the joy comes from those babies when I walk into a room and the youngest shouts Grandma! and comes running is the best kind of joy there is. However, our Shelby had a litter of ten little labs on October 6th and puppies bring nothing but joy. So...I have been blessed. Finally my quilting brings me great joy as I play with color and shapes. And your patterns, dear girl have always brought me joy! Thanks for creating such wonderful designs, and keep on, keeping on!


My family give me great joy. Even though most of my children live far away now, it gives me so much joy making things for them, especially quilted items. I think of them with each stitch, and somehow it brings them closer.
Thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful quilt!
Joyous Christmas wishes!


Wow! So glad I found your wonderful blog and this post is wonderful. Hard to pick just one thing that brings me joy, especially at this time of year. But if I had to pick just one, it would be my 13 grandchildren. 7 boys and #14 (due in February) will make it 7 girls. How's that for perfection! Though the past has cancer, deaths accidents etc. in it, it's easy to focus on the present and look forward to the future when I consider my many, many blessings. pollyhada@gmail.com


My two loving and devoted cats bring me much joy. They are constantly curious and cheerful in nature. They always amaze and amuse me! What a wonderful giveaway! I'd love some Figgy Pudding! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and I'm sending a big hug to Miss Rosie!


Easy Peasy, my mother brings me joy. She fell and broke
her hip this summer and it has been touch and go while she recuperates in a nursing home. I can't imagine Christmas without her and fortunately we don't have to. It is just amazing how much we take our health for granted. Anyway,
have a Merry Christmas.


My family brings be joy! I am thankful for them each and every second on the day. Have a Happy Holiday season.
Thanks for the chance to win the beautiful quilt

Beth T.

My nieces have brought me an incredible amount of joy. Having them in my life is one of the sweetest gifts their mother ever gave me, and I continue to be grateful and feel her presence even now, when she's been gone for an unbelievable ten years. In some ways, on some days, I feel like we are each carrying on for her, and we're doing it together. Oh, it must be the holidays; I'm getting soft and teary.

Nancy B from Many LA

My first grandchild was born 5 weeks ago - Hannah brings me great joy!

Karen McMahon

My husband brings great joy. This year has brought so many changes in my life and he has stepped up with help and support in so many ways! Now with 3.kids in college and the youngest a junior in high school we are starting to get peeks at life with an empty nest. I am so lucky that I know that chapter will be filled with joy because of my wonderful husband!


What brings me joy? My family, over and over and over again.

Andrea Kelter

Hi Carrie and Rosie...Merry Christmas! Who or what brings me joy? So many people, places, creatures, things...it's so much easier to make a list of what doesn't bring joy. But here goes, anyway. My daughter, Alex. A precious gift nearly 26 years ago, she has filled my days with love and laughter. My wonderful dogs, Tyler and Luther, both rescues and with no reason to trust anyone - their love is always unconditional and unwavering. It is humbling to be the best thing that happens in their day, every day, when I come home from work. My close and special friends - they know who they are - for their acceptance of me, warts and all. And, of course, my family...who raised me to become the person I am. The Bay of Fundy, and the whales and sea creatures who call Fundy "home". Allan, Sarah and Elsie - for the "Fundy days" - they make my cup overflow...Dr. Corey - for being the best summer buddy aboard the boat. And the list goes on... (See what I mean...much shorter to do a "no joy" list)...


My family always brings me joy, but also this year a dear friend found her true love and married at 43. It was the thrill of the year to watch it all unfold...and then help in all the fun wedding hullabaloo.


Beautiful quilt, love the colors! This year I changed job. I really like my former collegues, and see them as friends, and miss them alot. But I also discovered that my new collegues are just great! I think I'll have a fun year with them. And now I also can walk to my job, instead of commuting for 3 hours per day! Gives me more time for quilting!!!


I love your figgy pudding quilt and would love to add it to my Christmas decorations.
My DH made my day just recently. He bought me a christmas gift and couldn't even wait to give it to me. Worse than a kid on christmas morning. The funny thing is, he didn't really know what it was he bought, only that it was fabric and he liked the name of the line. It was a jelly roll. He was so excited about it. It still makes me smile.

Debbie G

What I am so thankful this year is the birth of my first grandson Jackson Joseph! What a joyful feeling he adds to our family! My life has been filled with so many blessings in 2013!! Merry Christmas to you and Rosie.

Melanie D

Besides my family bringing me joy, I must say that since retiring, quilting has brought me such joy! Filling the spare hours with creating and amazing finishes brings me a sense of joy I didn't have before.

Jean K

Our grandchildren were here over Thanksgiving, and they always give me such JoY. They are always happy to see us, even as they are becoming teenagers. When grandchildren are happy to be with you, that is so special. Our puppy, Oliver, brings us a "ton" of joy every day :) Your patterns always bring me joy, too. Merry Christmas to you:)

Denise Monday

Everything brings me joy! I am thankful to still have both parents, both in-laws, my husband, both children, a new granddaughter, and we all have pretty good health....so each and every day is a blessing. Oh, and of course my quilting makes me happy as well.

Mary C.

I know I should say my husband brings me joy - he mostly does :) - but kicking my grown up son's butt in football wagers really brings me joy~!! I will be very joyous when he steps off the plane next week so I can tease him about it in person.
Merry Christmas Carrie & Rosie~!

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