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December 23, 2013


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Dear Carrie! :-) Always your posts raise my spirits! Congratulations to Terrie on winning your schnibble---how could she not love it?
Where I am now, is Christmas eve and so I take the opportunity to wish you and yours a contented Christmas. I'll pop back later, to witness your miracle. ;-)
Hazle ♥


Merry Christmas to you and Rosie!


Keep 'em coming Carrie!

Mary Ann

Congrats to Terri! It's not quite Christmas Eve here but I am done in with the prep. Tomorrow some last wrapping and baking off cookies. A houseful of little people on Wednesday, can't wait! Merry Christmas Carrie and special hugs to Rosie.


Merry Christmas to you and Rosie!

Sinta Renee

I am just catching up here! Hats off to you for tackling the popcorn removal! I would have been dragging my feet too. I am making a mental note about the tip John gave you! Can't wait to see "after" photos! A redu... merry MERRY Christmas to you!


Oh my a finished garage! I admite your ability to stick to it. My daughter is good at helping but I find it a role reversing situation, all I want to do is pout, roll my eyes and be uncooperative. Happy New Year!!

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