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December 02, 2013


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That book and ruler look like so much fun! Sincerely,
Georgette Hawthorne.


Just call me Sugar Glitz-Hooter...oh my! I could probably get a job with that name...LOL!

Lynne @ boutschoisis

I'm Heidi Leathertower - pleased to meet you Starr! Thanks for the chance to win a prize. If this is as good as Raquelle's last book - it's a winner!


Raquelle Sunnysizzle here - I love strip piecing.


That would be Phoenix Mowat. Unless you count fish, but I don't know that I ever named my fish.

Karen Watkins

My name would be Korky Terrace! Not a great name, but it's unique. I love the Flip Flop quilt. I would enjoy using the ruler and book for my next charity quilt! Maybe I should change my name to Charity!


I'm Candy Heavenhooter! And I'd love to make some of these triangle quilts!

Amanda Ashton

Good grief, I'm Chesty Sparklejugs! Not sure I really wanted to know that - but the book looks great!


Sapphire Lusty Sizzle checking in ………..

That's all I have to say.

Laurie in Iowa

What fun... Sapphire Glitz Bomb... now just to live up to that name. The book looks like a good one.


Strip piecing is the way for me now...I have to large of a stash, it must be reduced. Would love to win a copy of this book and ruler to aid in my stash reduction! Thanks


Forgot my stripper name....it would be Fantasia Glitzthighs...appropriate. Thanks for the chance.

Michelle F.

Here goes...Starr Glitterthong! Would love to win the book. Take care.


The book and ruler look like must-haves! My mind is whirling with fabric possibilities! (Well, it whirls a lot anyway, but that's another story.) Thanks for the chance - from a boring Penny Pine.


I sure like her first book and this one looks even better!!! As for a stripper name, I'm so dang shy and would likely giggle. So maybe something simple like LACKS LUSTER GIGGLES! Now I'm sure all day ill be thinking of what I should have called my inner vixen self! LOL

Pam P

Princess Glitter-Brook?? Lol - Or Angel Water?? Hahaha!! Thanks, that was fun :) And thanks for the chance to win such a generous giveaway.


Hmmm...it appears I'm really Sugar Dazzlelick. Oh My!!!!

Becky S

My name... Starr Velvet Hooter. Looks like a fun book and ruler! Thanks for the chance to win.


Jade Heavenside or Lola Heavenside? Not too exciting..... The ruler and book look exciting!

Nancy in Utah

Hmmmm...my name would be "Tiny Camino Real"! Not very fetching is is, LOL. The new book and ruler look like 'must haves' to me! I am completely smitten with that last photo of the star being made of colorful strips! Big Hugs...

Debbie angle

Conquering triangles sing me up! Looks like a great book.


I'm Fantasia Thongtower, although you won't be seeing that one up in lights anytime soon. Thanks for the review and the giveaway.


Ha! My stripper name would be Bambi Glitzhooter. What a hoot! Yes, I would love the new book, ruler, etc. and I love to strip.


Sugar Glittershock. Always love learning new techniques.


I would be Bousha Dulcinea! Thanks for the chance to win!

Ila K.

Chesty Glitterkiss... LOL! This looks like a fun tool/book

Jane Handy

Heidi Leatherridge! This looks like a wonderful book!


Heidi Heaventhighs....lol

Mary Kastner

Princess Blackbell (I have my reasons). I keep looking at my stash and thinking I should try this striping thing. The book looks good and the tool interesting as well. Thank you for the chance to win.


Susan Rizzi

My stripper name would be "Sparkle Lustyjuice". OMG!

I love that page and will have to go back and figure out my friends' names. The book and ruler look very interesting and I wouldn't mind being the winner.

Thanks for the give-a-way,

Becky in KCMO

Let's see - the cat was named Prissy, the street Hollabird - how about Prissy Hollybird? Thanks for a fun post. I will be looking for this book and ruler - to buy as I don't win things.


Heidi Glitz Rock....love anything that "Raquelle" does!


Just call me Susie Q! I'd love to win that book and prize pack!


Season's Greetings from Ms. Dallas Glitteridge! Whoa, boy! This is just too fun, Carrie..oh, sorry...Starr!! I would LOVE to get down off my pole and spend some quality time sewing instead of grinding! Thank you for the chance to take a break and put some clothes on!! giggling...


What a great giveaway!

Ruth Bryant

The book and ruler sound like great additions for me or any quilter
Blinky Ridgewood is my name :)


Lola Lustybrook here and I LOVE stripping! Strip piece quilting is great too :)

Jane Coleman

Just call me Passion LaFleur ! Would love this new ruler and Kathy's book. She came to my guild recently - cool! Geaux Tigers!


Amos Sherwood?? What a crazy name :0) That looks like a pretty cool ruler! Thanks for the chance!


Hmmm, using the pet method: Jeep 155th St isn't much of a name... :) But I would still love the book and ruler!


I'm Sugar HeavenThighs - oh my. I've never been a real stripper but once upon a time taught exercise classes in a health club. While in the grocery store one day saw a student in the aisle, I said "hi" and he looked up, paused and said (very, very loudly) "Marcella! I didn't recognize you with your clothes on!" A hush spread across the store, I swear even the muzak turned off. I about died! It was not that kind of exercise class, honest.


My name would be Montana Heavenshock or Calvin Canterbury. Thanks for the chance to win. I love reading your posts!


What a great looking book. I've seen these rulers at the quilt shows, but never have tried one. I guess my name would be Duchess Currycove :-)

Sue S

Oh gosh this was a hoot -- from Candy Dazzlekiss or using pet's names Molly Kimberly. LOL! What a great chance to win a wonderful book. And WHAT an interesting ruler! Thanks.


Thank you for the giveaway. Those are some wonderful patterns. I'll bet they go together quickly.
Heidi Silver-ridge.


Mh stripper logo would be Heidi 52. Not sure what that could mean, but oh well. Your block looks absolutely festive. And you are a hoot! I'd love the chance to win the ruler and "stuff". Thank you...


So funny!
According to the pet/street method mine would be:
Jingles First


Spotty Holland here. Has a nice ring to it, but definitely not congering up an alluring image. Unless one was thinking of fabric (is there anything else on our minds anyway?) and then I think it's a rather appealing name after all.
Thanks for the giveaway.


I would be Sugar Silver-Thong or Barney Route 1. I guess I'll stick with Sugar! What a fun blog post! This looks like a fun book to have around. Thanks.

Karen L.

Great quilts! Are you adding Time to the package? Thanks for all the great inspiration!
Karen L.

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