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January 04, 2014


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Love, Love, Love the quilt! You are amazing!


As always a great looking quilt! Feel your pain about your mother board for your washer. Lost mine several years ago and ouch, there went $200! Looking forward to another year of great and funny blog posts from you!!


Love it! Thanks for providing all the info, I want one now too :)


That's a lot of charms? I like this, I may have to try it.

Karen Miller

Carrie - I'm thinking I would rather jump in the lake at 35 degrees than make 280 HST. YOU however make it look simple AND beautiful! The master piecer. Congrats it's really pretty. Karen on Keuka

pam hansen

May your hope to quilt and blog more come true and that would be marvelous for your fans/followers.
The hst quilt is great, but I agree with Karen on Keuka that it's to much for me. Can't wait to see your APQ in all that glorious French General.
Happy New Year,

Debbie Miner

Love it!!!

Lynne @ boutschoisis

Happy New Year - may all your "infinite possibilities" materialise in 2014. That is a gorgeous quilt!

Marie-Odile MOM Quilts

Really GREAT quilt !
I'd like to play the HST game too ! Maybe with my quilting friends.
And YES, please post more often. Everyday, I come and see what's new. You are my little sunshine in the morning.

Mary Ann

Such a fun project to end the year with! I am just getting back to hst after wandering in the land of simple projects for a few months. There is something so satisfying about great piecing and the thrill when you don't lose your points ( not that that ever happens..lol). Happy 1st week of the new year!

Linda H

Lovely quilt and I think I'm going to love that new line of fabric ... can't wait! Happy New Year to you as well ... all the gifts, blessings and joys of the coming year to you and Miss Rosie. Also love the "clean slate" feel of a new year ... new hopes, dreams, expectations, anticipations ... endless possibilities! Be well ... trying to stay warm in Northern Michigan ... heading to the quilt room to do just that! Linda

Kathy McDonald

Oh, how I love this quilt! I love everything about it. The colors are delicious, and your blocks are so much fun. Really great, Carrie! This one is going on my list of projects. Happy New Year, and thanks for the inspiration.

Liz A.

Beautiful--I love the cool colors of this quilt. I've recommended thie blocks in this video to our small quilt group that makes charity quilts. Lots of fun possibilities here.

Here's to a Happy New Year--you're not the only one wo had a stressful year. Give Miss Rosie a cookie for me.

Debby Warthen

Was your background all the same? Did that come out to about 2 packs of charm squares? Love the scrappy look and want to try it, but I like my "scrappy" to match!

Thanks so much! Have a great day

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