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January 10, 2014


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Frequently, I find you put down so neatly what I feel, but is too nebulous for me to express. I am about the same streamlining as yourself, and yes, is scary but preparation for new paths is necessary, no? :-) I can only add, you *are* original, you do work hard and deserve to enjoy! All good wishes,


I like your plan for 2014. I think I'll borrow it. I have also started to simplify, but I have a long way to go. Baby steps.

Melissa Corry

I am so excited for a chance to get to meet you at Market. I can't wait ;) Oh, and your bee block went in the mail yesterday :)

Marie-Odile MOM Quilts

This is a good Schedule for 2014 so you know what ? I am going to embroider these words as a red work and pin them in the kitchen so I can see them in the morning at breakfast and keep them in mind all day long !


Great choices. It is scary to do size, I should have done more before the move. But I'm donating to The Welcome To America Project in Scottsdale. Hope they have a big truck.

Lisa Vancor

Must be in the air... I have my house cleaned to a sparkle by Molymaids, Yay, contacted some friends I let slip away, gave away everything I do not wear, hate, can't eat and in general am sick of and will never finish....

Have a great year, you are an inspiration to me.

Lisa, No. CA

Mary Kastner

Sounds like a plan to me. I like the inspirational words. Market !!! You will be welcomed there I am sure. have a great time. Happy new Year to you and Rosie.



Sounds like a wonderful plan and one that I should follow. I need to definitely reduce - get rid of clothes that no longer fit, continue on my weight loss journey so I can have knee replacement, and definitely get rid of all of the fabric/kits that I no longer have any desire to complete. I'm sure I can find someone that would be delighted to have some of my stash, and put it to good use. Heck, I'll never finish everything I have, not even in two or three lifetimes. Thanks for the inspiration and I'm glad to hear you'll be going to market, I'm sure you've missed seeing the other folks.


I may frame those words and hang them on my wall! What great inspiration to help us be productive, focused, and happy.

Archie The Wonder Dog

I could do with simplifying the things in my loft (for a start!) - I may have a spring clean if I can persuade my brother to carry it all down for me! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do this year!


That sounds like a good plan for 2014. I think I'll try some of that too :-) The simplify-cleaning out part is where I need to start. Good for you for paring down and simplifying things :-)

Linda P

I'm usually all about planning and writing on a nice clean calendar, and for some reason feel out of sorts to do it. We do have a trip planned for Del and then on to MA after March. I am definitely weeding out a bunch of stuff this year.

Mary Ann

I wrote those down too Carrie! They are at the top of my 2014 Project plan. I always achieve more when I write down what I want to do...leaving room for the serendipitous!


Think I'll adopt your thoughts for 2014. I love them. Funny today I've been cleaning out my workroom also.......so much clutter that I'll never use. Today it was lovely to see some empty spaces on the shelves.


Great words of wisdom. What I need to work on most is the "be inspired" part - and follow-up on that inspiration!


In other words, play!


Thank you so much for sharing this with us! If it didn't totally contrdict the "Be Original" part I would copy you ver batim! But instead I will try to complete a few similar tasks, and do it my way! :) Would love to be at market here in Pittsburgh this year, but unfortunately the LQS owner that I accompanied the last time it was here in the Burgh has closed up shop, and doesn't need my help. 9If you would like a helper in your booth I would be glad to volunteer! Market is an atmosphere unlike any other!) Enjoy your journey through 2014!


Love it; thanks for sharing! I think it goes without saying that creative folks work hard. Seems like being involved inspires and gets those creative juices flowing. And, lastly love Simplify - it makes one feel really good to see and know we have organized and tidied up.


You should make that a wall are for your sewing room. You know the removable letters to keep you inspired all year


Wall are that is...... Can't spell!


Damn auto correct! Wall art! Third time is the charm

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