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January 17, 2014


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Beautiful. To all of the above. The purpose of the trip, the scenery, Rosie, the pieces, fabrics, and the quilt.

Diane Matthews

Oh, my goodness, my grandsons, son in law and I just made about the same trip from Sacramento to Asilomar and Lover's Point to scatter my daughter's ashes (pancreatic cancer). And I am doing about four different things using half square triangles! We must be born under the same sign. Aries. I love reading your blog, I feel like you are a friend. I found it from working in Oakhurst where I used to live, from a friend you know well, who blogs under the name of pink pincushion. Keep on quilting, please. Hugs to both you and Rosie. Diane Matthews

Margaret M Staunton

Your Burgoyne Surrounded is beautiful. I have wanted to make one since I bought Elizabeth Hamby Carlson's book many years ago. After seeing your quilt, I have finally started. Thank you. Margaret.

JoAnne McPherson

The Burgoyne Surrounded is just sensational. The quilting is exquisite, too--all of those feathers! I usually have a few things in the works, but I sort of freak out a bit when I get too many. I liked seeing the Clover Sunshine. Alison lives in this area and gave a program at our guild about designing fabric. She is a fun person!


That area of California is so beautiful, and even more beautiful now. xo Your projects are wonderful. I noticed your wide variety of fabric colors and styles, and I so relate. I've felt pressured through the years by others to chose a theme or color and stick with it, but I've never wanted to be boxed in. First, for me, is the fabric, and then comes the enjoyment of processing that into blocks. Then I get to the point that I know what the quilt is going to look like, and I'm ready to move on to another color combo. Oh, the what-ifs! Didn't know that you were validating me here, did you? Looking forward to seeing more of your "in the works"!


It is always fun to pop in for a peek into your quilting endeavors. I love the variety of fabric choices. I must ask...do you decorate your home with many of your quilts? What style fits you best? I've always been a Jo Morton, civil war, prim kind of quilter and this is how I decor my home. With that said, I LOVE working with some of the new happy prints but they don't go with a thing in my home.

Andrea Kelter

Rosie looks like she's enjoying the beach! What a beautiful highway - it really resembles the area I live in, near the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia - would love to insert a photo to show you, but cannot in comments.
The patterns I ordered from MRQC arrived last week - wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write a note on them - it was a lovely surprise, and much appreciated. Read the patterns, they are exciting - cannot wait to try them.
Your APQ quilt is stunning, and whoever did the longarm quilting brought all your beautiful piecing to life in a spectacular way - just love. love, love the feathers.
Thought I had a bunch of projects going, but compared to your load, I'm not even on the radar! Looking forward to what's coming next from you and Rosie!
P.S. Your mother is in the most beautiful spot, I cannot help but believe she is smiling.


I'm the same way as you. Overstimulated by Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram! I also need all those hours, months and days to finish everything I have started or want to start! LOL!! I lost my mom around the same time you did. I'm thinking of a trip to the cemetery today to visit.


Thank you so much! I now know I have a diagnosable condition that I'll never be able to cure! LOL!


Love, love, love your Burgoyne Surrounded quilt. Its gorgeous. You are totally amazing with all your various projects. I envy your energy.

Mary Ann

Oh my goodness, you have inspired me today to start ironing and pressing fabric for a new project. I love projects with lots of steps and blocks but then I say to myself! get real you don't have time for this quilt! But when I see how you are juggling multiple projects without any hard deadline on some a lightbulb went off! And still room for serendipity and to fit in a deadline or too! Next weekend lots of inspiration....Road to CA and I get to be right in the middle helping the very talented Julie of JaybirdQuilts. Hugs and special kiss for Rosie.


Re: startitis. Somewhere I came across the phrase " seduced by possibilities" and at once realized that was the perfect expression of why I, at least, start so many things. Oh, the possibilities!


Oh my...I am exhausted just reading thru your list. Scary, it sounds a bit like some of my projects. Guess we just keep sewing....;;;


Speaking of piecing patterns with many pieces...your patterns can have many pieces, are challenging too, but the finished top is so worth it. I always have at least five projects in the works (at least one of your quilt patterns).

You are in good company. Every sewer/quilter I know enjoys a huge stash of fabric and a variety of in-the-works projects.

Happy 2014. I look forward to your blog, your humor and seeing your finished projects.


Glad your week with your brother was wonderful! You are truly amazing! Have a great weekend!


You are a power piecer! Your projects look great, and I can see how everything can go on overload. Glad that you were able to get away, and spend time with your brother. It's good to connect with loved ones. I hope your weekend is terrific too!

Karen Miller

Carrie you are an amazing multi-tasker! I'm loving the tone it down quilt -- very pretty. Glad you and Rosie could get back to California. I still have my dads ashes to be strewn... we've done some but not all of them - his favorite fishing spot, hiking trails... you know.

I do want to tell you how especially beautiful Rosie looks standing by the ocean. Give her a big pat on the head from us here in the Northeast -- she made me smile.

Take care now.

Linda P

What a bittersweet trip it must have been. Rosie looks like she's enjoying!
Startitis - that's me, but like you, I like having choices to work on any given day - LOL! Yes, that's exactly it! I must have at least 7 and no those aren't the UFOs, I am actually working on them.
I'm looking forward to seeing Wrens and Friends - I just like the name!
Are you only carrying PDF files of your patterns now? I know it seems funny but I do like & prefer the printed ones - :P


I have startitis, move it to a different pile(itis) and I Will finish it somedayitis. :) It is all good. What I'm wondering is just how many finished quilts you have as your works in progress are amazing!! :)

Ramona Chester

Your tone it down looks awesome. Rosie looks like she enjoyed the beach and I am sure she enjoyed visiting your brother again. I suffer from startitis too - glad you gave it a name, so now I know what to call it.


What a beautiful coastline. Have you linked these projects up with the Finish Along?

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Looks like you have some beautiful projects in the works -- and such different fabrics. I love that!

Archie The Wonder Dog

I *only* have six projects on the go at the moment, does that mean I don't (yet!) have startitis?!! I love the look of all your current projects and can't wait to see what they become!


I never tire of the pacific coast either. your mom's ashes will find peace there.

miss rosie wants to know why the heck you don't live near the beach? dogs love the cool sand and the surf. ;p


I love your coast pictures. I hope it was a beautiful trip - I'm sure bittersweet. What a great resting place for your mom. Nothing could be more perfect! Love seeing all your pictures and quilts in progress! Glad I'm not the only one with a few things going on!


Wow--lots of great looking projects in the works. I can't wait to see the finished projects!


I have such startitis. I am trying to be better about finishing my projects now that I am quilting more and more......but so many pretty patterns out there call to me......it is SO HARD!!

What a beautiful place for your mom. And so wonderful you could enjoy time with your brother. This IS what those times are for. They are certainly bittersweet.

I love love love the Tone It Down.wowza!!!! And the quilting is so pretty.

Susan W

This is a wonderful touching post. You are so brave - not just what you did for your Mother, but all those projects you've started ! And you sew fast too. How do you sew all those HSTs in such a short time. Any secrets or suggestions? I feel like I'm all fingers and creep along trying to get just one quilt finished. Love the choice of those feathers all over the "Tone it Down" quilt; they seemed to fit it very well. Thanks for sharing!


Oh Carrie. I have been so out of the loop and not reading blogs. I did not know your Mom passed away. Hugs and Prayers for you my sweet dear friend! I'm so sorry I didn't know sooner, so that I could let you know I cared! Hugs my friend and cannot wait to see you in Pittsburgh!

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