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January 07, 2014


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These quilts are certainly all looking very different. I guess that's the great thing about a quilt along. I really like how soft yours turned out. I also enjoyed hearing about your design decisions/problems. I think the cream was a good choice.


Carrie it looks marvelous! I can tell that Rosie is really liking it...love it without the grey...it flows beautifully! Great quilt!

Vikki Collumbine

Thank you for that excellent tip about clipping in to the seam, it's all these little tricks that turn a good quilt in to a great one!! I love your version! Warm wishes from Australia, vikki. :-)

Lisa D.

I love reading about your process! And the quilt is amazing. Just beautiful!

Linda P

It's beautiful!! I was thinking maybe a taupe shade may work for the sashings, I love the cream though - perfect!!
I have been playing with my girls - just the 4 of us (my daughter and 2 grands) it's been a blast but I am ready to get back to sewing and feel the withdrawal!! I also feel waaay behind!!! Is there ever a deadline? Maybe for you, but not me, I want to enjoy the process along the way, but I do need to get back to the machine.
Can't wait to see what you are up to next.
Happy New Year to you and Miss Rosie!! xo

Diane L

Great choices. I love it!


Carrie I love your version of this quilt. Your discussion of your thought process and reasons for the choices you made are so helpful to a newby quilter like me. Thank you fore sharing your amazing creativity!


It is gorgeous! No surprise there. Love, love, LOVE! What should we make next? I need a good quilt along too. How about a Toulouse along?? :-)

Nancy Ciminello

Love this red and cream - a favorite combination of mine.
Could I ask a question about a quilt in Schnibbles Times Two? I'm wondering what charm packs you used to make Plan C, the small quilt. One looks like Pot Luck by American Jane but it looks like you may have used another one as well. I love the look of this little quilt and would love to do one like it with the gingham mixed in. Thanks for your assistance.


I'm quilting along with Terry's Treasures. She is doing "Goodnight Irene". http://terrytreasures.blogspot.com/2014/01/its-time-to-sew-along-together-0.html
btw, did you sell all the extra neutrals you wrote on Instagram ???? I've been checking your shop, but never saw them on there :-(


I love it. But then again, I love French General. How about #economyblockalong?

liz n.

If it makes you feel any better, I've managed to stay true to the color palette I chose, but have changed my mind on backgrounds and sashing SEVEN times!
Really like the way you pieced your sashing, the entire quilt is beautiful!

Debbie Miner

You're a genius Carrie...love it!


I have just noticed you are in love my quilt. LOL. You are so funny.


I like the lighter colored sashing much better than the dark. I like your color choices. But I like the colors you and Thelma used in the half square triangle quilt also. I was hoping to do the quilt along and got paralyzed when it came to color choices. I still want to do it - I just have to finally decide. Hmm.. I hear a 60's song in my head now.


Love it!

Pam Thorne

This is the prettiest version I have seen so far! I love me a scrappy two color quilt! This quilt has now been added to my must make list for this year. Thank you! :)

Pam near Nashville, TN

Andrea Kelter

I think your quilt turned out beautifully. Love the tone on tone creams... Apparently, so does Rosie!


It was a difficult decision, but this is my favorite one yet!!


Loved the final product. Your quilt is gorgeous.


Well, I really really REALLY like that quilt, lol! I finally got my copy of the magazine so will put it onto my to-do list :)


it's beautiful in the end....that's what matters. ;p

Archie The Wonder Dog

I love your quilt top - it may have taken a while to find the right sashing choice but you found a terrific one!


Love your colors! I have yet to start mine. Thanks for the tips!

Laurie K

Love it!!!

Linda Hoffman Vaughn

Love it! Love your rule breaking comment!..Love your fabric choices!.. Love you!.. You are a role model in the quilt making world!!!


Love it.. It's beautiful.

Can I have it? My sister lives in Gilbert.. she'll be happy to fetch it for me.

Just sayin'



Just read your post and the detail you shared about the angle of your joins in the sashing - that sounds interesting, I thought, but Carrie... I'm not a brain at maths and stuff... those angles look like 30 degrees rather than 60 degrees? Whatever they are, the quilt looks really great, and I've just been looking at many of the other quilts in this quiltalong and some I liked, and some not so much. I enjoy your blog immensely.


Oh boy, do I ever feel silly - I should have realised that it's both, afterall - depending on which side you're coming from - the horizontal, or the vertical! Just proves that I'm not a brain at maths and stuff.

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