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February 26, 2014


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Mary Ann

You sure have been busy, I love seeing it all pop on Instagram especially that sweet Rosie. Been so very busy traveling for work this month that not much going to happen but I am already itching to try some of those mini geese...who'd thunk!


So much gorgeous stitching. Love those little geese!!!!


I love to see what you're working on! Your quilts are always so gorgeous!


Love all the quilts! Too funny about that lady, if i could totally see myself doing that :)

Andrea Kelter

Even though we've never met, I was worried by the long silence on your blog. Strange isn't it, how blogging can make people feel they are acquainted? So glad all is well (except for the allergies) and as always, your work is both incredible and inspiring! Love all the WIPs! Trying to imagine myself making flying geese out of mini-charms - YIKES!!!!

Diane H

Wonderful to see what you and Rosie have been up to. I am reminded of your kindness and generosity every time I am in my sewing room. Thank you, dear Carrie. Stay well.

Linda P

I'm really liking the Hook quilt and SpinORama, however, I'm really liking the pics of Rosie! Yes, I love seeing dogs sleeping and what they do with their funny feet (especially like they are running) and also the little tiny mustache hairs on their top lips - Why do I like silly things like that, but I take notice of it on everyone's dogs - hahaha!!
Glad to see you posting - you are missed when you stay so long away.


I like spin o rama. No clue what it means. I would never try to copy what you make without a pattern. I'm lazy that way. Besides that, I love reading your patterns.


Thanks for the sneak peaks. I'm looking forward to the new patterns. And I don't see how you could ever say no to that face. She's just adorable! Feet and all.

Sue S

You were missed! While there may be people out there that would copy a quilt from a picture, I think they're in the minority. I for one think it's SOOO much work to do all that math to figure out how big the pieces are, and how much fabric to buy. Thanks for doing that, and putting it all together with the pictures and the notes! :-)

Karen @ BadlandsQuilts

I enjoy that you share your work...the can't show you thing bugs me too. Better to not say anything than tease. I hope you are feeling better...seasonal allergies are not fun, but a fat eye after going out to eat could be a food reaction?

Mary Jo Jones

Love, love, love your blog and all you are making....it is always worth waiting for! Get better:)


Love seeing your quilts. Your truly inspiring. And, as an owner of a golden retriever myself, I agree that their feet are cute and fun to tickle.

Miss Jean

Since moving to Colorado my allergies have been out of control. To the point where I was so drugged up trying different things that I was missing appointments and my energy level was horrible. I finally went to the allergist. He didn't recommend shots as he thinks it's too much of a time/finance commitment. He has me taking two Claritin twice a day. That's more than the box suggests but he said it's safe. Voila! No allergies. If I stop taking them the allergies come back. (Buy the house brand at Walmart - much cheaper). Maybe it would work for you. Hugs to Rosie.

Liz A.

wow -- busy, busy, busy. at least you have something to show for it all. i can so sympathize about the allergies. my right eye has been doing the same thing. this is our first year here in the arid climate of central washington and i think my allergies are even worse than over the hill on the rainy, seattle side -- who'da thunk? love the little flying geese, what a great idea. i've been staring at several charm packs i've picked up but was clueless what to do with them. flying geese never crossed my mind. wish somebody would send all their cleaning bugs my way....i could sure use a dose of it.

Linda H

Phew! Glad you are back ... missed you! LOVE the quilt pictures and am excited for the new patterns. BEST was the picture of Rosie's feet. My Sadie Anne (a rescue) has the most ADORABLE feet ... she won't let you touch/massage them but they are delightful to look at ... especially when she's asleep. So fun to watch her run and hunt in her sleep with the feet moving. She also has an underbite so when you look at her you see her small, white, straight teeth on the bottom sticking out a little. I could just squeeze her to death sometimes!!


Thanks for sharing what you've been working on and letting us know what fabrics you've been using. Every time I see one of your projects I want to make one exactly like it (except the pineapple one--it's lovely but I'm intimidated by it). By the time I get to making the quilt I usually go off in my own direction. But I really do like the first quilt in this post...


I've been watching you on instragram, love seeing what you're working on. You have such an eye for fabric selection, it's amazing...keep up the good work!

Sinta Renee

The Goodwill story is so funny! I probably would have done the same! You are definitely the Mad Hatter of quilting... I can understand why Rosie is begging for a treat! I love the new projects and I am so glad now (because I had been feeling guilty over buying April Showers FQ bundle) to see that I now have a purpose for it!!! Now, stop reading and go back to sewing!


So glad to see/hear from you again! Love to see how busy and productive you've been, and looking forward to seeing more soon.

Nancy in Utah

So good to hear from you Carrie! I adore everything you showed us this time...but then, I can't think of any of your patterns that I don't adore, LOL. Also love the pictures of Rosie's feet and that adorable "treat time" face, which I'm getting right now from my little Sadie Jo. So on that note, I'll stop rambling. Hope you get your allergies under control quickly. Big hugs to you and Rosie both...

Nancy in Utah

Forgot to mention that had I been in the line at Goodwill, I would have been out of my car in a flash when I saw your boxes of fabric being unloaded! Quilters have NO shame when it comes picking up some great fabrics at such a good price *wink*, More hugs....

Ann in NC

Looks like you have been busy! Lots of great things to look forward to. I was getting worried about you and Rosie...glad you both are okay. Hope you both enjoyed treat time!


yeah, the 'i can't share it with you' on blogs is a big turn-off for me too. ;p

i can't believe you let that woman have your fabric donation! hopefully, she'll do something with it herself.

someone on another blog was in a quilt store in Arizona and she saw you teaching a class. she said she was 'star struck' but couldn't muster the courage to say hello to you. i thought that was really, really sweet. love all the new quilts! ;p


I always love to see what you're working on and there can't be enough Rosie pictures.
I think we all would have taken your fabric boxes. No I'm not a hoarder I'm a collector;-)

Marie-Odile MOM Quilts

Soooo HAPPY you are back !!!
Please don't let us without any news so long...
By the meantime, I understand : so much work (pleasure !)to show !

Cathy Burk

So excited about what is coming up! You rock, Carrie!!!
Cathy and Schnibbles-the-doggie


Love the top quilt - the flying geese with essex linen. What size are those flying geese?


So glad all is well with you and Rosie. Love that dog:) Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

Debra K. Masek

Yes, indeed…I, too, am glad you and Rosie are well! Missed you!! The Little Bites patterns look like they will be fun to stitch. Thanks for sharing your photos!! Stay well.


I'm so happy to read your post and know you and Rosie are doing well!Your WIP look amazing!! Thanks for sharing!! And that face, Rosie's beautiful face!! Yes, go get her a treat!! Right now!!


I love your sweet face, Rosie!

Lynne @ boutschoisis

It's good to have you back again. Your absence was a worry until I saw you'd popped in to remove the bit about being back in a week :-) and so it was obvious that you were about and very busy. Now we can see what you've been doing - it is lovely to see your growing projects! The "I can't show you what I've been doing" line is really annoying and boring. I had wondered if perhaps publishers insisted on this so that there can be a "big reveal" when the book/pattern is available for sale? I think not - as other designers seem happy to share and thus make their blog much more fun!

Barb Gibney

I love love love hook. it will be a must for me. Once again, what pleasure it was for Wendy & I to meet you at Old World quilt shop. Sorry I did not make it to this Months. and by the way I love your goodwill story. I know I sure would of done the same thing!! LOL

lori hilleboe

Too funny.... I luv junketing at goodwills now will need to make a Phx area run to see what goodies await me.
Hope you have a great wkend, I talked to you at Phx quilt show in Primitive Gatherings booth
Lori in AZ


It's always fun to see what you're working on and to read what you've been up to. It's as if without ever having met you that I know you a little. Really enjoy the pictures of Rosie. She is just too cute! Take care.

suzanne simpson

i am happy to see you are back - i miss you. Just love reading about what is going on.glad to see some big quilts are on the way, i am working my way through the big quilts in the schnibbles times two books-enjoy the simplicity with which they "click" together, hoping there will be another of this book.Keep well. From another fan in Australia

Andee in aZ

What a lucky gal at the Goodwill! Glad you two are doing well and getting in some designing and sewing!

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