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March 05, 2014


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Lynne @ boutschoisis

Of course you are "forgiven" - you were doing us all a favour with your last post anyway! This is even better - it means I don't have to buy yet another ruler online (they are always difficult to track down here in France!) and wait for it to arrive before starting cutting! Thanks again for the work you've done on our behalf.


Trust me, you got skillz!!!


Hei Carrie, you have done a wonderful job by figuring out a new solution! I agree with Linda that you surely have magic skillz! And guess, I'm totally hooked in Hook blocks;o)... their hexagon shape fascinates me!!!


There's not enough money in the world to entice me to make this pattern! Yikes!


well, Rosie told MY dog, Luna, that YOU DID HAVE SPECIAL powers especially when it came time to share the grilled cheese sandwich.

My dog would NEVER lie and neither would yours so it must be true. ;p

Judy C in NC

I really got hung up on Step 1 of the cutting - as to how to get 3 cuts, 2-3/8 wide from one pair of squares - since I was using coordinating pairs of squares. I think I finally figured it out - I just jumped in and cut them making one cut and then removing the "other" part of the square and making another 2-3/8" cut and then a 1-1/2" cut for the border. Had to read the entire pattern to figure this out. Cutting the triangels your corrected way is working for me so far. Thank you for helping us through the pattern. Sure hope this was right. Judy C in NC

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