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May 27, 2014


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Mary Ann

So all the new Little bites arrived in my mail the other day, I love the auto ship from FQS! now I am dying for the bigs...Seven letters is up first I think!

Carolyn S

Wonderful patterns! Can you tell me when the pattern for the Seven Letters quilt will be available?


Haha -- I didn't even notice that you didn't have any carpet -- concrete is perfect! I love your happy version of Seven Letters -- I LOVE how you framed it with the navy squares -- Just Perfect!!! And I remember just loving all the low-volume prints in that quilt -- Beautiful! And then there's the little one you did with the Mochi Dot sashing -- LOVE LOVE! That's on my MUST try list. Thanks for ALLLL the inspiration -- and it was SO fun to finally meet you!!!

Karen Miller

Congratulations Carrie -- looks like a very successful Market endeavor. Those little bites look sweet!! And I just LOVE it when Rosie shows her beautiful face in my dining room -- she is just so sweet. Thanks for sharing your new designs. Karen


Your booth looked fantastic. I just kept studying that wall of Little Bites. I am waiting for Seven Letters. it is awesome. Congratulations on a very successful market for yourself!


Tracey Holzer

Would you mind telling me what fabric you used for the vintage Seven letters quilt? Thanks and what gorgeous quilts...I can't believe what all comes out of your head for patterns!!! Amazing!

edie gottschall

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic, Carrie. I followed you on Instagram . . . hey, I gained weight just looking at all that yummy food. I see a couple of gottahave patterns! Hug Miss Rosie for me, Mr. Wonderful, Lucy, and Sophie.


I'm so excited to see all of your new patterns. Crop Circles is on my to-do list now; not, that I need another project! Hugs to sweet Rosie.


Wow, wow, wow! Your booth looks fantastic and all this new patterns are to die for! And a new book to come out soon? Yeah!!!
But, of course, seeing Miss Rosie is the best of all:-)
Hugs to both of you:-)


OMG! You HAVE BEEN VERY BUSY;) We have missed you and that adorable smiling Rosie.

Sinta Renee

Like clowns in a car! You were able to fit everything in and still have room for more! Your new collection of designs is amazing Carrie! I know which one I am going to make first too!!! (not telling)

Susan Rizzi

I love your quilt "Seven Letters" and would like to buy the pattern. I checked your shop and don't see it there. Is there a way to purchase it?


Beautiful booth, lots of wonderful patterns. Glad you are back and caught up!


I love them all! especially slice. Just bought it. What's the back ground fabric on the right quilt? looks like Kona stone. or is it a gray?


don't be too jealous of other booths--yours is beautiful because of the quilts! will your book contain these new patterns. i love ALL your patterns so it's too expensive to buy every individual pattern--but i do have ALL your books!

robin chapa

I seriously love your work and your designs. I'm in awe of that quilt with the 2,000+ squares. I'm making that for sure!..... but then you end your posts with that darling Rosie face and I just about can't stand it! She's the cutest most darling thing EVER! I've been blessed with many an old golden retriever face in my life and it's just THE BEST THING EVER! I just love you both!


Carrie, your booth was fabulous, no one would ever believe it had been 1,095 days since you had been to Market! Talk about a feast for the eyes!!!


Love all your new patterns! Just got my little bites from Fat Quarter club and can't decide which one to do first! Thanks for listing all the collections you used too, for those of us who want to be like you :)


I love the Seven Letters pattern. When will it be available for purchase?

Jean Elliott

I think your booth looked great...I know the "extras" are nice but people really want to see the quilts! When will "Crop Circles" be in the stores? For sure I'm getting that pattern!


I love your booth and I can't wait to get started on your amazing new patterns!


So glad to have you back... All is forgiven now that I know know why you were absent, and I can quit worrying about you and Rosie!!


Your booth was awesome. I launched right into Trace, finished it last week, am enjoying it on the counter. Friday I cut out the fabric for Whit, and am staring to sew all those flying geese for the Dutchman's Puzzle version. Woo Hoo! You hit it out of the ball park this time girlfriend!

Kathy V

I am anxiously waiting for both Crop Circles and Seven Letters patterns....hope you are able to finish them soon! Thanks for all the inspiration!

Kathy V

Just curious.....How did you come up with the name Seven Letters for your quilt pattern?


Seriously?!!! I'm late again! Great patterns I want them all...so irritated I missed out. Taking care of hubby and training his new pup, lots of work...remember Rosie's puppy days? YIkes!

Linda P

I've been out of the loop for a bit - I did sign up (finally)on my phone for IG but........ my old eyes can't see as good, wish I could zoom in better on my phone. I've never seen a pattern or quilt you made that I didn't love! So many wants, so little time!! The look on Rosie's face was priceless - were you actually dangling a cookie over your head? Ha, just kidding, but she does look like she's smiling!
Your booth looks amazing with so many quilts, but I do want to know how you made that ladder with twill tape!
My best,

Archie The Wonder Dog

Thirty-one new patterns? Blimey, you don't do things by halves, do you?!! I love, love, love 'Seven Letters'!!

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