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August 15, 2014


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I only found your blog today, lucky me. Read your responses and decided that were you not a quilt "artist ". You would be a writer/artist. Creativity is living within your soul and the world is fortunate that has it has been released. Continue.


WOW Carrie. I enjoyed everything you said, love to hear how your process works. But as afraid I it will be a long time before we hear from you again after that many words. Can't wait to see new ideas from Market and your new book. Kiss Rosie for me.


First, I think it's a really cosy place up there in your head with all these quilts laying around.
Second, my anwers (since I don't have a blog thanks for allowing us non-bloggers to anwer here:-)
What I'm working on?
Right now I'm trying to reduce my Ufo pile keyword here is try. I'm not so good at FMQ but I love Leah Days craftsy class and so I hope to improve my skills a bit. And I need to quilt my dad's birthday quilt. And I've just made a Tilda Angel for my brother's girlfriend and she loves it!
Why do I create what i do?
I love quilts! You can be creative and have something you can also use and make your home more comfortable. And because I have a lot, lot, lots of fabrics! Really I can open a shop with it. I like to make unique gifts for friends and family, too, something they can keep a long time and perhaps pass on to their children. Something from me that will be there for a long time and will be loved. Like all these gorgous antique quilts that are still around and are an inspiration for the next generation. Not that I already created something like this but perhaps one day;-)
How does my work differ from others?
If there's a pattern I'll try to change it to make it more me. It's never that I don't like the pattern as it is (because then I would not use it) but I wanna make the quilt to be unique. I hate this copycat thing when you use the same pattern and the same fabric as the designer (although it's usually beatuiful) but I'm always searching for the twist not always successfully to tell the truth. I also like to design quilts myself but I'm scared to show them because someone might say they are ugly (most quilters are too polite for that, I know). And most ideas never come to life sad but true.
How does my creative progress work?
Whenever I have a pattern I wanna use I'm first drawing it on normal checkered paper to help me visualize the design. And then I'm starting to play around with colors (I use hightechnology there - crayons) and size.
If I have the fabric first it normal stays as long in my stash till I find the right pattern. And I know there are fabrics I'll never part with and it's not hoarding it's saving.


Great answers, Carrie! You've really given us food for thought on our own creative processes. I recently ran across an old movie, "Under the Tuscan Sun," where someone said (paraphrasing)that she told him to take one of his bad ideas and work on it. Thanks for providing the words for what's been churning around in my pea-sized brain lately about my life - fail better!

Sarah Maxwell

10 weeks til Market, EEEEKKKK! I didn't need to know that. Well, actually I did, but I don't WANT to know it. Better chain myself to my machine.


I so enjoyed reading this post! You have such a way with words and have articulated aspects of your creative process here in such an interestng way.


Thanks for writing this thoughtful post about your creative process. It's nice to know that someone with your experience experiences some of the same feelings that I do. You inspire me so often with both your quilts and patterns. I love your latest batch of patterns because you made me thing about new things--adding texture, using different fabrics for backgrounds, playing with scale. Sometimes I love one of your quilts so much that I just want to copy it, but I know once I get working on it that I will end up veering in a different direction and that makes me happy.

I was looking forward to seeing what you do with the Moda Modern Building Blocks pattern. I like the original design, but want to do something different with it. So I will watch what Ms. Cupcake is doing with it and wait until December to see your take. It's not like I don't have a few quilts to work on until then. :\


Probably the best version of this meme I've seen Carrie (I could go into a little rant about this meme, but I'll spare you LOL.) You've put a lot of thought into it and had great things to say. Beautiful quilts! Good Luck with market prep -- hard to believe it's almost time again!


Such an awesome post, Carrie!!! I need to read it again and again! And yes, I agree wholeheartedly with Thimbleanna!!! What she said times ten!

Archie The Wonder Dog

I think this is the best post I've read about these questions - thank you for a riveting read! Good luck with all those new quilts, I hope Rosie has taken over cooking and cleaning duties for the duration...

Lynne @ boutschoisis

I've really enjoyed reading your thoughts. Thank you for donating so much time to writing them down. Just one problem - I can't get that Disney song about it being a small world out of my head now....


Thank you for this insight into why you do what you do. It made for great reading and was thought provoking. I really truly love your quilt patterns and your choices of fabrics to make them with so clearly you are doing something right, and doing it often! I've made a fair number of your Schnibbles patterns patterns because their smaller size fit my time and budget constraints. I've modified many to make them "mine". I've never used the exact same or even fairly similar fabrics. I've loved the results the vast majority of the time and only once was supremely disappointed in the result (totally my fault as a result of my fabric choice). I agree with pretty much everything you said about inspiration and why we create. You keep making quilt patterns and I'll keep making my version of those patterns. Thanks for providing some of the inspiration for my creative journey.


LOVED reading through your process. Your fun, sarcastic, funny personality comes through! So fun to read.


I always enjoy your blog posts (and wish there were more of them). This post was one of the best, although they are all good! Thanks for giving your readers insights into your creative processes. I've often wondered how you come up with all of your great quilt patterns.


I love hearing all these comments. And I love hearing your "quilt thought process". I do think you're a lot faster with the numbers then most of us. Heck! you can spout them off like sonnets! I enjoy everything about you and your quilt process, and rosie. Like you say, it's a small world and even a smaller world we quilters live in. I love quilters. They're good people, creative, fun, kind, sharing etc. What a great industry to be in. See you at Market!


I've missed hearing (and seeing) details about Rosie :)


Love your blog and patterns. Can you please identify the pattern for the red and white/cream beauty (second picture on this blog post)? I LOVE it!!!


Do you still sell the Scarlett Queen pattern? I could not find it in your store and did not find it in any of my books. Just found it on both yours and Thelma's blog.

Kathleen G

I'm so glad you do what you do....your patterns are amazing and I've made many of them. I missed, however, the Scarlett Queen pattern. Is it available?? I'm been storing reds for making a red/white quilt, and LOVE this pattern. Please say it's out there somewhere!


Loved reading about how your creative process works. Thanx so much for sharing. Always an inspiration to me!:)

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