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August 13, 2014


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Your posts are always so funny! Love the coincidence references :)


Ha ha you had to use batiks! Alison's new fabric is adorable just like she is.

Mary Ann

So many fun projects....I had forgotten about that cool giant log cabin....now where did I stash that magazine!! The frames pieces are a great idea Carrie, I always do one of your pin cushions for folks in my friendship group but this year I may branch out!,


How fun! I was a scrap squad member last year for Quiltmaker. It was opposite of your challenge. We were given a patern and used our own fabric. Your challenge would have been a blast with each fabric surprise and see where it took our creativity!!!


You're so funny! What a fun experience that must've been. I love your projects -- one of my all-time favorite projects was the other bag you did!

Linda H

I love your blog!! I check everyday and actually SMILE when I see a new post ... you can be late all you want ... I'll always wait ;-) Scratches to Rosie ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (tail wags)


I would love to know more about how you prepared a pieced item for framing. Do you have raw edges, do you starch, etc., etc. I am planning on doing a framed batik for my new kitchen.

Thanks so much

Archie The Wonder Dog

I love the sound of the scrap lab!


Are they moving on to different designers? Hope they aren't stopping the magazine, I love it.

JoAnne McPherson

I enjoyed your entire post, but the last bit resonated the most with me. It was when you mentioned that having constraints, etc. made you most creative. I so agree with that. I used to scrapbook, as well as quilt (although I decided a few years ago that since I hadn't touched it for a few years, I could put away the scrapbooking and just concentrate on quilting.) Anyway, what I was trying to say was that when I scrapbooked late at night, I think I did my best work. I may have wished for "x" which I didn't have and the scrapbook store was closed, so instead, I rethought my page idea or else forced myself to use "y" and had a much more stunning result. I read today's post, too, and it really has me thinking about my quilt processes. Thanks for the wonderful, witty introspection.

Cindy Burke

I so loved reading and hanging on to each word you wrote. You're so profound in so many of your statements and comments. I guess that comes back to why I have said many times over that you are indeed one of my very favorite mentors. You're so grounded, so inspiring, so motivating and so humble in what you do best. Thanks for your part of the quilt world for making it a better place. Keep on keeping on doing what you do so well.

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