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September 05, 2014


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Looking forward to your new book - the Lexington collection is a classic so most interested in seeing what you come up with using it. That Lucy kit is most tempting . . . ;)

Pam P

I'd vote for "husband" . . . I'm pretty good about the mundane every-day things, but Puh-lease! Won't someone else get the spider out of the bathtub?!?!? Of course, any "wife" of mine would have to be a quilter :) Sorry you had to put your Building Blocks quilt on the back burner! Hopefully, working on your new book (not to mention Market) will bring lots of satisfaction. So excited to see what you do with Lexington - Polly and Laurie can do no wrong when designing fabric - and I just love what you do with the stuff!


I vote for "boy toy" -- you can update with a cuter version as needed!! ;)


Can't wait to see the Minick & Simpson quilt...and everything else that will be in your book.

Some days I think I could get so much more done if only I had a cook...a chef actually...and a maid...can you imagine all the extra time that would free up?

Take care, Carrie!

Mary Ann

Oh how fun! I have set a reminder for Sunday. And the Lexington is such a beautiful line I have been looking at patterns but now I think I will wait for the book! and maybe track down pieces of the older lines too, I love scrappy so much!


I think you need a butler or someone else like in Downton Abbey who would make your life plesant (and do the mundance things) without distracte you. Oh, and he/she needs a good eye for fabric, of course;-)
I put my Modern Blocks a bit back, too, perhaps a friend of mine will marry today and I needed to finish her quilt. Now it's done and I can sew for myself again;-)
But new patterns and a new book? Yeah, now that's some good news!
I'm sure the hummingbird is a good sign perhaps Carson will show up;-)
Have a wonderful weekend!


Oh my goodness-now you have gone and tempted me with another project. The angel on my shoulder says-how many things do you have in your project stream already?!?, the devil on the other shoulder says-you know, you don't have any really good fall quilts....And more big hugs for you-I know how hard it is to learn to live with that empty space where your friend should be.

Denise in PA

Good to hear from you, Carrie! No, you never do know! I believe your little hummingbird is a good sign (I'm sure Rosie sent him/her. I wish you every good thing. Including a boy toy - LOL Hugs.


I haven't kept up with my blogs this summer and I just now read about Rosie. I'm so sorry. I know how losing a beloved canine friend feels.
Yes, the hummer is a sign of good things to come!


Can't wait to see what you do with Lexington.


A hummingbird for luck... I like that for you! I'm loving the sweet and simple Lucy, hope I can get a kit before they're all gone, but if not, I can probably find adequate fabric choices in my stash....

Linda H

I totally believe in signs and have many tales as a result of receiving a "sign". My vote is for a POOL boy ... one who can push the "beverage" cart over to the cabana where you and your fabric, machine and creativity are enjoying the breeze ... what do you think??

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

I spy the hummer! Love those little guys, and of course, he is bringing you luck! :-) I love your Lucy! As for boy toys, hmmm, a man-servant (slave?) would be nice. :-) LOL

maureen livingston

I can't wait to see what you do with Lexington, I have that on my mind as well. I can definetly see your point about another person sharing the load! I'm a single mom with three kids, work full-time and am now going back to school. I have learned that you have to make time for yourself! And I have also learned that there is something soothing about quilting. It has helped me through many of life's ups and downs. I can't wait for the book and just may have to add Lucy to my list!

Nancy in Utah

Hi Carrie, I adore the quilting and agree, it is
"Spooktacular"!!! I also can't wait to see what your going to make with your Lexington, absolutely gorgeous fabric! Now, as for choosing between a husband and a boy-toy...Well, I've had a husband (only guy I ever dated) for going on 47 years. He is an excellent cook and loves to cook AND does the cleanup too! Can't beat that. I guess I'm a bit spoiled, so a boy-toy wouldn't fit in here, especially with my health issues. So personally I'll keep my hubby, but hey, if you can find either one that is a good fit for you, go for it, LOL.
I love the picture too, I can see the tiny hummingbird, I love watching them at my feeders every year. They never cease to amaze me and make me laugh. Big Hugs!

Linda P

As always, looking forward to the new book - it's got to be a lot of eye candy in there with Lexington as the star! Your Moda blocks are beautiful - I'm not doing all solid either, however, I have not chosen my fabrics yet.
I have my hummingbird feeder situated so that when I am inside, I can see it. I love thought that when we are out there, they don't seem to mind us at all, and it's so fun to watch them. As always I do wish the good luck to come your way, hope it's a great surprise!


get a service dog and she can help you around the house and you can take her to market. service dogs have legal right...besides, all of the visitors would enjoy a wagging tail. ;p


I love Lucy. :-)
So I'm thinking this friend is probably a GDG.


I LOVE that fun quilt -- just perfect for fall! I've been seeing hummingbirds sit on the tree at my parents -- I sure hope that means they are in for some good luck too! Can't wait to see your new goodies!


Husbands are ok but a boy toy or a man servant would probably be better:)


Dear Carrie,
It's good to see you back. Another life lesson in "one foot in front of the other" Perseverance! (((Carrie)))
I too love Lucy (tee hee). I just bought more Halloween fabric for another project and you have provided the pattern for my scraps!
Now all I have to do is start sewing again.
I wish for you something better than a boy toy; but what you really need is a wife!
Quilts forever! Candace



That Humming Bird is a "God Wink." Rosie must be making him laugh. I would love a kit of Lucy, but alas I was too late, that's a " Take it easy Cowgirl," from God to me. Selina


Wheeee! I got my kit today. I LOVE the colors. Thank you so much! Exercising huge restraint right now because I have to finish binding a baby quilt, otherwise I would have Lucy half-way cut by now.


Well, I have a husband but I can't say he's been a whole lot of help, creates more work I think. Go for the boy-toy, and ask him if he has a brother!


Think big; a husband for the yard work, a boy toy for you and a wife for the understanding off what you want done. Voila.

Archie The Wonder Dog

How about a butler and housekeeper that would work for board and lodge and the occasional quilt for their bed(s)?!! I'm looking forward to your new book - I was leafing through 'Schnibbles Times Two' last night and still can't pick a favourite!

Archie The Wonder Dog

Crikey, my grammar has gone walkabout!! Please read '...who would work...' in my first sentence, rather than the bloomin' awful sentence I actually typed!

Diana Wylie

So sorry I missed the Lucy kits! Halloween is such a fun time for decorating! Oh well guess I will have to get into my Halloween fabrics so I can get this one going! Too darn cute!!!i loved seeing it on Thelma's site as well.


I'm so sorry to hear of Rosie's passing. I know how much your heart is hurting. I loved Rosie - just from your postings I knew she was such a special dog. They tip toe into your heart and turn around once or twice and just lay right there where it is warm and snug. And they never leave. I'm thinking about you and Rosie and how much love you have shared.

Lucie oO'reilly

Hi Carrie, from another October 1st baby to you, happy birthday. I share in your loss of Roaie, I have experienced this also. Hang on to all the great memories. Looking forward to seeing more great patterns from you, your quilting sense style is right up my alley. All the best to you. Lucie from Calgary.

Helen LeBrett

Happy Birthday!!! I hope it was fun and full of friends and quilts!! :-) Hugs, H in Healdsburg


Hope you had a Happy Birthday this past week!

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