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October 30, 2014


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I have to say Casey Jones steals the show here. What announcement? LOL!!!! :-) Congratulations!!!! You are going to be so fabulous!!!


Congratulations! That's awesome. The company is VERY lucky to have you.

Sandy M

Ack! You will be local (for Me!!)! I'm so excited for you! We have alot of Quilty stuff to do here in Dallas (I live about 25 minutes from Dallas) with several guilds in the area and sooo many retreat centers. The Moda team will set you up real quick and you will be right at home in no time. Welcome to the area!

Lee Anna

Yeah for you!!! that is so fabulous. Talk about a dream job.

Kathleen G

That is SO awesome! You and Moda will be a perfect fit. Can't wait to hear more about the job. Congratulations!!


This is a Win/Win/Win situation! Win for Moda. Win for You. And a Win for me - we'll have more opportunities to chat in person. Welcome to the best fabric company in Texas!


You're going to be a MODA GIRL!! How much green does it take to be jealous!!! Congratulations. And WOW! Moda has just gotten themselves a prize ;-)


I'm excited about your news! I've been a silent fan for a long time, but just had to say congratulations!

Cathy Burk

That's awesome news, Carrie! As long as new patterns keep coming! (I say that selfishly.) Moda is fortunate to have you! Cathy and Schnibbles-the-Dog

Ranch Wife

How cool is THAT?! It sounds like Casey's not the only one who hit the Jackpot...Moda did too! Three cheers for the new adventures that lie ahead for you too! Congratulations and welcome to Texas!


OMgosh, yeah for you and I am jealous. I think that would be a dream job for me. But I am too chicken to venture out so for now I will keep my "normal" job and just to some creating on the side for myself. But also, please tell me you are not going to stop making Schnibbles! I have every one of them and I love them. And I always want more.


Congratulations! very exciting - can't wait to hear more!


What an exciting turn of events! Happy for you to have this opportunity.


What a smart business decision for Moda! They are lucky to be getting your talent! Congratulations to you & best wishes for an easy move to Dallas!


Congratulations! You've had a lot of changes in your life this year and this is another one. Like many of the others, I'm sure that Moda got the better deal with all your talents, skills and vision. And you are used to the heat! (although not the humidity, but that's what A/C is for). I'm really happy for you--such a terrific pairing!

Archie The Wonder Dog

Hi Mark!!

Casey is gorgeous, he looks like a very intelligent dog!

Congratulations on your new job and good luck with the upcoming move and new start!

Lisa D.

But most importantly, will your employee keycard get you into that building that houses the precuts? No, seriously, what a great new chapter to start in Dallas. You working for Moda is a great fit and the best part is, you will still design. You'd better still design! You have too much talent to give that up!

Being closer to brother Mark sounds like a great perk, too. Oh and that dog, what a cutie! Congratultions, Carrie!

Peggy Aront

Carrie, that is just AWESOME! I think you will love the job and hopefully like your new Home.....
Sometimes we have to jump into something new like this just to revv up the engines and do something new and unexpected.
I'll love seeing new and different blog posts and can't wait to hear about your new adventures!

Michele K.

Congratulations and best wishes! MissRosie Quilt Co. will be missed and Arizona will miss you also.

We look forward to seeing and hearing what your new life will bring!


I'm so excited for your move to MODA and to north Texas! Sending up prayers for a speedy and safe move. Congrats!


Congratulations! That sounds like a perfect job--working with Mr. Dunn, Moda Lissa, and all that new fabric. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it.


Wow sounds great.
...goodluck...... Have fun packing.......


That is fantastic news - Congratulations! I hope you love your new job and being closer to your brother.

Golden Child

Thanks for the pic of Casey! He is smart as a whip and SO well behaved (in contrast to that other dog we all knew and loved so much).

BTW, it is I-45, not 75 (unless you are moving to some other Dallas further east).


Super congratulations! It was so awesome to see you and get a chat in. see you soon! xo

(p.s. that Golden Child comment is cracking me up)


Congratulations!! Moda is getting one terrific employee!! I hope your new job will be "the dream job!"


Actually, both 75 and I-35 will get you from Houston to Dallas. 75 is just a bit more scenic... and slower... but still a viable choice when there's a major accident coming out of Houston. Ask me how I know.....

Linda H

Wow ... talk about LIFE CHANGES!! Happy, happy, happy for you but don't envy all the packing and moving stuff. You will do well no matter WHAT you do ... Ms.Rosie Quilt Company will be missed but then there are new worlds and adventures ahead and we get to go WITH you!! The pooch is ADORABLE and glad you'll be closer to your brother ... easier to "dog nap" ;-) Linda


Congratulations! Life really is moving on for you. I hope this new job is a great fit for you, and I hope you do blog more frequently.


Oh, congratulations! That is very exciting news. I hope you love, love, love your new job. I'm sure they'll love, love you! What a great fit! Carrie & Moda!


You are just the girl for the job... even if there wasn't one to start with! You will be a perfect fit.
And I believe it is your calling to be around people and talking to people.
And who knows, maybe you will like real clothes even better!


Such great news! So, so happy for you (and for Moda - they're pretty lucky to have you). Can't wait to see what you create in this new chapter!

karen @ badlandsquilts

Awesome, awesome, congrats! Can't wait to hear more! Though sad you won't be filling up the webs with Houston photos...we lived in the Woodlands for over 7 years and I sure do miss TX. (especially in the Minnesota winters!)

Linda P

What a whirlwind! When is moving day? Have you found a place to actually move to? Are you going to be writing patterns for Moda? It's wonderful for you to be on such an awesome team, I couldn't be happier for you. I hope this helps you also to close a chapter and open up a whole new adventure. Oh, and do tell... will you be getting your own bike?? We must have a photo of that!! My best to you always, L. xo


Congrats to the new job! I don't know who's more fortune with your new job, you or Moda, but I know that we quilters are definitly the lucky ones!

Pam Larson

Congratulations!! You are a perfect fit for Moda. Do you still get to produce your own patterns? I hope so because if not I for one am going to really miss your talent for design. Good luck!! Don't be a stranger..can't wait to hear more.

Tracey Holzer


Dania Kinney

Congratulations! We will definitely miss you in Phoenix and the Miss Rosie Club. But you'll have a wonderful time with Moda and keep blogging so we can stay up on your news!


Congratulations! Hoping the move goes smoothly. And, you will have to tell us exactly what your going to be doing with Moda. Enjoy the adventure.

Auntie Pami

Wow. What a surprise. Congratulations and super best wishes to you. I'll miss meeting you at wherever is convenient. But, what an amazing opportunity for you. I will miss my Schnibble fixes. What else will I do with my stash of charms?


Congratulations, Carrie! Guess I better get some patterns purchased asap : )


Sigh, as much as I hate change I'm happy for you and your next chapter in your life. Good luck with the move!


ON FIRE!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!! SUPER COOL!!!!!!!!! I could keep going on and on, but then there wouldn't me room for more comments!!!!!!!!! I AM JUMPING UP AND DOWN FOR YOU!!!!!!!


WHAT???!!!! I am in shock - but very, very happy for you! Change is always good and I can't wait to read your Moda Blog! And on top of that, you'll be in TEXAS!!!! (I just love Texas!) Congratulations!!!

Cheryl Miller

Congratulations! The Valley of the Sun is going to miss you. Don't think you are going to cooler climes though. Come back and visit, won't you.

Ann in NC

Congrats!!! I had a feeling you were moving-and thought closer to Mark. Had the wrong one!!! Your new job sounds wonderful! Keep us posted!!! It is so nice to ready such wonderful and happy news on your blog! All the best to you!


Congrats on the new chapter in your life! I know Mark and Casey will love having you closer! I am so excited for you!! And we won't be that far apart, American Eagle, 45 minutes .....

Suzanne Simpson

i am a little sad that Miss Rosie is changing-but thatis what happens constantly in life BUT I am so happy for you , it sounds so right for you - closer to your brother and living a MODA life, congratulations and enjoy every moment of it, really, I can't wait to hear more

Mary Ann

So excited for you Carrie! Like others have said, I will miss Miss Rosie but changing is constant and I am so glad you have a wonderful home at Moda nearer to family. I am going to quickly go and check all my patterns...expect a flurry of ordering I think!

Lynne @ boutschoisis

That is certainly a BIG reveal! Congratulations!Looking forward to hearing the story of how it all came about and what the new job entails. I do hope we'll still be getting that book you promised us all though ...

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