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October 08, 2014


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Lisa D.

So happy to hear things are going well. I can't wait to hear about the change a'brewing and more details about your new book. If you need a stunt sewer, let me know! I hope you have a great time at Market.

pam hansen

Hey Carrie,
Good to hear you a new book in the works. I have a request involving older designs that are no longer in circulation. Would it be possible to arrange for patterns such as Super Mario to be available for purchase? I'm clueless as to what is involved so if it's a good idea well great.

Andrea Kelter

Love the courthouse quilt, Carrie. Moguls and all! Great colours, looks yummy! Glad to hear all is well and moving forward. If only Houston weren't thousands of miles from NS - I would so love to be there! Bonus - I hear the food trucks there are extraordinary. I have a fantasy about exploring a city entirely by going from one unique food truck to another... Hope market is wonderful! Take care, Andrea


OK, so my guess is you bought the quilt shop, or you are moving closer to your brother. Just a guess! Glad you are doing better, glad you are going to market, glad you are you!


Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks...my guess is you are moving...Texas? I'm not going to be able to commiserate with you about the heat then!

Anyway...see you soon!


Glad to hear a new book is coming soon. I've loved all of your books to date. My guess is a move....possibly closer to your brother? Have fun at market and post lots of pictures on instagram!


I bought those hello kitty tins at michaels 2 yrs ago...i thought they were so cute! ;p

no puppy? darn! puppies are so challenging and fun at the same time. you have me intrigued with this post....a move maybe? closer to brother? texas is hot but so is arizona. i think you should come home to california. it's time. besides, it's the only way i have even a slight chance to 'accidentaly' meet you. ;p

Cindy Burke

So glad to hear that things are going well...started to worry when you hadn't posted for awhile. Hope all goes well at market and with your upcoming adventure...I love adventures...as long as it doesn't take you away from AZ. I'm hoping for another class soon. I miss our 2nd Sat classes already. Safe travels and anxious for Fall 2015 for the new book to drool over.


Oh, no new puppy! I secretly hoped someone would give you one as birthday present but perhaps it's a good housewarming gift, too? (My guess is you're moving).
I'm so glad there'll be a new book from you in the future even if next autumn is a long time to go. But a new book! Yeah!
I hope you have a great time at market and people always need milk (I use it everyday for my coffee;-)


Oh intrigued by your new book - love the puppy photo, I might just have to follow that daily post on IG


Moving? Mark will be happier. We won't be. Say it isn't so. A new book! Nice. I have a thing for books.


Whatever is happening, I'm sure there will be wonderful and hilarious 'Carrie' stories! Love the quilt, moguls and all! I ran across that magazine while packing. Want to bet I can out-mogul you?!!


Ok fine. Leave us sitting on the edges of our chairs in suspense! I just want to warn you though -- I fall off of chairs and it's not pretty. Let your conscience be your guide.

(Oooh, and can't wait for the new book!)


So glad to hear you are doing well, we've missed you:) Have a great time at Market. Looking forward to your "news" and your new book.


Excited that there's a new book on the horizon! You're one smart, talented girl, so I know whatever is next for you - you'll be the best!

Pam Larson

Hi Carrie,
OH you made my heart skip a beat when I saw the puppy picture. Maybe someday. Can't wait for the new book.Have fun at Market..no stress just fun with old friends. I too am guessing there is a move in your future..maybe closer to your brother?

Mary Kastner

Hi Carrie,

it sounds like you are so ready for market. I am going to festival this year and I am super excited. My guess is you are moving to Houston???? I cannot wait for the new book! Very exciting. have a wonderful trip to Market.



You are scaring the crap outta lots of us, Carrie!! Please don't stop designing quilts!!


Love your courthouse steps quilt! I'm glad you're doing okay and have a great time at market.

Mary Ann

Such a very fun rendition of this block!! You are always the master at lots of pieces and so many perfect seams!! Looking forward to hearing what s up!!

Lynne @ boutschoisis

How very mysterious! Ah well - we'll just have to wait until the big reveal.A new book will be lovely - even if we do have to look forward to it for a while!Have fun at market.


Reading the comments to your post, I propose we all get together for coffee/tea, yummy snacks, quilts and chit-chat. Sounds like we would all get along!
I'm thinking you are moving closer to brother, but I will contain my impatience and wait for your announcement.
So very glad that you are fine. Miss you when you're gone. :)


OMG.. can I get to world market BEFORE I leave???? these are SO ADORABLE... see you soon in HOUSTON!! Can't WAIT!

Ranch Wife

That's one of my favorite verses. I don't do change well, but I found that flying by the seat of my pants brings a certain freedom and it helps me look upon change as an adventure. My current season involves cooking for a crew of cowboys and that finds me up to my elbows in bread dough and dishwater whilst I dream of fabric. :) And more specifically, your book of scrap quilts!! One of my very first quilts was your Pick and Choose and it's still my favorite although hubby claims it is HIS. He's pretty good at sharing although I did have to make another for our girl when she went to college and now our son said he wanted one when he finishes his duty as a Marine.
So here's to new seasons of adventure...and scrap quilts!


I forgot about the fish or cut bait saying. I'm glad you decided to fish. And I am looking forward to seeing what you have coming on the line!!!

Beth Paulson

Carrie, I am excited for you...Dallas has alot going on...sounds like you will be busy. I am wondering if you are making a pattern for the Courthouse Steps quilt? wonder what Judy will do without you? Beth

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